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    If you're wanting to play a REALLY have to want it! I recently got my Necro to 21..and from 1-20...I wasn't having any fun at all, but stuck it out because I've always wanted to try the Necro..things changed at 20..albeit not too much, but changed enough for me to enjoy playing.

    They really need to do something about 10-20 as a Summoner. IMO, it just wasn't fun. They did make a good transition, however.
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  2. ARCHIVED-schrammy Guest

    Hang in there.
    After lvl 30 it becomes even MORE fun ;-)
  3. ARCHIVED-Elikai Guest

    And after that... It gets EVEN BETTER!!
  4. ARCHIVED-schrammy Guest


    And it peaks at 54

    when ya have the Ad3 tank pet and MII dogs ;-)
    GOD i had missed those dogs

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