Your biggest soloing efforts

Discussion in 'Monk' started by ARCHIVED-zaboron, Mar 20, 2006.

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    Ha ha.
    Well its always nice to want to be something I suppose.
    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
    I'll send you a pm autograph.
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    Yeah boo hoo for you. It's a group buff that was only meant to be cast on another member of your group. No one gives a rats [beep] about your huge solo nerf as you call it.
  3. ARCHIVED-shaolen Guest

    For all of you wishing we get nerfed, your wish has been granted the "nerfing" has begun. But I must say that its rather petty of you to hope for something like that. It really speaks volumes as to what type of person you are.
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    Someone is already calling for a Nerf because of that picture in the Testing room :smileytongue: You might want to list all the equipment you had that allowed you do do such a feat in the testing Forum. before we get nerfed even worse.
  6. ARCHIVED-lillin Guest

    i'de just kill the link to the pic. But please dont, i truley want to see how fast this spreads over the forums lol. Heck nerf might even be named after this player.
    I dont think monks will get nerfed though, not soon anyways. THis is just typical bs, the uber had good gear, probally all master CA's and potions out the wazoo....... I dont think theyll the devs will go anywhere with this, throw most monks at a ^^^ yellow mob and watch em hope fd works.
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    All fighters had their level 60 (and previous CA's in the same line at earlier levels) fixed--nerfed isn't the right word. It's not strictly a Monk thing. All do generally the same thing; give a group member an extra avoidance check while upping the caster's avoidance in some way via deflection, agility, parry, defense, etc. depending on the class.
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    Which can fail 5 times in a row with 96% chance :p

    Just happened :p

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    Why would that make any difference. Obviously having fabled equipment makes a huge difference for any class in situations like this. However, a plate fighter (that's supposed to tank equally) in full fabled would never be able to do this. I'd gladly eat a bucket of dirt if proven wrong. But I know that's not going to happen. The fabled equipment makes it possible for monks to do this, but the same cannot be said for plate tanks. They are going to fail every single time trying to achieve the same result. So the difference isn't in the fable equipment, but in the spells and abilities this monk has.
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    same can be said for raids and high lvl groups.
    How come guards tank raids better?
    How come gaurds are better tanks for HoF?
    How coems guards are the preferred high lvl group tank?
    You see yoru bigotry only shows one side of an obviously biased assumption.
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    Very nice excuse to call for a nerf, you never ever meet this mob or engaged it, and you are telling monks has. Mob easy, go and fight yourself and op seems very bragging about having screenshots with colorful yellow arrow up named telling "j00, I pwnz0r" which obviously soloing a fluff heroic that can't defend himself much but only HP-wise heroic.
    1. Since when equipment and items become "spells and abilities"? This item is today nerfed if you did not know. Proc chance to "Stiffle" target (incase you don't know Stiffle = no ca's or special abilities) has been greatly reduced.
    2. One of buff you are seeing giving +11 deflection which was "bug" to use it as solo and fixed with todays patch.

    So what is the problem and where is spells and abilities in this picture, because you think those items are abilities? I would suggest you know about the class you are firing at, and please go play a monk, then come and tap our backs to do it so far as your words "pjyama tanks"

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  12. ARCHIVED-Shankonia Guest

    I can't beleive what i'm reading here.

    Tsunami nerfed. Fine.

    Heal discontinued. Fine.

    Our single target tank buff that gives us about 10 deflection - nerfed. Screw that. I was out soloing today minus my 11 deflection and there was a noticeable difference. Sure we can out DPS a Guard, but I mean come on TheEasternKing, I got two or three hit today by some chump named in SoS today, FD'd and the DOT took me down. At least you in all your high mit plate would have had a chance to think and do something about it - NOT TO MENTION YOUR HIGH AVOIDANCE.

    Bottom line is we got NERFED today. We are not as formidable to tank as plates, we have two lousy buffs that benefit others while in group, and now we solo half as well. At least your brawny [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] can find a group. Go grab your buckler, your buddy buddy healers, T1 DPS and go tank HoF since you can and I can't. While you're doing that i'll go harvest while LFG....for days...and days...and days...and never get a single invite.

    For initiating this this thread Zaboron - SHAME ON YOU.

    SOE - You don't allow me to tank everything like guards and zerkers, cool with me. You don't allow me to put out T1 DPS, i'm cool with that too. You take away the only thing I have left, my ability to solo, NOW I'M ANGRY. If I wanted a PvP game I never would have left Lineage 2 to come here.
  13. ARCHIVED-Idoru Guest

    Before today's changes, I wasn't able to solo a blue heroic ^^^ let alone a named one. I haven't tried today, but now, as a monk, I'm nervous being my guild's primary tank... It could be worse, I could have the DPS of a Templar.
  14. ARCHIVED-Risker Guest

    What a complete moron posting something like this,... now all of the other monks and bruisers without uber fabled gear will be nerfed due to someone rubbing their ****** alittle too hard on the forums.
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    Exactly. Such a shame.. short term ego boost, long term nerf potential.
  16. ARCHIVED-Gaige Guest

    The devs are intelligent enough to not nerf a class over one uber fabled player posting that they solo'd a named.
    Tranquil Vision line - fixed.
    Tsunami - makes sense.
    We didn't get nerfed at all today as far as I can see.
  17. ARCHIVED-Kronadin Guest

    100% agree ... and now can we stop replying to this "most idiotic thread ever"?
  18. ARCHIVED-AbsentmindedMage Guest

    Yes, monks are suppose to be good/decent solo class. Though, I do not think soloing named 71 triple up heroics really define something as being a good solo class. Being able to do that comes into a completely different category. I do not want to use the words overpowered but something seems very odd if you are able to do this consistently.
  19. ARCHIVED-Magiocracy Guest

    Consistently is the key word here. As a non-monk it personally doesn't bother me a bit that a high-end fully fabled raiding monk can take on at least one equally conned heroic ^^^. So what ? Now if there was evidence that this could be done on a regular basis to a variety of different heroic ^^^s, then that would be different......
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    Well i have a level 47 monk in full tier5 legendary + tier5 legendary weps, I can only afford adept I's at best and i certainly can't solo a named +1 level triple up heroic...hell i have trouble with named triple up heroics several levels lower than me.
    Maybe i am doing something wrong or maybe i am just fairly balanced?
    But you all keep jumping on the bandwagon and get my Monk nerfed because one of them pulled an amazing feat out of his [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn]. Now if we were all doing it every single day fair enough but i can say with 100% certainty that 99.9% of us ain't.