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    Greetings fellow necro's. I was wondering what kind of robe's you all like best. Please post your comments and advices. :smileyhappy:
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    For most of my adventuring at my level, Keeper's Robe of Quintessence.
    For looks...
    • Robe of the Preceptor - Faction reward from Court of Truth.
    • Barrister's Robe - Quest reward in Zek. A very popular pick because it's all black.
    • Arcane Scientist's Robe - Faction reward from the Academy of Arcane Sciences. Not too fond of the shade of green that this has, but it gives me a sense of individuality... because I never see anyone on my server wearing it. It's what all the lower tier writ givers at the academy are wearing.
    I guess it may help to know what level you are... hehe. In my lowbie days I would wear the Web-covered Blouse (dropped in Nektulos) up until I got into Splitpaw and got my Arcane Champion's Robe.
    I never touched the rare crafted robes. For tier 5 and 6, they are nice but you end-up looking like every other caster.
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    The stats on the Barrister robe are nice. Was wondering how to achieve it?
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    Thanks :smileyhappy: I dont suppose its impossible to get? :smileywink:
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    Not really. I see a lot of people with the robe. I did it in my upper 40's, everything grey to me and it took me maybe about an hour to get through the entire line. Will most likely take longer if everything isn't grey.
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    I swear by my Tae Ew Prophet robes...
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    Hmm Tharangus - Ive tried looking into those quests, but cant seem to find it :smileysad: I would love some background info on it. If its not too much to ask :smileyvery-happy:

    btw - atm im very low lvl, but I am aiming hard to lvl to the suitable lvl's... at lvl 15 atm... and somehow, it seems like that robe doesnt exist anymore? I hope its a error in the database... :smileymad:
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    Where abouts in the common lands is the valley of the rougue magi?
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    It's near the hidden canyon griff station. i believe its a little to the west. I'm at work now so i can't say for sure. It use to have a fairly easy access quest. I don't know if thats still the case as i haven't been there for a while.

    Ogaming has all the info:
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    Great stuff :smileyhappy: Looks a bit like the Valley is a instance zone, gonna have to check up on that. Thanks :smileywink:
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    Ah... it will be awhile before you can get barrister's robe, since it's in a tier 4 zone. But here's a brief walkthrough:
    1. Do the quest line from Mess Sergeant Akseltz in Zek 450, -42, +379 starting with Avoiding a Hot Bath.
    2. Once you complete his quests, he will send you to Quint Cerlius M.E. I believe all you need to do at this point is complete Innocence and Allegiance to get the robe.
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    Great :smileyhappy: thanks much for the info - now I know what to do :smileytongue:
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