Young Necro AA progression question

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Bithnar, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Bithnar Guest

    I just started a necro this week and I have a question about how to spend my AA's.
    I am thinking about this for a progression (I will probably mostly solo):

    1-5 in Tank pet ward on EoF tree
    6 Posses minion
    7-10 Stamina
    11 Shockwave (have aoe for grabbing aggro)
    Now at this point should I continue down the Stamina line till I get 4-4-8-8?
    Or should I head over to the EoF tree and get Tainted Heals?
    Or should I do something completely diffferent?
  2. ARCHIVED-Mewse Guest

    If you intend to solo most of the time then your strategy is a good one. Personally, I think you will get more bang for you buck on the tainted heals then from the STA line. Sure, the STA line is great for soloing but the Manipulations line should keep you out of trouble if you pet loses aggro. Just root and back yourself off from melee range. This allows your pet the chance to re-establish aggro. So, do the tainted heals AA's first then go back and do STA.
  3. ARCHIVED-netglen Guest

    I first went with the Tank Pet followed by going down the STA tree. Once I had enough AA, I then respeced out of STA and went for Tainted Heals + the Tank Pet buff. I then started working down the STA tree again. Tainted Heals really makes a huge difference while soloing.
  4. ARCHIVED-ArudB Guest

    Knowing what I know now...if I had to do it all over again I would get Tainted Heals first. Tainted Heals is the frikkin' bomb.

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