Zehl's Basic Tradeskill leveling timeline guide

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Zehl_Ice-Fire, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    Zehl_Ice-Fire wrote:
    Pretty sure you were misinformed. I've been 50k since shortly after it became available for Qeynosians and I've always been able to to city tradeskill tasks.
  2. ARCHIVED-Zehl_Ice-Fire Guest

    Made a few tweaks & added shiny finder. Anyone who has copied this may want to re-copy the list.
  3. ARCHIVED-Zehl_Ice-Fire Guest

    I made a few updates:
    added Firmroot Moot Meet & Survival Concerns quests

    added Zubzub's Munchies series

    added Termite Troubles series

    When the lavastorm revamp goes live I will have more to add. Darnit another of my lists about ot get out of hand and difficult hehe.
  4. ARCHIVED-Zehl_Ice-Fire Guest

    I made a few updates, it should be up to date now again.
    minor edits & revised info on harvesting cloak
    added med. airship plating collection info
    added where to buy advanced recipes
    revised quest list a bit,
    added T-10 quests
    added info on tradeskill apprentices
  5. ARCHIVED-Finora Guest

    Zehl_Ice-Fire wrote:
    I just wanted to point out that this is not the case, since you have been updating this recently.
    There is no where one can purchase 60s advanced recipes other than the broker to my knowledge. I know that particular merchant definately does not sell them (standing in front of him as I type this).
  6. ARCHIVED-Jaylah Guest

    Also just a quick note in case you want to be really thorough - the Gathering Obsession quests aren't all interspersed at the different levels.
  7. ARCHIVED-ratbast Guest

    i think you might have 1 missing.

    personally i also use the cranial head piece at level 50. unless you have full mara armor its superior. othmir artisan armor at 90 makes mara gear obsolete. so i dont bother grinding mara faction for new toons anymore.

    levels 20, 33, 50, 54 for the tink items.
  8. ARCHIVED-ratbast Guest

    Jaylah wrote:
    i think you mean there is no level req to receive quest. they are crafting quests of the level listed and reward crafting exp.

    the only requirement is doing them in order. MAYBE you also have to be level 2 artisan? havent checked that.
  9. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    ratbast wrote:
    To be offered the first quest all you have to do is use any harvesting skill. So gather something and Qho sends you a letter.
  10. ARCHIVED-bluja000 Guest

    Calthine wrote:
    Actually, you apparently do have to be level 5, either artison or adventurer, in order to get the quest. I've brought in 5 new baby toons since coming back about 4 months ago, and all of them have immediately harvested a node, then tried going to Qho. Some of them get the quest immediately, but I can't remember if they were already level 5 from discos. I had a couple that I know for sure had to be level 5, because Qho (even sent me the letter, but) wouldn't give me the quest, until I turned level 5. I've been really big on getting the harvest quests in my journal, because I wanted to make sure that I could maximize the skillups and harvests as best I can. Since there are so many quests that require harvesting anyway, I try to make sure that I don't have to spend more time than needed on any particular harvest tier. Especially Nek Forest harvesting (ugh!!!).
  11. ARCHIVED-Xandis Guest

    Thanks for your excellent work, Zehl!

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