Zehl's Basic Tradeskill leveling timeline guide

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    After 7 Epic crafters, I am really organized with my sytem. I am adamant about not wasting raws, vitality or time, so I try to be as efficient as possible. For more details on quests my favorite places are eq2traders, allakazam & wikia. Check the broker to see what the harvesting tools look like, and see the stickied tradeskill gear & racial traits thread.
    Basic Tradeskill Timeline by Unrest.Zehl / Unrest.Katayira
    When possible during TS leveling:
    max all harvest skills
    max swimming

    At each 10 levels pick up the Journeyman's service quest, go harvest that tier of the harvest cloak quest, and do a hungry halfling quest at the same time.

    Get the best harvest tools usable (if adventure level 80 use compact sumac harvest kit by woodworker which stacks with overclocked by tinkerer)
    90 gathering skill - Feeding Duggin quests - give 5% TS xp, 0 AA
    level 1 learning how to harvest, reward is harvest box for bank only
    level 1 Crafting Tutorial series in your hometown crafting area, gives Artisan Tunic
    level 1 evil, Chocolate Chip Cookies of Seething Malice recipe, Neriak, Kelryne V'Ziath -481, 66, 100
    level 1 If I had a hammer, create lucky wolf's paw (can do in every city)
    level 5 Mara, A gathering obsession Part I
    level 10 Halas crafter series
    level 10 get your first Tradeskill Apprentice: human, othmir or coldain (hometown) http://tinyurl.com/8bfj7gt
    level 15 Mara, A gathering obsession Part II
    level 20 1% success tinkered item
    level 20 Journeyman Service quest
    level 20 Butcherblock crafter series
    level 20 can start doing city TS writs
    level 25 Mara, A gathering obsession Part III
    level 30 Leaper mount: Ellerith Groundspark 332, 194, 551 Butcherblock Mountains
    level 30 get Miscalibrated Automated shears, net, pick (1 sec reduce, pick +10 mining)
    level 30 Tradesman Service
    level 30 Steamfont crafter series
    level 33 2% success tinkered item
    level 40 Advanced Tradesman Service quest
    level 40 Sootfoot series in Lavastorm, starts with Purrla in the Shrine of Thunder -145, -117, 633
    level 46 get Calibrated Automated shears, net, pick (1.5 sec reduce, pick +15 mining)
    level 50 Advanced Journeyman Tasks
    level 50 Fallen Dynasty line: Mara charm item & wantia harvest bag
    level 50 Mara daily group missions
    level 50 Mara weekly solo missions
    level 50 Ship Out - Moors of Ykesha (get 3 recipe books by 65)
    level 50 Can do Survival Accord, Grobb, & Tupta daily
    level 50 Termite Troubles, Part I (Moor's, TS XP & faction with Guktan Guard)
    level 50 Termite Troubles, Part II
    level 50 Termite Troubles, Part III
    level 50 Termite Troubles, Part IV
    level 50 Zubzub's Munchies, Part I (Moor's, TS XP & gives faction with Grobb)
    level 50 Zubzub's Munchies, Part II
    level 50 Zubzub's Munchies, Part III
    level 50 Zubzub's Munchies, Part IV
    level 50 Firmroot Moot Meet (Moor's, TS XP & gives Survival Accord faction)
    level 50 Survival Concerns
    ?level 54 Mara writs. 1st writ is 54 but I think it opened at 60 or maybe it was 20k Far Seas faction
    level 54 3% success tinkered item
    level 60 Glider mount: Darga Fleetpaw at Vicious Breeding Grounds Tenebrous Tangle 513, -151, 240
    level 60 Senior Crafter Service quest
    level 65 TSO faction furniture recipes, 1 book each from Survival Accord, Grobb, Tupta
    level 65 Crafter Sokokar access Quest
    level 66 get Overclocked Automated shears, net, pick (2.5 sec reduce, pick +20 mining)
    level 70 New Lands, New Profits quest
    level 70 or 72? must do New Land's New Profits 1st, work on Bath's Watch faction, will need -20k for epic
    level 75 High Risks, Higher Profits quest
    level 80/400 fishing get Collapsible Fishing Pole (2.5 sec reduce, see magma fish)
    level 80 crafter epic quest: Sarnak Supply Stocking (need -20k Bath's watch)
    bath watch faction recipes
    riliss faction recipes
    danak faction recipes
    level 80 Sentinel's Fate Crafting Timeline:
    buyable, cross class: kerra cloth recipes
    get 40k faction craftkeepers
    get 40k faction kerra (if you are an Outfitter buy faction recipe)
    get 40k faction Hua Mein (if you are a Craftsman buy faction recipe)
    get 40k faction Quel'Ule (if you are a Scholar buy faction recipe)
    Shadows of the Betrayed - crafter signature quest (2 weeks after finishing Quel'Ule line)
    level 90 get your 2nd & 3rd Tradeskill Apprentices:
    droag: do quest Collapsing the Capitol or just buy Deshniak's Research Prism on the broker cheap
    Elder Yelna: from a quest involving the Skyshrine Underdepths raid zone, probably need to be 90+ adv
    level 90 Destiny of Velious Crafting Timeline:
    level 90 The Return of a Gathering Obsession
    level 90 Drunder series http://tinyurl.com/6u52zwh
    T10 New Combine Foothold series, rewards are the recipe books & cloak that lets you fly without being killed http://tinyurl.com/d5u3ybr

    Other gear to look for: various sol eye drops, sewing needle from Nek3 and Apron of the Artifacer
    from Nek3, NT quest starter for harvesting DWBs from last boss of Unrest. Buy Mara faction gear as soon as you can use it and have the faction & tokens.

    Brell diety - has a few harvesting and tradeskill blessings & miracles
    level 14 adventure - Crack Pot quest for Recipe for Mooshga Mush, level 15 craftsman can use
    level 24 adventure - Tree within a Tree quest for NT recipe for Golden Acorn, level 9 all classes
    level 30 adventure - Fundraiser Two: Sewing a Sampler quest, Valefolk Shawl recipe 34 tailor
    level 30 adventure - Fundraiser Three: Table for Two quest, Vale Briarwood Bookcase recipe 32 carp
    level 33 adventure - Fundraiser One: Apples Away quest, Hopple's Apple Pie recipe level 37 provis
    level 33 adventure - Fundraiser Four: Dagger of Doom quest, Leatherfoot Knuckles Design recipe 35 weaponsmith
    level 35 Carpenters - buy Diety Altar Crafting book on Butcherblock docks (commons)
    level 37 armorer - blood iron recipes from DFC
    level 40 weaponsmith - wyrmsteel recipes (Classified Recipes of the Coalition)
    level 55 Artisan - Get Burnt recipes 1-7, Deep Forge drop, tradable
    level 60 Carpenters go get the Wantia furniture book, collection tome in Village of Shin
    level 60 Artisan - Badly burned notes on tapestry weaving recipe from Najena: Deep Forge
    level 65 Artisan - TSO Faction Furniture recipes (Grobb, Tupta, Firmroot Moot/Survival Accord)
    level 65 Carpenters - buy Advanced Diety Altar Crafting book on Butcherblock docks (rares)
    level 65 Carpenters - buy Decorative Diety Shrines book on Butcherblock docks (decorative only)
    level 69 (alchemist only) A bit of Fire, a bit of Ice - dust distillation recipes
    level 70 provis - Halasian Icebrew recipe from Unrest
    level 80/400 fishing - get Collapsible Fishing Pole (2.5 sec reduce, allows you to see magma fish)
    \aITEM 849393196 334618307:[Collapsible Fishing Pole]\/a
    Emerald Halls recipes (now buyable in Mara if you have faction)
    62 adventurer if you are a tailer (mage scout zerker guardian), jeweler (any class) or armorer (any class) do Medium Pieces of Airship Plating collection for choice of 3 items with your TS class skill bonus
    \aITEM 2035060977 507782943:Findingle's Destructive Needle\/a
    \aITEM -2118968389 2088227603ethiszi's Smithy Gloves\/a
    \aITEM 1327115018 925212104:Eye-piece of Gaz\/a
    *Fundraiser recipes are tradable
    Advanced recipes:
    20s can buy from Cordelia Galeston on BB docks after doing quests
    30s can buy from Keralyn in Gnomeland in Steamfont after doing quests
    40s ?
    50s can buy in Maj'Dul courts, heirloom
    60s can purchase in KoS, including barren sky from Merchant Thryst on Whisperwind
    70s can buy from RoK faction camp quarter masters, also faction recipes, heirloom, 10g 36s
    80s can buy from faction camps in Sundered Frontier, heirloom, 15g 55s
    minor edits & revised info on harvesting cloak
    added med. airship plating collection info
    added where to buy advanced recipes
    revised quest list a bit,
    added T-10 quests
    added info on tradeskill apprentices

    added Firmroot Moot Meet & Survival Concerns quests

    added Zubzub's Munchies series

    added Termite Troubles series

    added level 44 Gnomish Divining Rod

    added these to optional list:
    level 35 Carpenters - buy Diety Altar Crafting book on Butcherblock docks (commons)
    level 55 Artisan - Get Burnt recipes 1-7, Deep Forge drop, tradable
    level 60 Artisan - Badly burned notes on tapestry weaving recipe from Najena: Deep Forge
    level 65 Artisan - TSO Faction Furniture recipes (Grobb, Tupta, Firmroot Moot/Survival Accord)
    level 65 Carpenters - buy Advanced Diety Altar Crafting book on Butcherblock docks (rares)
    level 65 Carpenters - buy Decorative Diety Shrines book on Butcherblock docks (decorative only)

  2. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    Wow, and they tell me *I'm* a bit obsessed :)
    Added that to the FAQ sticky!
  3. ARCHIVED-Celena Guest

    NICE!! I thought I had it down to a science, but you have put me to shame!
    Getting ready to start a baby carpenter and will use your model to level her.
  4. ARCHIVED-janmystique Guest

    Over Christmas, I have been planning just such a list. The main difference between your list and mine is that mine is scraps of paper that only I can see and understand and yours is typed up and shared. Thank you very much for that.
    On the Mara questline, you mentioned the charm that you can get which is, I assume the one that comes from the questline that starts with the quest "Improving Relations with the Locals" followed by a class specific quest? From this of course, comes the wonderful "Wantia Artisan's Satchel" which I get for all my ts toons as soon as possible.
    And just for interest, I now level almost exclusively by writs rather than pristine recipes. This means that I have enough faction at the end to buy recipe books from the Ironforge Exchange etc and I also get status for my guild. This suits my playstyle. And finally, when I started out, I didn't do the ts tutorials but do now. They are well thought out in that you get to go and harvest and then you come back and use the stuff you gathered to craft the items.
    Thanks again. I really appreciate your post.
  5. ARCHIVED-Zehl_Ice-Fire Guest

    Apsenniel@Splitpaw wrote:
  6. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    Zehl_Ice-Fire wrote:
    Back in the olde days we had binders full of info for EQ, lol.
  7. ARCHIVED-Zehl_Ice-Fire Guest

    I have a carp but I forgot about altars! In glancing over an eq2traders page it jostled my memory of that:
    I have to check the recipe levels later, I think 30s and 60s? But you buy them from the historian on the Butcherblock docks for a few plat.
  8. ARCHIVED-janmystique Guest

    Zehl_Ice-Fire wrote:
  9. ARCHIVED-SilkenKidden Guest

    Apsenniel@Splitpaw wrote:
    LOL. I played the first Zork game on a DEC computer at NYU in the 70s. After school, I didn't get involved in games again until late 1989/90. I mapped Mad Maze on Prodigy. I loved text adventure games. I see some of them in my head as least as clearly as I see EQ2 in living color now but I still have an old fashioned notebook on my desk for EQ2. I sure would like an in game version better.
    Back to topic at hand. I raised my armorer with writs. It broke my heart when she reached level 80 with gallons of unused ts exp potions. I had to raise her the very hard way just to get the Ironforge faction. She's the only one of my characters that will ever get that faction. I may raise a new crafter but it will be the easy way. If they can't get what they want from adventure factions they will not get it at all. I got all ROK faction except for 10K in Bath Watch by adventuring and I'm quite happy that option was open to us. I can't imagine having had to choose between getting the Ironforge faction or the Bathezid faction or doing writs for nothing but faction, which is a waste.
  10. ARCHIVED-Zehl_Ice-Fire Guest

    Silken@Butcherblock wrote:
    My jeweler was the only one who reached 80 with a few leftover pristines, I'll have them for t9 (though I'd prefer to never have to level up again, I find zero joy in level grinding, it's only a time sink). I was out doing ROK writs as soon as my crafters were able to, that was the best TS xp possible plus like 5 more sets of 1st pristines, they had different sets of recipes based on your level and faction with them.
    I got my 40K faction with the FPT TS house at the best time, I had worked on in spare time over 3 years, even did some before DoF when they were a total pita. I did the majority of faction grinding while my provis was 70 when that was the level cap. I got my 40k faction a month before AA mirrors came in, by pure coincidence, and lots of joy to me because I made some nice plat from it as well as the recipe & mirror disco for my server. I still make nice plat off mannequins, also a 40k requirement. I'm in no rush for any of my others to have 40k, as long as one can make them with one, that's fine (I have a friend who makes my mirrors for the alts on the same account as the SK).
    Since my own alt guild (well.. right now it's my main guild cause I'm on a raiding burnout break so my Inq is back with the alt guild) is 30, and I'm still toying with getting my own T1 guild hall, I have thought of having all my crafters get max faction in each city of their allignment for more SP and ability to buy anything I want.
    A calculation I made based on current faction given for non timed writs, you can get 2.5ish million SP for a character by the time you go from 0 to max faction with a city. I forget the exact number I came up with one day, but I was pondering which titles I want to blow my SP on for my SK & Inq, and what SP I'll have left between my characters, how long I ccould keep a T1 guild hall going if I stopped getting anymore SP that day. The suck is that when you get 50k faction, you can't do TS writs anymore, so if I were to spend all my SP for guild hall, I cannot rely on ts writs forever, my preferred SP method, unless I just create dummy TSers for the purpose of that.
  11. ARCHIVED-janmystique Guest

    Zehl_Ice-Fire wrote:
    Interesting. I hadn't realized that you couldn't get more writs once you had maxed out your status. I too am thinking of status for guild hall upkeep of a small guild. Well I reckon we don't have to worry for a long time with all the accumulated status we have between us but you have to look ahead! At the moment, I shall try to stick with writs to level as that does advance in two or three ways. Maybe now and then I will treat myself and do a pristine recipe!
  12. ARCHIVED-Finnwizz Guest

    Apsenniel@Splitpaw wrote:
    Well then I have Great news for both of you. I have had Max Faction with Coalition of Tradesfolks in Neriak for a long time and the writ giver still gives me timed writs. I just threw another level on our new guild taking it from lv 30 to 31 and they still keep giving me my status and coin.
    So if the Evil Ironforge Exchange won't give you writs then all you need to do is come to the true side of light and glory in Neriak and they will be more than happy to keep giving you writs.

    Hope that helps
  13. ARCHIVED-Barbai Guest

    wow and people call me geeky about crafting.
  14. ARCHIVED-Zehl_Ice-Fire Guest

    Finnwizz wrote:
    Only timed ones? I hate doing timed ones. Not that they are hard but.. one little afk emergency and you lose everything you did. I haven't actually maxed any of mine to 50k.
  15. ARCHIVED-Celena Guest

    Zehl_Ice-Fire wrote:
    Zehl....I am confused by this statement. My main, Celena, has had 50K faction with Tunares Pages for a while now and still does TS writs. In fact, she just cranked some out a couple days ago.
    edit cuz I cant type
  16. ARCHIVED-Celena Guest

    Zehl_Ice-Fire wrote:
    I cam still get timed and "regular" writs for my 50K toon. I dont understand where the though that writs cannot be done once faction is maxed came from.
  17. ARCHIVED-Zehl_Ice-Fire Guest

    Celena wrote:
    Someone on my server who was 50k told me that was the case. This was last year, so maybe it was changed at some point.
  18. ARCHIVED-Eveningsong Guest

    They may be thinking of the RoK faction writs - I'm pretty sure when I maxed my Bathezid Watch it stopped offering me writs.
  19. ARCHIVED-Zehl_Ice-Fire Guest

    Eveningsong wrote:
    Nope they definitly meant city writs, they were talking about leveling their not yet 80 guild. That I know for sure, once you get 30k with the ROK places you can't do anymore.
  20. ARCHIVED-Celena Guest

    Zehl_Ice-Fire wrote:
    Hmmm...maybe. I have played since launch and have had several toons at 50K max and dont ever remember them not being able to do writs. I did leave for a few months a couple years ago, so maybe my memory is just foggy on the topic.

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