[Zarrakon] <Vae Victis> is recruiting

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Nozgoth, Apr 26, 2023.

  1. Nozgoth New Member

    Greetings! Looking for a solid and helpful group of pals or progress and pvp with? Consider Vae Victis! All experience levels and classes welcome, though we need more healers and int casters currently. Our goal is to help each other progress through pve content like dungeons, quests, heritage quests, and crafting, while welcoming pvp when we find it, and raiding when we get there. We aren’t rushing to max level and skipping 90% of content. Our discord is set up and ready, too!

    Leave a comment here, or contact me in game on Nozgoth if you’d like an invite or have more questions.

    Woe be unto the conquered!
  2. dahkoht72 New Member

    Curious which side your guild is on ? Really considering coming back and playing EQ2 and enjoy the more old school type and PVP is fine also ,
  3. Leobyn New Member

    I'm interested in joining. I can play Healer or whatever is needed.
  4. Sickerth New Member

    Hello are you still recruiting?