z0mg!! Claymore, finally!

Discussion in 'Monk' started by ARCHIVED-Duave, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Duave Guest

    Okay I got my claymore last night on the monk. Is it just me, or does it suck? Should I go with claymore/sceptre of destruction or sceptre of destruction/twin calamities (with the 450-550ish dmg proc)
  2. ARCHIVED-Gungo Guest

    [p]tanking first setup[/p][p]dps the second[/p]
  3. ARCHIVED-PrimusPilus Guest

    [p]Uh, have you considered another alternative, Claymore plus Calamity? They happen to be matched in speed, so when your delay is at 1.0 or less (it's fairly easy to reach this) you can spam CA's and two autoattacks (one from each hand) will fit neatly between CA's. At slower speeds (delay over 1.0) add a brief pause to achieve the same effect.[/p][p]Using sceptre with either other weapon will result in two different speed weapons, any CA you cast has a greater chance of interrupting an autoattack, resulting in some loss of dps.[/p][p]Of course thats just the eccepted wisdom, one way to know for sure is to parse yourself and see.[/p][p]BTW the Claymore is great against heroics because of it's several chances to proc stuff. It's a bit less effective against epics since likely only one proc, the damage proc, will be useful, plus it cannot be adorned. If you use the spam CA's technique, it should result in some addition to CA damage due to it's +20% to next CA proc, although you could just parse and see wether the Calamity or the Claymore in the primary hand results in more dps (I'M still testing myself netween 2 Calamities versus one and a Claymore). [/p]
  4. ARCHIVED-Duave Guest

    Good point, that would be better for DPS probably. I just like the stun mostly for interrupting.. I'll try that and see if it makes a difference! Would you put claymore in primary?
  5. ARCHIVED-Duave Guest

    I just did Poet's Palace and parsed 727.92dps overall. I specced Crane Swoop, though, so some fights I'd reach ~1500. Seem like I used to be in the 670-680's, though. Marr's Fist seem to proc alot more (or atleast the animation showed up).
  6. ARCHIVED-Deathspell Guest

    I thought Claymore and Scepter of Destruction both had the same delay of 1.6?