You haven't fixed the problem, you've only masked it.

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Midjet, Oct 6, 2011.

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    Dirge Myth was OP.. It needed a change, I got that cool.We still have the best melee-based Myth out there and I appreciate that but you're still not doing us a favor. Our DPS droped about 20-30% from what's being reported.
    You nerfed us because troubs weren't able to compete with us. This isn't the way to do things. You should fix other classes to put them in line, not nerf one to bring them down. You took what was fun about a dirge and threw it out the window. Now we're just buffing, rezzing machines. I know people are going to come here and say "That's what you should be".. Wrong. This game should be fun. I'm not going to have fun being a buff bot. I'm going to change classes or quit this game before that happens.
    You fixed Troubs and boosted a majority of their abilities. Now boost a majority of our abilities. Being able to cast Jcap every 15 seconds with a 33 second duration with NO immunity is ridiculous. I hope you realize you took EVERY single one of their abilities and made it so its max reuse. People will use the arguement that they shouldn't be JCaping themselves. Wrong, by Jcaping themselves, they are allowing themselves to Jcap others more while increase raid DPS for themselves. You'd be silly not to.
    You've taken the Dirges and swaped where they were in DPS with the troubs while not realizing that troubs boost DPS for their group far more than a dirge boost's his group. 10% CA boost for Scouts is way less than a 10% Boost for mages.PoTM does more DPS for mages than CoB does for Scouts.
    So you've taken the troub given them a DPS boost while still enabling them to boost their group. Then you've taken the Dirge who had good DPS but only boosted his group slightly and decreased their personal DPS.
    Again, I have no problem with the fixes. Troubs needed a boost. Dirge Myth was Overpowered. You just went around it the wrong way.
    You haven't fixed the problem, you've only masked it.
    Look at our Abilities and boost them like you boosted the troubs. I'd love to be at the same level as troubs. More competion which makes raiding fun. I hope you realize this needs to be done after this significant Nerf.
  2. ARCHIVED-Raahl Guest

    I also understand the need to change the Dirge Myth. But Sony, you need to make some serious changes to our CA abilities to repair the damage done to our DPS.
    BTW I don't expect to see anything from Sony on this matter for months if not years. Be prepared to be broken for a long time.
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    Here is a few dummy parses.. Combination of 6 Epic Raid Dummies. Self buffed.
    Here is a Parse with only Auto attack, chimes, debuffs to match the attack speed I had above.
    It's pretty stupid that I can do 75% of my DPS from just standing there.

    I'd imagine the differences in the two parses is I probably delayed some attacks above where as here I wasn't casting anything. Our CA's need a boost. 25% Potency isn't going to cut it.
  4. ARCHIVED-Raahl Guest

    Wow! Why even give us CA's if they are going to be so small a part of our DPS.
  5. ARCHIVED-uchulayi Guest

    Widjet@Butcherblock wrote:
    ^^^ QFE
    in all my parses i also seem to be doing 70%+ of my damage output with Auto Attack. it just seems completely weird to me - i don't know of any other class where you would purposely have their CAs do just a quarter of their damage. can the devs please test this and let us know if this is really working as they intended and if so, their reasons for 'fixing' the class this way?
    like the others in this thread, i did see the need for the myth buff to fall into line with others somewhat, but like this? it's baffling!
  6. ARCHIVED-Raahl Guest

    If Sony had thought this through and actually tested the results, they might have caught just how big of a screw up this is.
  7. ARCHIVED-Notes Guest

    Well I guess I must be one of the unluckiest people in EQ2, I spent the last 3 years as a troub, and finally after GU 60 and getting nothing I decided to betray to dirge, well it was fun for the last month or so until gu61.
    the dirge class has been balanced against autoattack being 60 - 75% of the dirge dps. The epic was aimed directly at that. I understand the issue with it and the change that was done for the future of the way dps is going ( even though it really just effected the top 3 percent of dirges world wide). But when you remove up to 25 percent of the class dps, something is wrong. Think if your a wizard/warlock doing over 300k dps one day and the next doing 225k. Think from the point of view of wiping 25 percent of dps from every class in the raid instantly. Would raids be able to complete some of the current content?
    Well I ask only one thing, bring up dirges CA to match the amount of dps that was removed from us in one move. Simple.
  8. ARCHIVED-Raahl Guest

    Notes wrote:
    Wow that is unlucky.
    I betrayed long before the Myth came out. Mainly cause it was a pain to solo the Troubador.
  9. ARCHIVED-afadsfewfawefa Guest

    It seriously stinks playing as a dirge now.