Your top three picks lvl 20-29 for Adept IIIs

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Divine Power, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Divine Power Guest

    So, What would your top 3 picks be? I am thinking Undying Abherent, Rats, and Pestilant Blast?

    But I don't really know - I just got the rare and am upgrading one of my spells - I am lvl 26 atm. My UA is only App IV, so would upgrade that but am wondering when the training reset is coming as I could wait till then to get the Hero. Dunno...

  2. ARCHIVED-ablepharous Guest

    I went with Pest blast, Invis and Immoblize. The only reason I did Invis and Imobl is because I gt them for 15G each.
  3. ARCHIVED-Ageariashi Guest

    I'm in the same boat for the pet since I'm 24. I dunno when the reset is coming and if waiting is even worth it anyway, because UA matches hero later on, maintains an even con longer and 30 training pet kicks both their butts. (from what I've read here.)

    That being said, I think I would go PBlast,UA and undecided between boon and or rats if I had to choose at this point.
  4. ARCHIVED-Necronstreksis Guest

    Undying Adherent
    P Blast
    Grisly Brace
  5. ARCHIVED-El Chupacabras Guest

    Agree, in that order.
  6. ARCHIVED-bittani Guest

    Sorry to ressurect this old thread but I got grisly brace, undying adherant and boon of the lifeless adept III and have 2 rares left for t3 definetly getting pestilential blast but what about getting Mend bones would you recommend that?
  7. ARCHIVED-Sentarius Guest

    Undying Adherent
    Pestilent Blast
    Save $ lol
  8. ARCHIVED-bittani Guest

    Money is not a concern my alt was a 36 guard / 50 provisioner just wanted to know if there was any other t3 spells worth upgrading instead of mend bones.
  9. ARCHIVED-Divine Power Guest

    Would u add rats to this list now with the patch fixing them?
  10. ARCHIVED-MrPibb Guest

    Would u add rats to this list now with the patch fixing them?
    Munch, munch munch...bite bite bite...... I would.
  11. ARCHIVED-Morcego Guest

    I'm about to level to 29 and I have an oportunity to create a adept III spells. I see that most of you put the UA pet above all other 20-29 spells so I wanted to ask you why? is he much better than the tellurian hero (adept II)? If I go for the UA adept III up to what level he will be a good tank pet for me? What about PBlast ? I don't have it yet but seems to be a nice direct damage spell... I'm still using dust blast from early levels. By the way... we get a new pet at lvl 32, how good is he in app IV stage?

  12. ARCHIVED-geckoskin Guest

    Pestilential Blast and Undying Adherant for sure.

    Third is a toss-up between grisly brace and Bloody ritual. I have both, I LOVE adept 3 ritual but I chaincast all the time and love the extra mana.
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