Your Loyalty Means the World to Us!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Luperza, May 1, 2014.

  1. Loch Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure double xp has always included crafting.
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  2. Avahlynn Well-Known Member

    It is nice. And it's happening right now! Go forth young grasshopper and craft!
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  3. Ucala Well-Known Member

    I think they meant double xp for the TS writs, since the writs are where you gain most of your xp from in TS
  4. Anghammarad Well-Known Member

    any double exp like on the US servers would be nice...
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  5. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Ow, and here I was just going to ask what was up with Europe... :-/

    Seriously, o Powers, if you're going to let us grandfather and still stay with YOU guys (THANK YOU!!), please remember us? :-/

  6. Almee Well-Known Member

    I don't mind the downtime as much as not knowing how long it will REALLY last. It drives me nuts to sit around trying to log in, for hours at a time, because of a "short" update. At least let us know on Facebook or Twitter that an update is going to take longer than expected so we can go do other things.

    Most of us have families and have to limit our playtime so that we don't ignore our families. I hate taking time away from them just to sit and wait to log on plus it takes away from the time I could really play if the servers were up.

    I adore EQ II (much to the annoyance of some of my family) and I don't want my playing to ever become a real issue. Now if they will just let me play a little longer, than scheduled, so I can dip into all that extra xp :)
  7. Noguchi Member

    Thanks Soe
    At this point man looks back service where your bags, for Us server you have the double xp activated, but the Eu server will be ignored.
    The question is why all these players are getting punished by you, there are also lots of people on Eu servers have the Us accounts and play the game 10years.

    gz devs customer thanks for SuG ....
  8. Oparis Member

    There are a lot of German Players who are playing with Station Accounts, thank God. During the all access membership updates we had the same issues like the US players. So why you don't grant us the double xp weekend too?

    It is also difficult to explain this on our German EverQuest 2 Website:
  9. Elgonas New Member

    I did'nt realize that i am a second class player now, having a german station account. I got this P7 stuff that they only do the distribution things for EU.

    I pay my bucks directly to SOE, so i can expect the same service like US SOE customers.

    This is the first time i am VERY angry with SOE.
  10. suicirbaf New Member

    "Your loyalty means the worlds to us" -> I am shure there are a lot of loyal veterans on EU servers, me included.
    So turn in that xp-boost please. You should not privilege the US players.
  11. Hadrian New Member

    Hello everybody,

    I'm sorry to report that there is still no bonus XP for German players. As far as I can tell, the problem has been resolved for European players on Splitpaw. I haven't checked Storms as I don't have any toons on Storms

    On Saturday afternoon (European time), the situation seems to be like this:

    Bonux XP works all right on Splitpaw, but there is no bonus XP on Valor.
  12. Oparis Member

    They fixed it. Double XP on Valor started at 9:00 pm (CEST). Thanx to the SOE Team. Hope we will get one additional day due to the 24 hour delay.
  13. Baphmistra Active Member

    May 3 is here, and I'm still getting the following on both EQ1 & EQ2:

    Is it still because of the new all access plan? Or should I try reinstalling the launchpads? I could not get into the tech support page I normally use, so I posted here. I hope this is fixed soon.
  14. Merriel Well-Known Member

    Awww, wish you guys would have announced this sooner. As it is, I've already missed two days of double xp and well, I'll be missing it today again as well...visiting with the grandkids takes precedence. Had I known about this sooner, I'd definitely have put a lot of other stuff on the back burner, though I don't know if double xp converts to AA since I'm actually currently working on my 280AA on my brigand so she can continue leveling up. That and tradeskilling xp is all I'd really be interested in double xp for anyways.

    I actually prefer my adventuring xp to stay normal, as it helps coordinate my toons better towards the 280AA they will need when they hit level 90. Ideally, they will hit the 280AA just about the time they hit 90, so that I don't have to spend a lot of time getting there, like I am with my brigand. I've actually moved their AA sliders to 90% rather than the 50% I originally had them set at. Will take longer to get to 90, but I'd really prefer they have their AA's done first, and there are plenty of quests to keep them busy. My brigand has yet to even really scratch the surface with all the quests that are available to her still. :D
  15. Gherick New Member

    I rarely write, but always read the forums. I started playing EQ in 1999, and I started EQ2 at the beginning as well, where the whole group used to get experience debt if only one member died, and no, that wasn't a bug.

    Today, I have a better outlook on Sony and the EQ based games. I haven't played the entire 9 years I've known about EQ2, but there is something I am compelled to share. After this post, I probably won't post again for another decade, so please take note:

    In recalling the first time I was ever angered enough to stop playing, was during the December launch of Scars of Velious, where EQ updated their models from the old world to a newer set. Well, new back then. The flood of bugs and code issues were so thick, most people couldn't log in for a solid two weeks, others for three weeks. I was one of the three week victims back then. I didn't change a thing on my computer. The system I owned back then was state of the art electronics, all updated drivers, as I worked in IT for Dell Computers Inc. They fixed their code, and even though I was able to play again, the response from SOE to the community's call for extra game time, or some type of in-game compensation was... "What? You're crazy. Either play or don't play, we don't owe anything to players. Have a nice day."

    After that, I didn't play again for more than two years.

    Why am I sharing this?

    Because things are different now. I'm back in game because there is some sympathy towards their customers when things go wrong. This wasn't always the case. Now that the experience is actually geared for players and what they pay for and enjoy, I'm back, having fun once again, and the best advice I can give everyone who works for SOE... don't go back to the old ways. Please stay as nice, and as observant of your community as you are right now.

    Sony, you've earned my loyalty back. Not because of what you did for me, but because of what you've done for your entire player base. "Your Loyalty Means The World To Us!" Well done! It's actually nice to not only see that statement, but to see SOE back it up.

    Coming from me, that says more than most here will ever realize.

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  16. Raff Well-Known Member


    My wife and I would like to re-sub before the 11th to take advantage of the $99.00 special. But we are leery due to all the issues of late.

    Any chance of extending that special deadline while you work the kinks out of the system?
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  17. Veteran New Member

    How come Dragon's Prophet goes until Monday while the other games such as the one I play EQ2 only go til Sunday, I think this is unfair and a gross oversight. If fan loyalty was a factor, all fans of all games should have the same treatment, you have all access now, and all the games should of had the double xp til 5/5 Monday not just Dragon's Prophet
  18. Avirodar Well-Known Member

    The following is mostly an opinion piece...

    Scars of Velious was released in December 2000 (as per my info). Keep in mind, things like World of Warcraft, Facebook and Twitter did not launch until several years later.

    When Scars of Velious was released, if MMO's were a topic of dicussion, there was only a short list of titles to speak of, and EQ was the major talking point (in game magazines, gaming award shows etc etc). In that era, I am of the belief that SOE did not feel a compelling reason to placate customers, because they felt they had a sure thing. There was also no major public outlet for disgruntled customers to voice their concerns (like facebook and twitter).

    Turn the clock forward from 2000, to 2014, and the landscape has changed. There is not just a small handful of MMOs competing for subscribers. The market is saturated with assorted MMO titles, FTP, and RMT gimmicks. In this era, I am of the belief that SOE feels a compelling need to attempt placating customers, not so much because they "want" to, but because they have to. They do not have a sure thing, and they know it. There are also major public outlets for disgruntled customers to voice their concerns.

    The "loyalty" I expect from SOE, is same loyalty I expect from any company. And that is based on the premise of each of us having what the other wants. When it comes to SOE, I am seeking to pay to be entertained. SOE is seeking seeking to make profit from providing entertainment. But SOE is no longer the equivalent of a video rental shop in the 80's.

    So to conclude... I can only suggest that people play a video game for what the game actually is, and to play if they enjoy it (which is the point, after all). If someone bases their choice of MMO on a perception of a company "caring about them", that is a decision they are entitled to make. It simply means we come here for different reasons.
  19. ljbnomad New Member

    I'm pretty PISSED. I was on EQ2 on Friday, 5/2, after noon, and I saw NOTHING to tell us that here was Double XP. As a result, I worked only a little when I would have spent most of the weekend crafting and such, since I have been waiting forever for a double XP Weekend. Is there something wrong with the EQ2 Welcome screen's ability to TELL us? This really sucks, especially since I am one of the all access folks you were supposedly trying to mollify/reward. You should have given at least a whole week's notice of the Double XP AND also noted it in advance and during ON THE GAME WELCOME SCREEN!

    PS: The message entitled "Your Loyalty Means the World to Us" on the Welcome screen sounded like one of your normal marketing or weekly "new thing" message titles. Folks get really tired of being marketed to. It was what you call "Burying the Lead" - or hiding the reward. I mean that you should have ALSO had in big letters "DOUBLE XP WEEKEND"! PLUS, in the game itself, the new All Access Welcome Screen doesn't seem to show announcements.

    A BIG part of rewarding loyalty is knowing your customers, knowing that many don't read the forums religiously before starting gameplay, that they need some advance notice, and that you need to communicate very, vert clearly and obviously about things like this - especially since there has not been a Double XP weekend for many months.
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  20. Zylara Well-Known Member

    They weren't able to give us a weeks notice on the double XP as it was given to us for the simple fact that there were still some bugs happening with the updates..... be thankful you got a little bit of time in as there are people that probably got no time at all due to work etc.

    Instead of being happy, its amazing how UNGRATEFUL people can be.... this is why things keep getting nerfed etc

    SUCK IT UP PRINCESS and just play the game!!
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