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Discussion in ' Website Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Deathmage, Nov 1, 2012.

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    the looting system in everquest2 is broke, time for a fix !! I've done all content and got tired of raiding 3 nights a week for same drops ,so i decided to just chill an not raid anymore just hang with friends an enjoy game, well there is so much more to this game to enjoy than just the "new" zone where all the upgrades will drop ,i find myself wondering why ? when there are hundreds of areas an instances to enjoy and i'm just stuck either doing Sleepers tomb or Underdepths? oh because those are the only places i may get upgrade for an alt , I did like how you can turn in dozekar heads an a chance to even get mythical or nice fabled loot ,but why limit it to just 1 zone ,I started playing diablo 3 and was just enjoying the looting system, how even the same item that can drop will have different stats ,most the time they suck but you never get bored cause you never know what your gonna get, but doing the same 4 acts over an over gets old fast. So why can't eq2 with the mass size adapt a new looting where we can re-try old zone an have even a small hope that we might get a god-like item ,could rate zones easier the zone less chance for a nice drop ,cause i wouldn't mind doing older zones if there was a slight chance to get something
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    What would be cool if they made all the dungon type zone in came Scale to the lvl of the players and Groups that go in to them
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    In the wrong forum. Check.
    Terrible spelling. Check.
    Big chunk of text, with punctuation mistakes throughout. Check.
    Thread title features annoying indication of poster's intelligence. Check.
    Gist of post is whiny. Check.
    And, finally, OP makes the point that all that matters to him is the loot. He won't be bothered checking out old content for FUN, because he still needs the reward of loot. Loot is not the be-all-and-end-all of game playing. Fun is its own reward.
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    brokenshieldd wrote:
    At level 80, entire raid guilds were lucky to do 80,000 DPS.
    At level 92, individual players routinely do 450,000 DPS.
    How do you balance a power increase of 100 fold in 12 levels?

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