Your all going to laugh but...

Discussion in 'Monk' started by ARCHIVED-Squigglle, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Squigglle Guest

    Dont brawlers bring back the Teri Kasi Memorys of SWG? I play my pvp now alot becuase of that, and well they are pretty good.
  2. ARCHIVED-Timaarit Guest

    Ahh, now I got it, it is the PvP balance that was originally claimed not to affect PvE balance that prevents any kind of improvements on brawlers. Sigh, I guess it is time to give up all hope on getting brawlers raid viable and move to play the next class.
  3. ARCHIVED-wesbarlow Guest

    If only the monk had the animations they did for TKM's from SWG we'd be set. I loved the line trails that followed the movement of your hands from the TKM and fencer classes in SWG. Vanguard has it but it kinda choppy at best. Despite whatever flames ensue from my comments i still think TKM and fencing animations from SWG are the best martial arts style animations i've seen in an MMO.
  4. ARCHIVED-Squigglle Guest

    yeah pre cu had the best overall combat system in anygame period. u wont fight me on that.