Your Thoughts on Everquest Next?

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  1. Twyxx Well-Known Member

    The characters were a bit shocking at first and seem in contrast with the landscape. I can live with them though. The world is beautiful. I'm really hoping the land-claim and build your house thing will be in live and not just in landmark. Non-instanced housing like in Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies really make a game for me.

    I don't think we know enough about the combat. Initial reaction, though, is that it looks like gw2 combat which left a lot to be desired. Hitting the same five buttons over and over gets dull. Hopefully they reveal more complexity in combat down the line.

    Destructible world was when I said, "okay, that's really impressive." There are some great things to build on here. I just don't want another game that I play to cap, look around at nothing to do and move on to another game. Swtor, gw2 and others had some great aspects, but never gave me a reason to play long-term. Hopefully they're paying close attention to the pitfalls from those games and reach back to what made other sandbox games like UO and SWG great.
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  2. Kurei Hitaka Well-Known Member

    Wrong thundercats.

    Newage-Thundercats was probably still a bit extreme of a reference but...Lionel's dad >.> that is all.
  3. Cube Active Member

    I hated the new thundercats and did not watch it past a few episodes and do not remember any of it. other than it looked like a bad 2008 japanese anime made by amercians.
  4. Deathstorm Member

    I was hoping to see a game much further along than what we saw today and more detail. Really didn't want to see the cartoony character look they have apparently taken Everquest Next in, that was a big let down as I've seen enough other cartoony games. They have some nice ideas, but will see if they are really plausible for an mmo game
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  5. Darcnova New Member

    I'm amazed that people didn't expect stylized character models though, seeing as we've had a 3D model shown for some time...
  6. Kurei Hitaka Well-Known Member

    Took me a season and a half to drop it lol.

    Anywho, stylized is just gonna take some getting used to by people. Never particularly hated stylized myself (Heck, I actually like Rune of Magic's graphics, which were still fairly worse) but, to each their own if they genuinely despise it XD
  7. Lempo Well-Known Member

    SOE has some great artists on staff.In reality the costs of 3D realism today is much lower than it was in the past.
    Maybe they did cut the corners on graphics, we have still only been shown a very small sampling, that said my tastes can't handle much of that at all, but until I see it at true 1920x1080 I can't really say for sure.

    I don't really even want to think about the queen right now because it makes me shudder to think from that demo, so I'll just block it from my thoughts until I see for real.
  8. Vinakis New Member

    I was really digging everything I saw. While I don't generally care for cartoony art style, I feel what they were doing I could live with for all the other kinds of cool EQ:N is shaping up to be.

    Well, except character models.
    Specifically, the horse/lion hybrid thing the Kerra has going on I find disturbing, especially when thinking about the future appearance of other races.

    I was also, as a long term Iksar player (my first character in EQ was an iksar, right after Ruins of Kunark released) very much disturbed, even a little sickened, that they were calling those kobold/lizardmen things in the Feerot ruins "Iksar."

    Honestly, if they go with that, and make my most beloved species in MMO gaming into D&D styled kobolds instead of the proud (and sexy!) reptilian conquerors they are... Well, I'd almost rather them not include them at all. The one thing that would be worse than not including Iksar (to me), would be to make it so I feel sickened and infuriated at the dev team every time I see a diminutive excuse of one scamper across the screen.
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  9. Cube Active Member

    Be afraid of what they are going to do to the animal races be very afraid./
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  10. Ucala01 Member

    I shockingly like nearly all the ideas that were mentioned, they seemed to be doing multiclassing in a far better way than most. the overland graphics seem fine to me. I like not having to run around hills but just scale them. destroy stuff, the whole "the world remembers what you do" consequence thing seems nice,. only thing I saw that was meh was the player graphics themselves. the lion Kerran is eh. but I think I can get past how my toon looks since I always see the back of their head anyway and usually go for super small.
  11. Seliri Well-Known Member

    Kobolds need to be scrapped as they are.

    They are >SIMPLY BEST< as canidae primates. This BS D&D style Kobold is repugnant & utterly revolting.


    Jeremy Soule, not Julian Soule! lol. o_O''...
  12. Ucala01 Member

    just my thought but if you can destroy everything. it's impossible to get stuck, right? if you were to get stuck in a rock from the world rehealing itself. couldn't you just free yourself by destroying the rock again?
  13. Cube Active Member

  14. Seliri Well-Known Member

    strong wtf, I remember seeing this video like YEARS ago, but forgot where I saw it from... o_O''...
  15. Cube Active Member

    I am pretty sure they are using Voxel tech like the new everquest but not sure. They are calling them "Atoms"
  16. Bloodlich Member

    A note on the environment: areas that have large amounts of destruction will "heal" faster than areas that have minor damage. This will prevent players from creating massive holes to trap other players. Someone asked about the recovery speed of the environment at the EQN panel so thats how it was brought up.
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  17. Ucala01 Member

    has a release date been set? I saw Eqn Landmark comes out in december they said and than after people design some stuff and get voted on etc it will come with Eqnext. so I am guessing around spring/summer?
  18. Gourdon Well-Known Member

    I was somewhat surprised that EQNext ended up matching my expectations in an optimistic way. There will be no exponential increase in power, so content won't become useless. Instead, characters will become more broadly skilled. Most importantly, gear won't completely define your character. A variety of skills and accomplishments in game will. Quests won't be static, but instead will be individual, somewhat unique opportunities to interact with the world. The world will change, but won't be a low quality player-created free-for-all. Public quests will finally be what I'd hoped they would become in EQ2, opportunities to participate in the balance of an ecosystem. Raids should be big events that happen in the middle of the world that are handled more impromptu, not something that happens hidden in some instance.

    I'm not a big fan of the graphics, but it is understandable what they did with character appearances. The faces are built for emoting, so roleplay can happen more easily through facial expressions. Large mouths and eyes will make that work at the maximum possible range. They went a bit over the top on the characters and the physical carnage, but that is understandable, and at the end of the day is not all that important when we are finally being offered game play that won't be the same old crap that dates back to '90s MUDs.

    I can't wait for Landmark and Beta.
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  19. Gourdon Well-Known Member

    EQN will be a different type of sandbox. The key point is that the world will be ever changing. Mobs will migrate based upon how the environment changes to find environments they prefer. Players will be able to influence this. There was no specific discussion about player buildings, but my guess is that there will not be player made cities that become ghost towns when people get bored or annoyed, which was the pitfall of SWG. We will have opportunities to contribute to the development of Norrath through Landmark, and undoubtedly that will continue beyond the initial game. However, it seems likely that SJ doesn't want a world full of low quality player made junk.
  20. Guy de Alsace Member

    One thing I have noticed on all the screenshots and vids is that the "deformable terrain" is always conveniently covered in smoke when its deformed. It goes from pristine to voila its smashed with no in between stage.