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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-anshar, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-anshar Guest

    Hello all. After a long absense from EQ2 (over a year) I have returned. I previously played a Warlock (both when they sucked and when they were uber) and stopped playing after DoF released. When I returned, I decided to play another class. I played brigand to 30 and enjoy the class, but it was not an exact fit. Then I started a Necro, and am enjoying myself immensely. Anyway, I reached 22, and soloing is just great. I can whip just about anything that is of a reasonable level and not ^^^ or worse. Grouping is where I am having a tough time.
    I use my warlock pet (adept 3) with the offensive stance (adept 1). I send him in almost immediately (unless it is a high con or named, for which I wait about 5 seconds.) Then my routine is about the same as for soloing: start HO, short dot, long dot, snare dot, complete HO with either stun or short dot again, start ho, short dot, lifetap, complete ho. Of course, situations vary, but this is the approximate order. One problem is this: almost never do I get more than 2 spells cast. The mobs die, and I have done almost nothing.
    Now, I love fast xp as much as the next guy, but I do not feel like I am distinguishing myself. This is probably just an issue with the game rather than anything else. I want to shine though. How do I set myself apart from another person in the group? I want to have people say: 'Hey, remember that necro we grouped with the other day? He's looking for a group again, lets grab him!' Let's face it. Its hard getting groups nowadays unless you have rl friends or a large guild.
    I have upgraded spells. My gear is decentish. I know how to usually keep my aggro down. I don't mind soloing, but it is not as fast as grouping, or as fun. Any advice would be great on this.
    I have been reading all of the necro posts, and there seems to be alot of good advice for higher levels, but little advice for us new necros. If anyone has any guides they could link, that would be great. Specific quests that are great for necros, areas for soloing through the levels, gear to hunt, etc. would all be helpful.

    Thanks in advance,
    Trevaine, 22 Necromancer of Lucan D'Lere
  2. ARCHIVED-KittenClaw22 Guest

    Grouping at low level really sucks. You don't have much utility yet, and you usually don't have optimal group make up, its hodge podge just trying to get enough people together to form a group.

    Let me tell you at higher level there will be groups you literally carry on your back. From throwing your heal on the tank, to having your pet tank because you cant find a player tank.

    Lower level creatures dont have many hit points, people are still learning their classes and ever class is **** at lower level.

    One thing I can suggest is asking your tank to pull yellow con monsters, and only heroics, which will have more hit points.

    I didn't group much at lower level because soloing/duoing heroics is MUCH better exp than grouping. I suggest finding someone to duo with, you make better money and there is a small group exp bonus which you can take advantage of.

    At 22 you should be able to duo all of Wailing Caves for some good loot/exp, and around 25 head to Fallen Gate, several necro masters have been known to drop off names in there including Warlock Pet, root and rat swarm pet, if I remember correctly.

    Some good heroics to solo at level 22 should be the level 15-17 orc elephant tamers, they are heroic, give decent exp, also try soloing around in Wailing Caves deeper in where the names are.
  3. ARCHIVED-KittenClaw22 Guest

    As for shining through, have you tried one liners? :smileyvery-happy:

    Other than making people enjoy your company, all I can say is wait, you develope much more utility around level 48, that is where FD can save a group with a res.

    At higher level if you are a good player who focuses instead of just sending your pet in I can't really see you having a hard time getting a group.
    Oh and I remained unguilded until 70, never had a hard time finding a group.

    Form your own groups, take on the role of leading it, know your dungeons, download eq2map if you dont have it already.

    My former main was a tank and I suppose I retained the tank mentality, but maybe a little aggression is necessary for going places. :smileytongue:
  4. ARCHIVED-Menthus Guest

    It's pretty tough as a necromancer early on, you don't get a lot of your good spells until tier 5, and you don't even have your scout pet for burst damage yet. Your damage in groups should get a bit better at level 32, after you get your scout pet, as it does quite a bit more burst damage than the mage pet. Fortunately, you're one of the better soloers in the game too, and you're excellent for duoing or small groups where mobs don't die as fast and you can show your DoTs off. Once you get to level 50 and have feign death, rez, and lich, groups will love your damage and ability to save the whole group with feign death+rez.
  5. ARCHIVED-stgninja Guest

    On short fights you should mix up your order to put out max dps, for example short dot, lifetap, aoe lifetap, then short dot again. Don't forget master strikes.

    Another thing is make sure the tank and healer have hearts, I have a marco with mine so other necros that may be in the group or raid don't waste power casting a heart on a player that already has one. Something like:

    /g Incoming (name of heart spell) to %T for groups

    /r Incoming (name of heart spell) to %T for raids

    /usea (heart spell name)

    Oh and 1 last thing, make sure to turn off pet protect me/self. If you don't do this it will attack things that its not supposed to and this will lead to bad times.
  6. ARCHIVED-Jasuo Guest

    Gear wise at that level I think the fog grinin stuff was decent.

    XP wise I usually duo'd with others in TS, the skeletons nearby the docks gave pretty good XP and didn't have a whole lot of HP. Or try your luck with the nonheroic giants, eventually people will see you taking things down on your own and ask if they can join you or groups watching you work will want you to join them. It may not feel like it, but those early levels will breeze right by you in no time, just try to have the most fun you can and not turn it into a grind race, so much ingame to see and do.
  7. ARCHIVED-anshar Guest

    Thanks for all of the help. I have reached level 26 and am plodding along. I am in no huge rush with this toon, but I like the occasional xp fest which is why I am asking for grouping advice. Any more suggestions? Will things change much in the 30s, or will I have the same basic experiences into 40s and beyond?
  8. ARCHIVED-Jai1 Guest

    I never do much in groups. I do the DD dot and LT with AE spells when appropriate. It's kinda dull to group as a necro. Long fights are where we shine so doing hard content like oranges lets us cast a little more. The lack of entertainment in groups is made up when you can hit 2k dps in raids at T7. That's fun for me a least and we get to cast a whole lot more.
  9. ARCHIVED-KittenClaw22 Guest

    I have a good time grouping and dont have much to complain about. I am almost always at or very near the top of the parse.

    I typically use Grim Heretic when grouping.
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  10. ARCHIVED-subaridu Guest

    Most important is, to adapt your playstyle to your actual group. You can provide much of asisstance with your three kinds of pets. You can be ot, dd or healer. OK necro is neither a 100% tank, nor healer, but mostly it helps to survive an encaunter or an add. So it will be your skill to complete a group, that is your best advantage as a necro. (imo)

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