Your favorite sound in Eq2 ?

Discussion in 'Look and Feel' started by ARCHIVED-Skazi, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Skazi Guest

    Lately it has been the combat noises of the female rotanga...

    reeew ruhhh reeeww!
  2. ARCHIVED-Signal9 Guest

    /playsound ding

    Hands down.
  3. ARCHIVED-Transen Guest

    The sound of any weapon hitting a skeleton.
    ...I like the crunchy sound
  4. ARCHIVED-Cadori Seraphim Guest

    Other then the /ding sound (which is #1 for me lol) I like the sound of my gnome getting hit when she is fighting. "Tsuuuuaaaaah!"

    I think the crunchy sound is cool too lol

    Oh oh! The sound of my boyfriends gnome when he gets hit is hilarious too! lol
  5. ARCHIVED-Glumisto Guest

    My male Sarnak Dirge sounds like he's swearing during melee combat...

    gotta love that...
  6. ARCHIVED-Vendolyn Guest

    I think Iksars, well female anyway, have the cutest combat sounds.
  7. ARCHIVED-interstellarmatter Guest

    Does music count as sound? The music in the Starcrest section of Qeynos. When I first started playing, that was the section of city for my character (I'm all Freeport now). At the end of the night, I'd teleport back mail....just very nostalgic for me.
    I keep a Warden over there just to hear the music every once in a while.
  8. ARCHIVED-Cadori Seraphim Guest

    interstellarmatter wrote:
    I turned my music off about a week into the game.. I find it more annoying then not and prefer to just hear the other sounds in the game.
  9. ARCHIVED-callahan44 Guest

    chest drop sound... but ratonga fighting is close 2nd.
  10. ARCHIVED-Chaly Guest

    The whoosh sound of the Guild levelling up.
  11. ARCHIVED-Shrell Guest

    The sound of my entire group "dying" when i force them to feign death out of the blue :D
  12. ARCHIVED-Rahatmattata Guest

    In order from favorite to less favorite:

    AA ding
    Coin being transacted/looted
    Opening/Closing bags; Looting corpses
    Goblin Lotto Winnings
    Chest Drop
    Warlock puke-and-die line of spells (also neat when fighting a giant and he pukes all over the group)
  13. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    I love the sound of the quest ding, especially after seeing my most hated words several times "no quest items found".

    For vocalisations, I think my arasai coercer's afk vocalisation is just perfect for her: "Prepare to be ignored."

    I also really like the chest drop sound.. except if I'm fighting in water.. without any water breathing spells.
  14. ARCHIVED-Cadori Seraphim Guest

    Rahatmattata wrote:
    I think I know this sound!

    I think its the same sound that is used for the Defiler encounter AE poison as well as the Fury Hybernate. I love this sound!
  15. ARCHIVED-joeygopher Guest

    rare harvest sound ftw!
  16. ARCHIVED-Thantoes Guest

    Chest drop sound-(is there a setting for this? I stopped hearing it a LONG while back) I used to listen for that and if I didn't hear it just keep going. Now I have to stop -- look around to make sure the chest did't drop under my feet or some other place before I head toward the next mob.
    Next would be the Crazy Gnome??(Can't think of voice setting) -- TIME OUT --/crazy laugh-- my kids get a kick out the emotes for that one.. Like -- The Voices tell me to HURT you--
  17. ARCHIVED-Hanoverian Guest

    I love the rare harvest sound..and I love the heartbeat going into the basement of Nek castle.
    I absolutely hate the laughing skeleton sound, especially after it has crumbled dead and keeps going.
    I think the most unsettling sound is the sound of the houseplant crunching on the bones after you feed it.
  18. ARCHIVED-Jeger_Wulf Guest

    I love the music in Fallen Dynasty. It's an under-utilized zone IMO.
  19. ARCHIVED-Skazi Guest

    some really good ones, I agree with most of the sounds of level ups , be it guild or AA
    Zone music , Greater Faydark and Runnyeye
    and always the sound of loot and chests is good :)
    laughing skeleton.. yes it is annoying, but when you are a necro and can do it... it can be fun :)
  20. ARCHIVED-Foolsfolly Guest

    That's easy! My favorite is the EQ1 Rivervale music which can be heard in one corner of Teren's Grasp. I love hanging out there and remembering old times!

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