Zerkers moving towards bottom of DPS pile :(

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-Locut, Jun 22, 2005.

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    Hit wrong button :p
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    From that post...
    "A Guardian who concentrates on damage output and upgrades his or her offensive abilities could surpass a Berserker who focuses on defensive capabilities"

    Does that mean we can suddenly surpass a guard if we concentrate on defence?? That sounds unlikely. I don't like the sound of this at all :smileysad:
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    I'm so freaking pissed off about this change. I don't want to be a tank! I want DPS. I'll wear light armor if need be. I envisioned a Norse type character with a barechest and loincloth with a bear head on whacking stuff and not feeling damage because of rage. I didn't want a marital arts guy to do damage. I wanted to use swords and axes, dual weilding!

    This just bites!
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    if u want DPS then play a scout or mage Berserkers are tanks
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    Cheers for that well written reply Buggrit, it really enlightened me. It may not have occurred to you that Barserkers fell under the fighter class and no where is it called the Tank class. Unfortunately it seems as though SoE want to turn Berserkers into tanks, which generally speaking is NOT what we signed up for. As was said above I want to do damage Viking style!
    I don't want to stand there with a shield taking a beating, I want to open a can of rage with the biggest hammer, mace, claymore, whatever! And no, I don't want to play a bleeding scout!
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    I never thought I would actually say this, but this is perhaps the one thing that could cause me to quit playing eq2.
    Berserkers relegated to meatshields and nothing else?? /cry
    We rule as it is, we all like it, and nobody else in the game actually cares. It's all down to these terrible players who can't actually play their class. Ok so in groups normally my berserker does more damage than the next two highest dps classes combined, but then you have a ranger doing 12.3 dps at level 35? Don't tell me thats because it's 'unbalanced'. It's because some people are just [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot] at their class. If people were playing properly, then scouts and mages WOULD outdamage zerkers, but they're not and they cry for the [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot]ing nerf stick. In good groups, or when someone decides to actually play properly for a bit, I'm very very rarely the top damage dealer (except on like 14-mob encounters, blood rage rules lol).
    Maybe we should all make an agreement to play badly for a bit, then they might nerf eveyrbody else. See how they like it *sticks tongue out*.
    Man it pisses me off, my fists are about to explode.
    edit : yeah also what the hell is up with furies being at the bottom of the list? I don't actually play a fury but in the official class description it says, and i quote

    "Furies harness the power of storms and control the ferocity of nature."

    SOE translation : They can call in a slight drizzle to make their enemies' hair damp. Hooray.

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    SOE originally pushed fighter types as DPS classes. It's too bad they decided to change their minds so far into the game already.

    The real question now is how big the differences in DPS are going to be between those various groups.
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    Only in EQ2 :(

    When I started playing I picked a Zerker because of an image I had in my mind about berserker (both historically and from other games) . I never intended to build a tank. Maybe I should have read the manual better or done some more research on the boards, but I didn't, because I thought/hoped that SOE would have the same image of berserkers as the majority of people.
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    First group:
    • Wizard/Warlock
    • Assassin/Ranger
    Second group:
    • Conjurer/Necromancer (using damage pet)
    • Brigand/Swashbuckler
    Third group:
    • Coercer/Illusionist, Conjurer/Necromancer (using tank pet)
    • Troubador/Dirge
    • Bruiser/Monk
    Fourth group:
    • Berserker/Shadowknight
    • Paladin/Guardian
    Fifth group:
    • Fury/Warden
    • Defiler/Mystic
    • Inquisitor/Templar

    Its the EQ1 damage hierarchy. /shrug took them 8 months to figure out they needed to replicate the same hierachy.
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    pin wrote:
    WolfShark wrote:
    From that post...
    "A Guardian who concentrates on damage output and upgrades his or her offensive abilities could surpass a Berserker who focuses on defensive capabilities"
    They already do.
    Does that mean we can suddenly surpass a guard if we concentrate on defence?? That sounds unlikely. I don't like the sound of this at all [IMG]
    We already do.

    Maybe if one had all app 1's and the other had all adept 3's. Other wise no chance.
    Personally I wanna be in plate. I didn't make my zerker to run around half naked. I know they did historically and in eq1, but they don't in this game and i wanted a high dmg plate tank.
    Having said that, i don't want a guards tanking ability. I want just enough defence to keep me alive while tanking and bucket loads of dps.
    This is all the result of the HUGE amounts of winging every tank class (appart from ours) has done about not being able to tank as well as a guardian. If you read the testing feebback forums you'll find loads of it.
    And a lot of posts by me saying "If you wanna tank like a guard then plan one, don't make a monnk then moan about it"....
    Guess it's all too late now... the moaners have had their way... :smileysad:
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    I don't know. I'll give it a chance. If I find myself no longer having fun with the class, I likely would quit. I mean, if I were to try to solo something I know I could have before but can't, I'd could easily find myself not having much fun. Seriously, eight months after release and they are going to completely overhaul all the classes?
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    ok maybe my reply wasn't all that good but weather you like it or not we are tanks im sorry but Fighters Job is to get up there in front and fight is it not? keep the agro off the other guys so they can dish out the dmg thats why we wear that heavy armour thats why we wield those big weapons.

    When you chose your zerker you started off Fighter you Chose WARRIOR class which is a tank class after all u cannot deny
    then you chose Berserker and offensive Warrior we ARE tanks

    theres no which way around it if you signed up for dps then well tough **** for u you because it was so obvious berserkers were due for a nerfing way to overpowered in the dmg department compared to what the scouts and mages could put out
    so now were not gonna be able to do dmg like them like we shouldn't and ur going to whine about it?

    yeah im gonna miss the dmg i guess but i signed up berserker to be a tank and i've done pretty well so far

    but i do agree Berserkers were written badly into EQ2 i love history and berserkers usually wore light Chain armour sometimes even leather no shield and a big weapon and just ran at the enemy Crazed blocking blows with there body

    all those posts you guys made about pulling agro off people without even taunting? that plays a big part of this nerf
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    I agree. I signed up to tank as a warrior. I would like to be a solid tank with above par DPS compared to other fighters not a DPS machine as some would like us to be. At best we will be middle of the pack DPS as fighters according to SoE.......
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    yes i agree Rhaa but i don't think we should be ahead of monks and bruisers because of the fact they give up wearing all this heavy armour that protects us they wear crappy light armour hence they do high dmg however i think we should come in a very close 3rd next to monks
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    This is totally correct. I will defnitly quit EQ2 and seriously never play a game created by SOE EVER AGAIN, not EVER. Instead I will just wait for Vanguard to be released, a game that will obviously be a good one, simpyl because the producers aren'T total *******.
    I mean come on, how can you seriously tell everyone the Berserker class is going to be a DPS Tank (and according to the things released pre-launch, the development the whole thing took since beta -don'T flame here, I've been there- ONE HAD TO THINK that a Zerker is a DPS-Tank with slightly higher offensive abilities than defensive ones) and then after 6 or 7 Month of playing and spending A LOT OF TIME with this game and the character you just [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot] it up compeltely by putting it down at the bottom of the DPS line?
    Come on, seriously, are you [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot]? That might not hurt someone too bad who has the time to lvl up another char quick.. but someoen with a RL will QUIT YOUR [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot]ING GAME, GUYS.
    It will be no 30 mins after you implement this and I will be gone, gone from a game where the producers, the producing company and obviously the developers too don'T give a [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot] on what their player-base says.. and also don'T give jack [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot] about people beeing loyal to their game even if it sucked for the first 3 months.. I really could have saved that time I have invested in my Zerker if I had known he would be gimped to [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot] at lvl 48.
    Now delete that post like you delete all posts that are correct but sound negative. [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot] this I just hope you lose alot of your players with this "revamping the whole class tree after 6 months" [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot].


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