You Beta Believe these Rewards are Awesome!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Afista_DG, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. Johnnie New Member

    Its tradable , you can find some on broker.
  2. Survivor New Member

    Got the beta installed and copied my character over but every time I click play whole thing crashes out to desk top with ms error message. I really woould like that mount but not going to happen if I can't get into the beta.
  3. Afista_DG Well-Known Member

    Some other players are also reporting this same issue. Devs are currently working on a solution to prevent this from happening and there is a forum thread HERE containing a lot of the information. If you could please add your error message and your system specs to the thread, it could help us in in resolving the issue. We hope to have these issues resolved ASAP and get everyone into Beta soon!
  4. Abasinolanam Active Member

  5. stumphobbler New Member

    We would kill to have mounts with those abilities in EQ 1!

    I am just trying EQ2 for the fist time, but wow nice mounts. all we get is 250 hps mana and end and perhaps some ac ( not a lot)

    all of that is WAY better then what we get there!
  6. Grundge Active Member

    That hound looks nice...just wish they could actually fix the overland quests so that you can complete them to obtain that mount. :(
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  7. Idaho Iksar Active Member

    Heard that the NPC to start the quest chain for the Hellhound Mount has no feather, so where does one go to get started on this? Have done all the quests that did have feathers, and now stuck at Highpass Isle with the 4 dungeon NPCs. All other places I've been to have no more feathers, and have talked to a great many NPCs and nothing yet.

    Someone please toss an old lizard a bone here?!
  8. Idaho Iksar Active Member

    Am literally stuck on this solo signature quest for the ground mount. Edit: Found the missing piece, thanks to Kaunyin: Kithicor Docks, there's an NPC there that is hiding under an illusion. No feather either.
  9. Moonpanther Well-Known Member

    Absolutely love the trade skill mount!!! Was going to try to finish up the adventure line this evening, but can't get into beta because of a error and don't have the streaming option on my launch pad to get in that way. :( Question on the heroic mount, is this through the advance solo, group instances, or full on raid?
  10. Izanami New Member

    Do beta rewards end Nov 11 or Nov 25?

    Also, what quests do we have to do exactly? Anyone got a list?

    Returning player here, and I'm confused as to what's beta and what isn't. For example, I got a lot of mails, one was for some level 15ish TS stuff helping a rat, which I figured was old content, and another is 93, The Captain's Lament, talking about Ethernere but that was the last xpac wasn't it?

    REALLY wish this beta had a tracker for the mounts. :(
  11. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    Quick question: for ToV, beta titles transferred over to live; doesn't seem like that's happened for AoM [yet?]. Still to come, something that's going to happen when the expansion goes live, or not doing it this time?

    Not important, just curious... :^)

    There are about 73 quests to get the mount...finishing the Signature line will grant it [and a few other cool things that I *really* hope we get when we finish it on Live :^) ]. The tradeskill mail from Raffik is a new questline unrelated to the expac; it's there it help introduce new crafters to crafting and transmuting and adorning, and grows as they level [one new quest every 10 levels]. The Captain's Lament is part of a ToV tradeskill line that ended up giving you a way to get to Obol Plains and rewarded the level 90 Advanced recipe book for your class.
  12. gixxisgod Member

    theres 84 quests to be done for the ground mount I just done them all.. now im going for the 8 heroic zones to get the flyer.. it doesn't tell you what you get for the 11 heroic raid item..
  13. arturos Active Member

    same flyer
  14. Afista_DG Well-Known Member

    The Beta server will be coming down tomorrow morning with the All-Access launch of Altar of Malice.

    Make sure you log in to Beta today to finish earning those rewards!
  15. Faliz Member

    So we're no longer being given until the 25th to complete these reward items like the original post stated? Really wish you'd have given us more notice with this. Looks like I'll not be completing as much as I had hoped for with the bugs still being reported.
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  16. Wurm Well-Known Member

    lol the quest content to get the mount was a long long grind.... compared to popping in and out of instances all day long while wearing beta-buffer gear, I'd say both = the same amount of commitment and work required.

    The Hell-hound is a great looking mount, and I'm glad to have him, I just don't think I'll be using him very often.

    We should just be happy that they have stats at all, this is the first time we have had ones with stats rewarded.
  17. Glenorian Well-Known Member

    Actually, I just earned the flying carpet on beta this morning (11/20). It looks like we have until the 25th? I'm having no trouble getting in to beta to work on these. I'm not able to get the expansion yet so I'm using this chance to see the new content that I was not able to get to before.
  18. floofloobunny Active Member

    ok so Im going to try re-downloading beta to finish the solo zones, hopefully.

    Please tell me this is the right page to complete because these are the ones Ive been working on;
    quests in Tranquil Sea

    Also, if I get stuck with a bug, is there a way to get pushed hrough to next part now or am I SOL?
  19. floofloobunny Active Member

    I finished the 82 + quests for the ground mount but cant get past the final 2 of 3 epic Shissars in Temple of Doom. Does the Sig quest need to be completed for this mount? If not, I dont have a claim yet for the hellhound. (no tabs under triumphs for the solo adv stuff)

    Really going to be upset if the sig line is whats needed for that dang hellhound. If this cant be completed by tomorrow, I would have wasted my time for nothing.

    Im a necro, so if your able to handle this part of the quest and dont mind helping me out, please pm me so I can wrap this up.
  20. Cinnamon Active Member

    Can you still play with a copyied character on beta?

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