Your ward absorb blabla, but just monks in group!

Discussion in 'Monk' started by ARCHIVED-badat, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-badat Guest

    Grouped with another monk yesterday, me 22, him 20. Very fun taking on large green groups at caltorsis. When things went wrong against the acolytes, I FD, he tanked, then he FD, i woke and tanked untill finish. Risky and great fun.

    However my question is that quite often in this setup (like 4-5 times an hour) i got the message "your ward absorbed XX damage". I really like healer wards, and i've picked up that pallys have them too, but how come I got a ward in just grouping with another monk? Is it a HO effect or other equipment proc or something?

    Rumi 22 monk
  2. ARCHIVED-Nagasakee Guest

    One of the cool tricks two or more monks working together can do is use one of the Intervene line of buffs on each other. (Actually there are multiple buffs the monks can use on each other like hate reducers etc). I may be wrong (often am) but it may be something along those lines. Did you ask him what he was using?
  3. ARCHIVED-badat Guest

    No forgot to ask about ward exactly. But i did ask him if he used staggering stance on me, cause I buffed him late in our time together. He had not used Staggering stance for sure. I guess staggering stance always should be used when groupin - on healers if avaiable.
    Rumi 22 Monk
  4. ARCHIVED-TBHtjd Guest

    Some HO's do provide a small ward, I believe; however you shouldn't have been able to trigger those HO's with only fighters.
  5. ARCHIVED-OgApostraphe Guest

    Does Hero's Armor have a ward? That might be it..
  6. ARCHIVED-Wiou Guest

    That seems odd, however I have experienced similar things.
  7. ARCHIVED-Tully14 Guest

    Sure it wasn't 'Your targets' ward blah bla'?
  8. ARCHIVED-badat Guest

    wow no im NOT sure!
    Do targest cast ward on them too? We fought those restless skellies and acolytes, could have been acolytes - they're casters. And the caltorsis clerics are casters. Certainly a possibility thx!
  9. ARCHIVED-Gaige Guest

    Yeah mystic NPC's cast wards sometimes.
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    I should work for Sony.
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