Your biggest soloing efforts

Discussion in 'Monk' started by ARCHIVED-zaboron, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-Ladicav Guest

    I don't play anymore and I feel much better for it. Don't have to deal with any of this crap anymore.
    But even I have to admit, this is pretty [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn]ed up.
    To the O/P, I think you have managed to paint a big red target that is going to attract a lot of attention from even as far as interstellar space.
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  2. ARCHIVED-Gorag1 Guest

    No melee class is soloing this mob again anytime soon.
    Autoattacks for 2-3K, has a mana drain attack.
    Was too easy before, by miles.
  3. ARCHIVED-ZoriouzBlaze Guest

    Aweee, no monk nerfbat? booooo
  4. ARCHIVED-Ssinista Guest

    I agree here. I don't think we really got nerfed today. Some of our equipment may have but that's about it
  5. ARCHIVED-Espyderman Guest

    Wow the lack of balance is questionable.
    About the original post, i want to see that fight parsed from log please. Then ill beleive you. otherwise, when you decide to post an image stating you beat something best provide the parse with it to prove it. This image only proves one thing: nothing. You even purposely hid some windows to avoid showing parsed hits from you yet you show stuff from other fights.
    The image proves your hiding something. However since you think your class is overpowered i agree you should be nerfed and will post until you do :p
    thanks for the heads up boyo
  6. ARCHIVED-zaboron Guest

    not hiding anything.
  7. ARCHIVED-selch Guest

    For only 45K HP mob I don't know what's the fuss.
    Not extroordinary DPS for L70, nicely very timed used tactics. Mob seems quite like a sheep there :)

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  8. ARCHIVED-DarkMirrax Guest

    Well i did say a few pages back ;/
  9. ARCHIVED-JudyJudy Guest

    Hey there Mr. Cool. I've stated this elsewhere and retract that this was a nerf - when in fact it was a fix. Perhaps I should've been a bit more clear, or spoken a bit slower for you to understand.
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  11. ARCHIVED-selch Guest

    If you inspect log a bit, any other heroics are god-like compared to that guy. Most cases I end up living not more than 15 seconds.

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  12. ARCHIVED-KnowHao Guest

    This fight has nothing to do with Monks being over-powered, but rather, all to do with an over-powered item, Manacles of Dark Sky. As you know, that item proc's a 10s stifle 10% of the time (at the time of the fight), called Doom Squall, and has since been nerfed. Let's look at a few specifics from the parse...

    Fight Begins 11:36:27
    Mob approach - 11:36:27 to 11:36:37
    Arctic Talon (stunned) - 11:36:37 to 11:36:39
    Unaffected (1s) - 11:36:39 to 11:36:40
    Doom Squall (stifled) - 11:36:40 to 11:36:48 (over-written by new proc)
    Doom Squall (stifled) - 11:36:48 to 11:36:58
    Unaffected (8s) - 11:36:58 to 11:37:06
    Artic Talon (stunned) - 11:37:06 to 11:37:08
    Unaffected (4s) - 11:37:08 to 11:37:12
    Soaring Eagle (stunned)- 11:37:12 to 11:37:14
    Unaffected (3s) - 11:37:14 to 11:37:17
    Assailing Jaguar (stun)- 11:37:17 to 11:37:19
    Unaffected (2s) - 11:37:19 to 11:37:21
    Doom Squall (stifled) - 11:37:21 to 11:37:31
    Unaffected (7s) - 11:37:31 to 11:37:38
    Arctic Talon (stunned) - 11:37:38 to 11:37:40
    Unaffected (2s) - 11:37:40 to 11:37:42
    Soaring Eagle (stunned)- 11:37:42 to 11:37:44
    Unaffected (3s) - 11:37:44 to 11:37:47
    Doom Squall (stifled) - 11:37:47 to 11:37:55 (over-written by new proc)
    Doom Squall (stifled) - 11:37:55 to 11:37:59 (over-written by new proc)
    Doom Squall (stifled) - 11:37:59 to 11:38:09
    Mob dead - 11:38:09

    Mob approach - 10s
    Unaffected - 30s
    Arctic Talon - 6s
    Soaring Eagle - 4s
    Assailing Jag - 2s
    Doom Squall - 50s

    As you can see, this mob had about 30s to actually attack full-bore, with a maximum of 8s in any unaffected session, versus 50s of being stifled thanks to the shoulders. The issue here is that the shoulders were over-powered. But guess what? All fighters, scouts and healers can wear them too. The devs have since realized this and made changes. You better believe this feat won't be as doable with the new proc rate and duration. But at the same time, [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn], that was a sexy parse :) Only thing I would've done differently was open with Silencing Palm to allow for the proc to hit (well, that and proabably die, since I don't run around with potions). All I see here is someone that knows their class, knows their items and doesn't just spam combat arts.
  13. ARCHIVED-Idoru Guest

    I have like 8 master abilities myself, probably what I'd call average gear, and I have no chance at taking on a heroic ^^^ that's 7 levels below myself.
  14. ARCHIVED-EasternKing Guest

    thats the whole point yes the items enabled this feat but even WITH them a plate tank could not have done this
    yes the item helped but a plate wearer wouldnt have been able to pull it off with the item thats where the imbalance comes from
    and thats why myself and lot of other plate wearers are unhappy with it.
  15. ARCHIVED-diamondmage Guest

    only because u wouldnt wear the u actually know a single plate that put on LA Manacles and tried to solo that guy? i highly doubt u do.
  16. ARCHIVED-KabsReds Guest

    gotta love it when the plate wearers are unhappy :)

    Have a rabid carp with a lazer on it's head as a pet, and make it immune to AE, and elemental damage, and melee. then give it some manacles...

    then would you have more fun?

    Monks are s'posed to be a solo class bud, plate just have to be able to get their chubby behinds in front of the mages to stop them dying, they're not really there for anything else.

    You can't have plate armor and be as sexy as us monks, just wouldn't be proper, now i'm having an exceptionally bad day so i will go and sit in a corner and rant to myself :)

  17. ARCHIVED-Ssinista Guest

    Guardians however can not put out as much dmg it seems than we can. Also the person who created this thread, they said they had to use all their skills and all the potions they had to pull it off, meaning without the potions they probably would not be able to do it. Don't see what the big deal about this is, just someone who had timing right and used items in the right order :)
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    i wish we could ban this idiot from our boards. Between this thread and his one he started he just loves to whin. learn to play a guardian bro and leave us brawlers alone.
  19. ARCHIVED-EasternKing Guest

    i wish we could ban this idiot from our boards. Between this thread and his one he started he just loves to whin. learn to play a guardian bro and leave us brawlers alone.
    if im whining because i feel there is an imbalance between plate and light armour then i guess every time i see a post saying guards are better tanks then your all whiners who post them ? in that case ill leav the post alone and everytime i see a monk / bruiser in the guard boards ill tell him to take his views and concerns out becuase you brawlers dont have any tolerance for people saying your imbalanced.
    And zara ok ill accept that monks are supposed to be uber dps and good at solo'ing heroic content ...will all you brawlers accept that guards suck at solo / group and are best for raiding ?
    you answer me that truthfully cos thats the crux of the matter YOU all want balancing against us but your telling us we cannot be balanced against you ...utter BS.
  20. ARCHIVED-eyes007 Guest

    Look mate, I can understand your grief but if you put words in my mouth again I'm gonna put my foot down yours...figuratively Sony :) No one speaks for me, no one, especially when it's utter crap.
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