Zerkers moving towards bottom of DPS pile :(

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Locut, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Dherfel Guest

    Reroll a scout or a wizzy type , Berserkers are warriors !!!!! We are tanks .....
    Don't u like that? change class!!
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  2. ARCHIVED-RexTenebrarum Guest

    Ok.. even if we are considered tanks.. we always have been pictured by SOE as DPS tanks...Take away our DPS and what do you get? A mediocre Guardian.. I didn't choose to be a guardian at lvl20, I sure don't want to be forcefully turned into one months after i dinged 50 :(

    And no.. I don't want to play another class either.. tried scouts and mages.. they just don't fit my style of play..
  3. ARCHIVED-uux Guest

    I think it's best to wait and see what happens on the test server before over reacting to the combat overhaul. Even with MG's other comments, people don't seem to be paying attention to anything more than the group rankings. In the interview it was stated that nothing is absolute and it will depend on how the class is played. Would it have been better received if he didn't compare guardians and berserkers? What if he said in some cases a berserker could out damage a dirge? It could happen. There is no way a dirge holding a single dual wield weapon (pick the worst one you can find) should out damage a berserker with a good 2H in straight melee combat. It will all depend on how the class is played. I think that was the key part of the interview.
  4. ARCHIVED-grymmstone Guest

    I am just getting ready to do my Beserker Training. Face it zerkers are really a tank in the long run. That's what all your practice and training and xp was about from level 10 -19.
  5. ARCHIVED-Raybourne Guest

    Hey, fer those 'a ya that wanted t' wear light/med/no armor an' be zerkers of yore, I hear ya, an' I feel yer pain, believe you me. I said the same thin' back in Dec or Jan or mebbe earlier when we firs' got "nerfed." This story been goin' on on th' zerker boards ferever. But, fact is zerkers been tanks in EQ2 since almos' launch. We ain't DPS an' ain't gonna be soon.

    That havin' been said, we c'n keep aggro real good, an' get lots an' lotsa hate goin'. So we be real good tanks - 'specially agains' groups 'a mobs. We got nice group area taunts an' attacks, an' zerkin' an' such gits ya lots an' lotsa aggro. I gots t' be real careful when any other fighter type be MT or I pull aggro fer sure. An', btw, y' CAN dual wield 'r use yer 2-hander - even when yer main tankin' - jus' not agains' every kinda mob (don' try it wif big bad bosses).

    I love m' zerker, an' expec' that I'll continue t' love 'im. Still, this has been true for very long, an' ain't new, that a zerker fits into th' tank role in this game. A zerker be a tank; healers be, well, healers; an' folk in th' scout an' mage lines be DPS. Yer never gonna compete wif assassins an' warlocks fer DPS, but jus' watch'em take a beatin' an' wet th'mselfs when they git aggro an' you'll see why zerkers be so tough.

    Motelcom Zoil
  6. ARCHIVED-Ruse Guest

    It's always been sony's idea that all fighters were tanks. We all get new taunts, and defence/avoidance buff. However I was told that the differance would be in the way we tanked. For example, monks/bruisers would have to boost the hell out of agi to avoid most hits. Berserkers couldn't take a hit quite as well as a guardian, but could dish out the pain faster, and end the fight quicker. It was crammed down my throat, before the game was released, that all fighters would tank equally. Now, this doesn't mean we need to take hits equally. I don't expect to take less damage than a guardian, but I don't expect to take far more either. We are supposed to be differant sides of the same coin. One takes a hit better, and the other dishes it out better.

    But, that being said. I love being a berserker, and am happy the way I am. I don't expect to be the best raid tank, but, since I'm an aggro magnet, I'm happy I can take a few hit, or keep some of the adds off the defensivly-challanged group members. Not only can I contribute DPS in raids, but also nice offesive buffs. In non-raid groups, I can tank just fine. Sure, I may take slightly more damage than a well equipped guardian, but... well, I take less than a poorly equiped one.

    However, I don't want to be nerfed... I'm happy where I am. And, personally, I don't think we need it. We don't get any of the nice utility spells that other classes get. Evac, feign death, heals, etc. Instead, we are a little sturdier.
  7. ARCHIVED-Luke1h7 Guest

    Stop with this "dont like it, change classes!" bull[expletive ninja'd by Faarbot], if you want to sound like a broken record, do it in another thread.
    I made a berserker because I read, from SOE, that fighters were going to be the primary damage dealers (anyone remember that, I sincerely remember reading that, not from another player either) before I made mine. I read the description of a berserker more or less ripping [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot] apart. Now all Ive ever done as a berserker is tank and not be able to peel from people for the life of me (stand the line, adept 2 talent taunt, adept 2 talent shout, raging fist, everything).
    Rerolling wouldnt be such a big deal except for the fact that this games dying and its nearly impossible to find a group (especially in the commonlands, forget the commonlands, I have to run to antonica 100% of the time on my predator).
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  8. ARCHIVED-Kranuk Guest

    I gotta jump in here too,
    I'm pissed about this as well. The EQ2 player base is CONVINCED that guardians tank, period. Sony doesnt get it, we dont end game tank. Huge guilds would choose a guardian 99% of the time over a zerker, so what is our use now that we are only above meatshield tanks and healers in the dps chart. I already have enough time getting into a 24person raid, now that I'm crap DPS, not a tank, that leaves me with what, buffing? Gimme a break. Not every warrior is going to be maintanking, we need other rolls as well.
  9. ARCHIVED-r4d4 Guest

    This is crap. Id rather keep the dps and lose heavy armor instead. I bet SOE go ahead with this as well and dont even tihnk twice about [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot]ing up a class.
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  10. ARCHIVED-Laereneth Guest

    I must strongly agree, ever since I heard rumors about a dps nerf on zerks, I have had some serious thoughts about other mmorgs. I have taken the long time and effort to level up to a 48, soon to be 49 zerk, loving the class every step of the way, just to have SOE virtually dismantle my class, is extremely disheartening!
    If they're going to change the fundamental makeup of a class from what it currently exists, whether it is as intended or not, then they need to offer to give you another character class of your choosing at the level of your current high level main. If they're going to change everything you love about your class, then they should give you another one of equal level and gear! Who wants to recreate another character and make the same very linear climb back up to the level at which you spent sooo much time to achieve? Will this ever happen? No, Does SOE care? More than likely not!
    But please, all you disgruntled zerkers out there, post your displeasure of the upcomming changes. It'll probably take 8+ pages of responses for SOE to even take the time to read out posts.
    But this is pure wrong on the basest level!
    And as for dps, the only reason a scout can complain about not having the dps of a zerk or other such fighter, is due to poor play style. I have since created a ranger to see what all the whinning was about and I can easily out dps any tank of equal level and pull agro from them at half throtle. It's all about how you play your class!!
  11. ARCHIVED-Espyderman Guest

    As it is right now, i like SOE's new list.
    Fact is Monks (maybe Brigands) are not logically a tank role, however if you play a monk you know you can tank well, not as well as a real tank but mediocre to say the least. However, monks wear crappy armor, and are more mrtial trained, therefore should output more DPS then a Zerker. Same with Brigands.
    Mage Classes and DPS classes should be higher on the totem pole in damage, and zerkers and guardians should almost be equals however i think zerkers shld be more dps oriented then defensive, and i think this change will reflect that.
    When i read the manual i made choices based on their heirarchy, found out in game it was all [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot]ed up. Now they fix it and we are where we should be. Oh and bring in those damned AA's will ya?!
  12. ARCHIVED-Ethelwolf Guest

    Scouts shouldn't be the masters of dps and this is why.
    Scouts get sneek
    Scouts get track
    Scouts get a fast run speed buff
    Scouts get evac
    Bards get the best buffs in the game
    Scouts should not also get the best dps its giving to much to one archtype and leaving another (Fighter) with to little.
    heavy armor is the most expensive in the game.
    A Level 50 troubador can buff his Hps higher then my L50 berserkers.
    Just because a class wears heavy armor doesn't mean they should be happy with that and that alone. heavy armor is highly overated in the end game. Even though my Berserker is dressed out in ebon, an epic mob can waste me in 3 hits, He can waste the L50 troubador in 2, wow heavy armor means so much.
    SOE is going to destroy the fighter class in favor of scouts and casters. Thats their choice so rerole now.
  13. ARCHIVED-Buggrit Guest

    hahahahaha that last post omg that cracked me up /wipes tears from his eyes

    seriously ok half of what u listed benefits you also

    again u want to be 2nd best tanking with top dps the uber class

    Sneak ok laughing to hard to even reply

    Track its not all that good but hell it helps u when u need to find a mob for a quest plus with the Eq2 maps kinda makes Track useless

    evac ur complaining hello its probally saved ur [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot] before i know it has mine

    Fast fun speedbuff pathfinding i pressume? itsn ot all that good SoW is better omg nerf teh priests they can sow!!

    Bards best buffs in games which can also benefit ur stupid [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot]

    lol god laughing so much

    maybe u should wait and see the combat changes before you whine like children or if u really think ur class is going to suck that bad then just quit please quit why project your pointless negativity on the community
  14. ARCHIVED-Laereneth Guest

    We're making our displeasure known so that maybe, in some infintesimal way, SOE might actually read the boards and noticed that, hey, we're going to tick off a whole lot of people with our upcomming nerfs. That is one of the things that forums are for. So, if you don't care for the complaints, don't read them. Yes, I agree, some of the rants are a little much, but it's what the person is feeling at the time, so let them rant. It shows a concerned player that is very happy with their class the way it is and doesn't want it changed.
    Personally, I think nerfs are the worse thing any mmorg can do. Especially so far since launch. Balancing should've been done within the first couple months. Heck, it should've been done in beta! I've never heard of a nerf that didn't dissappoint countless number of people. And that's the bottom line.
  15. ARCHIVED-Laereneth Guest

    Oh, and when you're laughing at the previous poster, stating that the scout's buffs and evac help him, so why complain? I can make the same point for us. Our haste and our tanking and our agro control via DPS help them stay alive in groups. So why should they complain? Yes, the better each class is, the more they help everyone else in the group.
    I'll tell you what's going to happen. Our dps will get nerfed. Theirs might be raised. Then they'll be complaining because we can never hold agro well enough for them to use their abilities without graining agro. I can tell you now, I have a little up and comming ranger (just for a change of pace, though the zerk is and will be my main) and I have absolutely no problem pulling agro for tanks if I go 3/4 throtle. If I use one of my high dmg specials within the first 10 sec, boom, they turn and salute me. And yes, I've testing this numerous times with several different tank types. I will admit, I have yet to group him with a zerk.
  16. ARCHIVED-tyrinon Guest

    I'd be interested to know how SOE is going to compensate those of us who made the class under the pretense of being dps rather than tanks. Do i get a /respec class outta this when you "FIX" my class to hit like a paladin? I personally find it rather amusing that just like in eq1 a specific class can whine enough that SOE changes the entire game to fit there needs. In case SOE missed it there are other solutions to fixing a problem than nerfing the crap outta everyone else, like hmmm giving the rogue classes a much higher change of crits from positional attacks, or maybe even attacks that crit for there duration or hell give them a blanket dps upgrade. As for bards/dirges,illusionists doing more dps than a guy in plate armor with a giant axe, who's built to kill stuff ...i have no opinion as that even puzzles me.

    Dargond Dawnchaser
    48 Bezerker
  17. ARCHIVED-Styker Guest

    Buggrit , your the fool to not see the trend in how berserkers are handled in this game ( oh wait if your sig is correct then you wouldnt really know anything about a zerker would you )

    how can 4 plate tanks all vie for one spot in a group or a raid? answer that question first
  18. ARCHIVED-Laereneth Guest

    As for a class respec, wouldn't that be a novel idea. It would be the most fair if they're totally changing what the class from what you understood it when you dumped tons of time and resources into building it. But this would never happen as it would require code changes on SOE's side or a massive amount of GM time to do manually.
  19. ARCHIVED-Buggrit Guest

    Easy each of the plate tanks will have something to offer with the changes it makes me laugh you are using insults about my level but anyways
    find it funny your all moaning about something that has not even happened yet why not wait and find out instead of whining like little kids?
    and as i said before ifu reallly don't like it then just quit rather than produce your negativity on these boards as for me im happy and i doubt i'll be visiting this forum again since half the time its just people moaning now
  20. ARCHIVED-RexTenebrarum Guest

    It's not insulting you about your level Buggrit, but you've been playing a zerker for 2 weeks now.. there are simply things you haven't done or seen yet .. Wait till you get 10 lvls higher and really start dishing out some serious dmg.. wait till you get into a couple of raids and see what it really feels like to go berserk.. then come back and tell us you still want SOE to change our class.. it takes a lot longer to become attached to a character..2 weeks is nothing ..

    Most people here care about our subclass and the time they put into it.. they are just voicing their concern and frustration and some do it more vocally then others.. that however is not moaning or whinning or whatever you decide to call it ..

    In regard to your 'laughing' post.. it's true that all other classes benefit from each others skills and buffs.. but if you want to compare it, you have to do it on a solo basis.. Are we able to sneak around and complete quests or get our shard back like that? Can we evac when things get hairy and save us the trouble of finding a group to get our shards back and loose money on repairs (fabled gear costs an arm and a leg to repair :) ) Can we track for that 1 mob we need to kill to complete a quest ( i know about eq2maps, but i'm talking about regular mobs). Can we buff our runspeed? Can we kite (yeah yeah.. i know about the nerf, but seen it being done yesterday still by a troub in EL) ... answers to that are always no :(
    Before calling people names, please think your arguments over first..

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