Your current armor and what stat do you get, when you upgrade your gears.

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  1. ARCHIVED-johnathanbtn Guest

    Simple question. Everyone have a different reason of why they are using some of gears(armors) they have on right now. And when you get a armor improvement, what other stat do you look for , other than INT?
    I am curious because when i upgrade my gears, i don't usually go for the high int gear, i usually go with a combination of of STA/INT/WIS. The reason that i pick these 3 stat is because i am raising my total health, power, and resist at the same time. Please put your idea of how you are raising your stat when you upgrade your gear.
  2. ARCHIVED-evhallion Guest

    I would think that this would mainly depend on your type of gameplay. Myself, I'm in group or raid 90% of the time so I go for INT to increase my spell damage. I don't need a lot of health due to I don't get hit much other than by AOE in raid and I do have resist gear (jewelry mainly) I equip for that. My role in groups/raid is DPS pure and simple and I'm geared towards that end. At lvl 70 I have 520 INT self buffed. It might also be of note to know I took health regen for my traits and use that along with food to offset the effects of Lich. For other types of play this might not be the way to go.
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  3. ARCHIVED-Havlen Guest

    I play on venekor so after INT I primarily look at resists. I'd take lower int for better resists if it was a decent upgrade. I go for cold, heat and magic resists the most.
  4. ARCHIVED-Thakar Guest

    I tend to go for more stamina than int, probably because I spent too much time as an EQ1 Necromancer where we didn't have food to counteract Lich when not fighting. That and I like making fun of scouts by comparing my HP to theirs.
  5. ARCHIVED-Koehianna Guest

    Int, Sta, then Wis basically.
  6. ARCHIVED-quamdar Guest

    i go for INT then raw HP and STA and resists so i don't die to AEs. WIS is nice but since you only get about 2.85 to resists per point of WIS it is better imo to just go for the resists that you are low in.
  7. ARCHIVED-Cerba Guest

    Same. Tho I look for any HP regen items I can find, currently I have 2 rings, and a robe that give me RGN VIII, and +10 from the racial traits.
  8. ARCHIVED-KBern Guest

    Once I maxed int I now go for in this order
  9. ARCHIVED-Jalek Guest

    I have 2 sets of armour my main set for grouping/soloing is more for looks with black/red robe and matching gloves/boots for the outfit which has high int and a mixture of other stats but not great resists. My second set is my raiding gear which is int/resist based so in raids i end up with close to 80% resists with the groups buffs for those nasty AE's.

    Style > all else primarily as i dont want to look like a clown when im riding around Norrath but on raids practicality becomes important.
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  10. ARCHIVED-KBern Guest

    I got a nice new robe from Lyceum last week...Fearling Skin Robe.
    Very **** looking with awesome stats so I can now play with my gear underneath with no fear of looking like the Necro Lizard Clown King.
  11. ARCHIVED-Jalek Guest

    Got a pic at all of eqipped and stats? And which mob dropped it?

    I went into lyceum with my raid alliance last friday for the first time and it was fun but more a scouting run.
  12. ARCHIVED-KBern Guest


    This was from the named Eyeball.

    Looks like Zhaviz (spelling?) Gown of Glory with the pattern but is a green base with purple pink sounds ugly but it is very nice looking.
  13. ARCHIVED-Jalek Guest

    Very nice stats, ill keep an eye out.
  14. ARCHIVED-Allowen Guest

    What I care less is power size/ power regen(archlich master 1 is enough but I can alwyas put back prismatic 2 for extra help) and what I love is to allways have avoidance at 39pct + ,hp size as high as possible and resists all above 3k or 4k when xping and grouping(raids I raise resists according the encounter) and mitigation is always to have it boosted up because expecialy for raids when mobs does a lot aoe melee and not always that we can stay oorange to evade getting hit.

    If you are a soloing necro I recommend to you to try to boost avoidance(get +defense items liek vodoodoll,they raise a lot avoidance) and go solo stuff with scout or mage pets.

    We necros can lifetab(get +str aa line for critical hits+HEALS+parry aa) and with avoidance+mitigation you can just tank mobs your self,even some ^^^ and use a dps pet.The poor conjurors that are fragile and cant keep gettint hit or they end dieign or just not efficient way to solo if you want to kill stuff fast, so they use fighter pet a lot more then us necros.
    Just remember, HP size is cool for any situation, expecialy on raids but extra 100 200 hp might not do as much difference when soloing or xp group as avoidance can do !

    Also try to raise your dps as much as possible,dont be to dependent on pet s dps, and go get procing armor and weapons such grizz staff(the one that quest starts in bonemire and ends in DD zone) ,the mystical orb collection quest(easy quest and worth to use it over hp/int earings) and also try to get the belt heritage quest done for the 700 dd procs(can do easily above +1k procs on raids )

    necromancer of MM server
    Lords of the triple moons
  15. ARCHIVED-KBern Guest

    That is a plus about necros, we can pass a lot of the FT items that other mage classes drool over and lets us be a bit more selective based on stats.
    I work on the power pool total since that increases our FT as it goes up....but don't really worry about FT items per say.
  16. ARCHIVED-Koehianna Guest


    I didn't know that. Cool. :)

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