Zerker Mythical Needs Changed.

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    Since everyone can get 100% AOE Autoattack after GU61, we should ask for a change to our mythical, since its the only one getting outdated.
  2. ARCHIVED-Elskidor Guest

    A 10% sc discount proc 1.8 times a minute into myth buff? You know these jokers don't know much about handle classes so I wouldn't expect much.

    100% AE autoattack and 50% flurry!
  4. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    Maybe increase the amount of AoE swings when you go over 100% AoE auto-attack.
  5. ARCHIVED-Gungo Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    Enervated is the mythical buff.
    Does this mean changes are coming to myth buffs.
    Rumour mill GO.......
  6. ARCHIVED-Bremer Guest

    Enervated is the weapon without the buff.
  7. ARCHIVED-Gungo Guest

    Bremer wrote:
    agh nm then
  8. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    Meube@Splitpaw wrote:
    sounds about right, i don't foresee the changes on test changing much still so why not get a 10% discount off extra character slots to make toons other than a zerker?

    considering the myth buff is pretty useless these days, and almost every change hasn't been much worth a spit in the bucket, i doubt any serious change will be taken seriously. any real upgrade would probably be in the form of a new mythical drop and you won't ever see it for more than one reason, mainly being desirability. i suppose there has to be a class or two that sits out each expansion and this one is almost over already so i'd rather sit and wait and see what happens with the next.
  9. ARCHIVED-sick720 Guest

    what i want to know, is just how many people are actually able to get the 100% persistant AE auto? cause the items i have seen have like 0.6% and 1.3% and such, which would make it very difficult to reach anywhere near 100%. however if it is the case and if even one other class can reach 100% persistantly (or even frequently) then yes i agree. something needs to be done to improve our buff.
  10. ARCHIVED-Destraum Guest

    Craized@Splitpaw wrote:
    Some of the new items that have just recently came out are giving a tremendous amount of AE Attack. I actually think it is those items that should be rescaled down to a proper level. The amount they are giving them on the "first-time-out" it just crazy rediculous. Some items alone have 50% from what i have seen.
    I've never expected Zerks to have the monopoly on AE Auto forever, but to just completely destroy our unique ability in 1 shot is total stupidity by the devs. Hell, maybe that's the Dev's plan, maybe they want us all to betray to BL's so they can completely eliminate this class.
  11. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    and many of the AA tree revamps have given more than a handful of classes AE capability, while others have been spooned it for some time now with past tree revamps.

    i know my bruiser has about 75% AE static with abilities that bump it up to 100% for temporary durations, and he is in solo quested gear.. in some ways, with the superior CA proc my bruiser has over my zerk, i actually enjoy destroying AE encounters on my bruiser as much if not more than my zerk because i don't get hit, i get hit for very little in leather now, the burst AE DPS is rather ginormous still AND the AE CAs actually pop off without me sitting there watching my cast bar count down.. at least i haven't played my zerk since the AA tree changes to see if his AE CAs are worth a dump now or not. in fact i haven't played my zerk AT ALL since i rolled the bruiser about 3-4 weeks back.
  12. ARCHIVED-Beodragon Guest

    Thought has occured to me to add somethng like the warlock has.
    Add a click to toggle aoe and single target,perhaps added flurry in accordance with amount over 100% aoe.
  13. ARCHIVED-InsaneChaosMarine Guest

    Although I quit EQ2, I will still post my opinions.

    Focused Rage:
    +25% Flurry Chance
    +0.1 Autoattack Modifier. (or +25% Potency.)
    +5% Damage Reduction. (or none at all, or -5% Damage Reduction, but thats a bad idea with current content.)
    (Can't be used with Whirlwind.)
  14. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    seriously just give it up, the rest have. this class is near dead as you can see by the lack of posts here and on flames.
    leave it to the devs to come up with some overpowered idea for the class a few years down the road when it's this class' time for the spotlight, as that seems to be their plan with the rotation of power between the classes instead of balance(which does seem impossible to make the majority happy anyways).

    let this forum die, stop posting, smell the fresh air, play a beastlord like SOE wants you to, do ANYTHING else besides moan here anymore.
  15. ARCHIVED-Beodragon Guest

    Been a zerk since day one,rarely read trolldom,I mean flames,or these forums.
    Found the suggestion might have some merit.
    Just because you tucked tail and ran lyger ,doesn't mean we should.
    If suggestions are a whine to you,perhaps you should stop trolling in a forum you care nothing about anymore.
  16. ARCHIVED-LygerT Guest

    and the OP does? he flaunts that he quit yet still bumps this crap all to the top.
    i used to give my suggestions for the class but when just about none of them got any attention what else is there to do? moan, then stop moaning, then tell the other moaners to suck it up and speak with their actions.

    i find it rather ironic you say that, being that i was one of the most vigilant zerkers this game ever had. there are a number of my moan threads none of you will ever even see in an attempt to fix a number of things. in the end i saw a number of mistakes made, some SOE's fault, some the playerbase who wanted it all and SOE tried to give it to them with a little of their own flavor mixed in. in the end this game will only ever really see a rotation of FoTM classes, this class hasn't been as bad off as some but it also hasn't been shined upon as highly as others.

    this is an offtank class and damage dealer for weaker mobs, it does it well. it has had it's reign in decent main tank viability it has also had it stripped to next to nothing a number of times. the class got it's fixes for the year and that's that, deal with it.

    you see that description for this class on the main site? who do you think wrote it?

    i spoke with my actions and haven't really played the class with any regularity for well over a year, as many have. i now play a beastlord and my bruiser who does infinitely better than my zerk with the exception of AE damage ability. zerkers are still played plenty because they PL toons among the best of any class, some find that sad as a class strength.
  17. ARCHIVED-Regolas Guest

    I still think the zerker mythical buff is suitable and there are other classes whose myth buff became obsolete way before zerkers. Just think of the poor classes whose nythicals add just a few points to potency, etc. There is still only a small proportion of the population that get 100% AE autoattack and no other class can get it as low as level 85. I know I am looking forward to when I get my zerker to 85 so I can do the epic repercussions and get the buff.
  18. ARCHIVED-Faecia Guest

    Regolas wrote:
  19. ARCHIVED-Regolas Guest

    I'd hardly call it a necro thread when it's still on the main page! I can't help it if I arrived late to the party. I only started playing my zerker a few months ago so now I'm reading about the class instead of just rangers.

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