Your Top Three Picks for 30-39 Ad3's... advice?

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Necronstreksis, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Necronstreksis Guest

    What are your top three must-have Adept 3's for T4 (30 to 39)? And why?

    Looking for suggestions for what to upgrade... Have a Master 1 Rotting Thrall, Adept 3 Grim Thulian, and various Adept 1's already... just looking at which ones are the definate ones to upgrade.

    Strongly leaning towards upgrading Ghastly Stench from Adept 1 to Adept 3...
  2. ARCHIVED-Necronstreksis Guest

    bump... a little help please from you uber necros? =)
  3. ARCHIVED-Isaac7410 Guest

    I heard adept 3 plague of rats is nice, rats hit for 100 but I havent had the chacne to buy em theres really not that many high lvl sages and its rare to find one on , on my server, but I got rotting thrall adept 3, and I didnt see much of a difference, but it does like about 20pnts harder which is nice, My next choice would be plague of rats.but hey thats just me.

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