Your Name Picks for Time-Locked Expansion Servers

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Windstalker, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. Poisonhawk Active Member

    Yeah, the names are picked! (sarcasm) Now can you please fix the crap that is still broken?
  2. Jaden Well-Known Member

    Yummy :D...both the newbie bod AND your player stats ^-^.
  3. Glads Member

    yep Glads will be reborn :)
  4. Almost Member

    Nice, the two I voted on.

    Deathtoll, /snicker, c'mon it's perfect.

    Stormhold; only one of the best dungeons ever. (I'd love to see a level 100 version someday)
  5. Kander Developer

    Actually Isle of Refuge was number 2 and will most likely also be used.
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  6. Kazooooooooooo Active Member

    Kander, it is less then 24 hours from estimated beta launch and we still know very little. We don't even know how we're supposed to access beta. :( Will there be an announcement today?
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  7. Kander Developer

    Same as Beta, select Beta on live patcher. It will require Membership to make a character on the Beta TLE servers.
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  8. Nepharus New Member

    Thanks Kander! Can't wait!
  9. Kazooooooooooo Active Member

    Alright, alright. What about the details? How about CC? Will it be the current timers?
  10. Almost Member

    Hmmm I've played a Troll SK for about 15 years now in EQ/EQII, wonder what I'll play on the TLE server...

    Will Fae be available?
  11. Glenorian Well-Known Member

    Woohoo...I voted on those names. So for those that aren't happy, feel free to blame me lol. Though I only did so on 2 alts, not my whole scad of them. Glad to hear that the Isle of Refuge may also be used, I was a little torn. Stormhold is a favorite, had to vote for it.
  12. BulletCatcher66 Active Member

    I hope not. We need to unlock em with the expansion pack. Also, put the froglocks unlock quest back in. Also the spire events right before KoS launch. Do those things. But keep ratonga un-touched. The master race is fine and doesn't need to be changed at all.
  13. Strings Well-Known Member

    The froglok unlocking quest is currently extremely buggy. I did it just recently to get The History of Frogloks book. There's a distinct feeling of cobwebs (with bugs stuck in them) in the Kugup zone and quest series.
  14. Minibang New Member

    That is why I did not put your name in quotes, and it was not directed just at you. What i said was not just part of this thread, but in general any thread that's involved with TLE.
  15. Fetish Well-Known Member

    No that my opinion matters, but since you so clearly state it, I believe you. ...and that would be an awesome homage to the game. Thank you (and everyone involved) again for helping to make this come true.
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  16. sain223 New Member

    I'm glad to see that the forums aren't full of whiners saying these new TL server are going to be a bad idea. Good job Daybreak for doing something that fans of this game have been begging for from when SOE had the reins an kept saying it couldn't happen. I hope that new will get out there an bring back a bunch of old vets. back to EQ2.
  17. sain223 New Member

    Wow not to sound like a dick here but if you're going to let the actions of some Melvin ( that what I call someone who lives in mommy an daddy's basement an has no life so has has to mess with others to make them selves feel better.) control how you play a game then just sad.
  18. Katz Well-Known Member

    I like the names. I only voted for a PvE server name and looks like I picked the second most popular choice. I'm looking forward to the server.
  19. Coffeene New Member

    it's not having someone else control the way you play, it's first impressions. The first time you play an mmo and you have a bad person troll or pester you, you're not going to like it, same thing goes with life.
  20. Corpsereaver New Member

    Yup, the ones I voted for. /flex you're welcome

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