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    Let me say Ryza...This was a very dumb idea. You can solo yellow con named^^^? WELL GOOD FOR YOU!! i on the other hand am lucky to solo where i am able to, no, not yellow ^^^ named heroics. And in your infinant wisdom, post this. :smileymad: well i should have known someone would have to brag a bit too loudly. It seems very soon i will have to feel lucky soloing a white con solo mob. TY!!! so much for posting this.
  2. ARCHIVED-NerissaRavenHeart Guest

    Hey ZABORON-RYZA[IMG] which UI are you using? I really like your exp/achievement/tradeskill/guild exp bars. And the compass. Was is a complete UI set or just individual pieces?

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  3. ARCHIVED-zaboron Guest

    Its ThorUI, a complete UI set.
    get it here:
  4. ARCHIVED-Ssinista Guest

    I don't see what was wrong with them trying to show an achievement? I mean if I could solo something that was worth being proud about I would post it but that's just me.
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  6. ARCHIVED-NerissaRavenHeart Guest

    Zaboron / Ryza are these Exp bars in that ThorUI Complete SeT?


    Nerissa / Masuimi
  7. ARCHIVED-Parasiteke Guest

    As a comment to this i saw an illusionist completely own a lvl 70 named heroic
    Pet classes are / were also capable of pulling of these stunts, Ranjas still can do it i think.

  8. ARCHIVED-Ssinista Guest

    I will answer that. Yes they are. I just changed from Thor UI so I can tell you those are the right xp bars :)
  9. ARCHIVED-NerissaRavenHeart Guest

    Well I greatly appreciate all the hard work and effort that you put into the process of finding out for me. I'm very grateful. Thank you so much.

    Masuimi / Nerissa
  10. ARCHIVED-zaboron Guest

    Was quite easy, just have to max your divine resist (at least 5k), and fight against the 5k heal and 1k ward he is casting every 30s.
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    mah those guys are pony !
  12. ARCHIVED-NerissaRavenHeart Guest

    Nice work. I know they eat me up when I try them for fun lol.

  13. ARCHIVED-coltlane Guest

    Heh, you'll be eating at the ranger table soon.

    /g INC Nerf!
  14. ARCHIVED-selch Guest

    should nerf soga models, they stink with this post :D
  15. ARCHIVED-tensai Guest

    oh lawd is that sum nurfs
  16. ARCHIVED-NerissaRavenHeart Guest

    Well I just installed that UI and I dont have those EXP Bars what so ever. I have some tiny ones
    and the only place I see those bars are in the Persona window. The ones on my main window
    area are very/extremely small and compacted. Any ideas? I really dislike these small ones like
    this. I might need to get someone's (eq2ui_mainhud_experience.xml) file that still has the larger
    experience bars.


    Masuimi - Nerissa
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  17. ARCHIVED-Ssinista Guest

    Hmm if it's the thor ui, it comes with that auto updater. Mine usually were in the bottom right hand corner and only showed one bar. I had to drag it to resize it bigger and longer to show the rest of the xp (AA, Guild, Tradeskill). Try running the auto updater again, and if it doesn't correct it, try the eq2interface forums on thor ui :)
  18. ARCHIVED-Darton Guest

    Hate to burst your bubble, but...just about any Int caster can solo even or even a level higher ^^^ heroics. So I guess we should be calling for more nerfs, besides Monks.
  19. ARCHIVED-selch Guest

    Can you just please post eq2ui_mainhud_experience.xml somewhere in UI folder? I don't think you need whole Thor UI and it is memory hogging interface.
  20. ARCHIVED-Jikko Guest

    What were you saying about plate tanks and balance?
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