Your Name Picks for Time-Locked Expansion Servers

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  1. Twelvetrees Member

    Deathtoll, there will be...
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  2. Nicodemius New Member

    Holy for the Pve server why wasn't BotLand an option? :D
  3. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    I voted Stormhold 23 times, all of my chars across two accounts. I wonder how much that skewed the results. :rolleyes:
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  4. Glads Member

    well im Happy i got to name the pvp server :)

    Glads will be reborn..
  5. Strings Well-Known Member

    From what I gather, votes only count once on each account. I cannot confirm that, but that's what some people say.
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  6. Tabri Well-Known Member

    I voted for both of these name cool beans
  7. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    I was holding out for Kerafyrm.. oh well. :D
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  8. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    I only voted once per account since I think it was a dev said that only one would be counted per account. I liked the name Isle of Refuge except if they allow cross server chat with that server....isle_of_refuge would have been a pain and didn't think they would just have it refuge.charname so voted Stormhold. Deathtoll was my vote cuz I do like pvp and even tho I have been known to hide in bushes to revive people in other games instead of killing...having the server called Deathtoll is just to funny to pass up.
  9. beagley Well-Known Member

    It wouldn't, the next 22 votes were a waste of time.

    They confirmed for previous in-game polls that only the first vote on an account counts. The rest that are delivered to your alts are a waste of time and mailbox space.
  10. Thoreandan Member

    I picked these 2 also. Where's me prize??

    Deathtoll is an inspired choice for the PvP server. And Stormhold seems good for the PvE, still a favourite haunt to this day over 10 years later I still insist on running all my alts through it on the way up.

    Maybe the runner-up choices will be used for secondary servers if more servers need to be rolled out due to demand. Though I'm not so sure the time locked EQ2 servers will be quite as popular as the recent EQ ones. Will be interesting to see though for sure.
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  11. Wimble Active Member

    “I think they lied...”
    Oh grow up. I guess because the result wasn't what you wanted, it must be rigged, right?

    All it shows is that the forums are a really bad way to gauge consensus. Which shouldn't surprise anyone since the only people who come here are the really opinionated ones.

    Cant work out how to reply to a message by including it in the text of your reply so this is the best I got...

    LOL at all of this, especially the irony inherent in the final comment!
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  12. Hexcentricity Member

    They specifically said the server names had to be an NPC or the suggestion would be discarded when they tallied up the top 5 choices to put up to a vote. The names are fine, if not totally boring.
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  13. Naac New Member

    More to come? Like server merges, and cross server dungeon finder? Yea! Cause all this does is draw population away from already hurting servers. #nothanks.
  14. Alumar New Member

    Total Side by question

    1) Beta server coming first?
    - Assume this means at some point will be a flush

    2) What's the forecasted date for no-wipe server?
    - This would be the actual time most will want to invest in building characters/guilds etc
    3) Will account Veteran bonus (if characters are at 100) work on the new server?
  15. Bernouli Member

    To be honest if they named the server Dump Truck i would still play there. Been waiting years for this to happen.
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  16. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Wish the others would clear out then, once one character has voted. ;->

    who notices the mail did go away after the poll was over...pity; I had like 30-40 more alts on Gold alone that hadn't voted yet... ;->
  17. Simparri Active Member


    I avoid PvP servers as they have the spotted purple plague. When I first got into online gaming it was on a PvP game server. After at least 2 weeks of trying to make it to level 10 but getting killed by some a$$hole just sitting outside of the safe start zones just waiting to kill noobs every time I tried turned me off from ANY MMORPG for 3 years. It took a good local friend paying for my first 90 day run to get me into EQ2. It took me almost 6 months to start trusting other players & even now over 4 years later I Still play mostly solo.
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  18. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    My suggestion? Don't ever play World of Warcraft. Even on a non-PvP server, the emphasis is still pervasive throughout, and they FINALLY got around to beefing up their lowbee zone NPC guards up to Level Cap ^^^ to try to curtail that nonsense (and the deliberate slaughter of NPC quest-givers/-receivers, that could take up to a half-hour to re-pop; usually anyone who was enough of a dooshbag to do so in the first place was also enough of a doosh to stand there and wait for the re-pop)...even on non-PVP servers. But that was about the time they killed the game for me completely by doing the Cataclysm storyline; I think if they'd done something like EQ did, with EQ1 and EQ2, I might still be playing WoW1 in addition to EQ2. Oh well. :-/

    who had a good friend there, playing to humor her friend (since her friend humored her by getting into EQ2 after the disaster [imho] that was trying EQ1), who had an issue with the NPC quest-killers...asked for help from a GM, and in this game, or probably even EQ1, the GM would immediately put the kibosh on said doosh. In WoW, the GM said, "You're playing solo? Get some high-level friends." My friend quit the game that day, and told them precisely why, verse and chapter, with the GM's name being used in reference, as in this was why you lost a customer, Blizzard...
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  19. Alenna Well-Known Member

    Stormhold it is. not a bad name I have very good memories grouping with my friends and brother during my early days. looking forward to beta testing the server.
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  20. Moonpanther Well-Known Member

    I voted deathtoll for pvp as I thought it would be fitting and most pvp'rs would love such a name. I voted Isle of Refuge for pve because I figured if we couldn't have the original starting area we could at least have the name. :D
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