Your Name Picks for Time-Locked Expansion Servers

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Windstalker, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. Simparri Active Member

    SOME Melvin?? Just Some Melvin working by his self couldn't have been the Only one over a 2+ week time period making my life hell. When you look at that kind of time period it just shows that it was a standard & ongoing server/game-wide problem. At that time I was playing during nearly any time period during the day from 0001-2359, Sunday through Saturday, not just during a limited time frame where a single individual would have had his playing time matching mine.
  2. Boneheed New Member

    You're not attackable until level 10, and never were, so you've clearly misremembered that part. Also, if you were playing during the years when the PVP servers were full, a simple shout in channels would've brought help from any number of alts - they were PVP servers, people loved to PVP and if that meant going to teach some griefer a lesson, all the better. You clearly had a rough time of it, but there are ways around it. Just wanted to balance out your post a bit, for anyone who might be put off.
  3. Simparri Active Member

    In This game you are not attackable until level 10, it's not the same in Every game. But I Will say that That game completely turned me off from playing Any PVP game or server. When you have people who Choose to play in such a way that they can kill other players, especially without warning, you WILL have individuals who WILL do so. I don't mind Battlegrounds or Duels but I Refuse to play a game or on a server where someone can attack me without warning and for no reason. I grew up in housing projects where that was a way of life, why in the Hell would I play a game that puts me thru the same crap?

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