You Beta Believe these Rewards are Awesome!

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  1. Afista_DG Well-Known Member

    It's definitely worth checking out :) We are still adding and changing some things as we go, so please leave us some feedback about your experience so we can make sure this expansion is awesome!
  2. Spunkel Member

    I cannot /claim the earned carpet yet?
  3. Merriel Well-Known Member

    Wow, took forever to get set up there. Wish my customized toolbars and AA trees had copied over as well, so I wouldn't have to waste so much time just setting up again. I'll play there tomorrow. Am about wore out just having to spend all this time setting everything up again. :/
  4. Luanne Active Member

    You know you can save your toolbars to a file, and save your AA to a file , and then copy those files to the beta directory. Just saying. If you want the exact commands and procedure let me know.
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  5. AFP's Uke New Member

    Luanne - it would be great if you could post the commands/procedure here for everyone. I know I would greatly appreciate it as I'm sure others would as well!
  6. Triplehelix New Member

    On your beta character, go to your achievements and click on the award for the completed achievement that awards the carpet. You should receive an item in ur beta inventory. Upon inspecting/consuming that award on your beta character, you should shortly be able to /claim the carpet itself on your live toon. Hope this helps!
  7. Bazinix Member

    Whats the point in going to the Beta if your Stuck trying to GET IN the New areas on the Loading screen then CRASH... -.-
  8. Badwolfe Member

    I'd like to have a go at earning these awards but I'm a little confused. Under the achievements tab and then quests, there seems to be missing a sub heading for Altar of Malice. There the ones that tell you to complete x amount of quests in a given area. Is this just me or is it the same for everyone else?

    I have the one for tradeskill quests and can see that it wants me to complete 23 quests. I'm not sure how to tell whether I have done enough to earn the solo overland content
  9. Triplehelix New Member

    It's listed under Triumphs. The last 2 on the AoM selection are the Heroic and Raid ones. As for overland, I think we're still so far from being able to progress close to the end that they haven't even bothered loading that tab to the quest section :confused:
  10. Triplehelix New Member

    Sorry, got that mixed up, but if you are having issues with the carpet you aren't the only one, I think the reward is having issues transferring over for ppl. I'm sure they'll get it fixed soon.
  11. yerbo Member

    What is this item I am supposed to receive in my beta toon's inventory? I see nothing and can't find a way to claim the mount on live. Thanks
  12. Faelynn Active Member

    I've never been able to get into the beta or test servers because I crash instantly on launch. Never even get as far as the sponsor logos before the eq2 logo. However, if I had to guess, I would look in the SC store for it. I've seen them place server-specific stuff in the SC store before, and I've also seen them set a price at 0 SC before. Would expect them to use both tricks for this, placing it as a 0 SC item that appears only for that server.
  13. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    and the achievement I had for the carpet yesterday has disappeared now so its like I never did all those 23 quests
  14. Leonitas of Potato Situational Awareness

    i believe devs already addressed this. this is not tov, that was a year ago, and they said that won't be the case anymore. Meaning, you still have to do the full questline/requirements per mount (1 full achievement=1 claimable mount on live server) but that we will NOT have to go claim each one in order to get a second. So, if i do 1 toon full crafting, solo questline, and all heroic group content, i would then have 3 claimable mounts on live. If a 2nd toon did all 3 as well, i would have 6 (2 of each kind) and so on. Hope that helps. :)
  15. Haloek Member

    Soooooooooooooo is that right for the tradeskill one you have to be 95 Adenture lvl to get stats? just seemed to me like it should be tradeskill lvl
  16. Luanne Active Member

    Here's the procedures to save and reload all sorts of fun things:

    For AA In the game:
    Go to the AA editor, click the save button. The box comes up with another save button asking which profile you want to overwrite. Next to the Save button on this box there is another box to the left where you can save the profile to the hard drive.
    These files go in your Everquest II directory. When you click the box it will save the profile and tell you the filename such as Character-Spec.aa
    and loading would be clicking the drop down box in upper right to select your spec and there is a "Load.." option there to load a file from the hard drive.

    To make a profile outside of the game go to
    This will let you load/save profiles to your hard drive which you can copy to your Everquest II directory.

    For hotkeys (the spell assignments on your hotbars, i.e. which spell is in which position on the hotbar):
    In the game type /savehotkeys
    example: /savehotkeys mychar-pvp, or /savehotkeys mychar-raid
    These files again go in your Everquest II directory and have no file extension, it's simply called exactly how you put it.
    You can then /loadhotkeys <filename>

    To save your key bindings (like forward, reverse, turning, hotkey buttons, etc)
    /save_keymaps mychar-keymaps
    /load_keymaps mychar-keymaps
    These files are saved in the Keyboards directory under the Everquest II directory

    To save your UI layout such as positions of hotbars, how many open hotbars, positions of other windows, etc.
    /save_uisettings mychar-ui
    /load_uisettings mychar-ui
    These files are in the Everquest II directory
    Typing /load_uisettings without any filename after it will bring up a screen where you can load UI settings from another character in the game (not saved files).

    You can also do /save_friends and /load_friends using the same procedures.

    All of these files can be copied to the EQ2 Beta directory so you can load them there.

    I will post this in the main forum also.
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  17. Sisca Well-Known Member

    You learn something new every day!

    That right there was worth reading every other post in this thread, thanks :)
  18. Merriel Well-Known Member

    So I did this, but it didn't give me an item in my inventory on beta, and the carpet does not show up in /claim on my US based live server. If we are to be able to claim this item on multiple characters but are required to claim it on live with one character, prior to completing the qualifications again on a second character.../claim needs to be fixed to show these carpets so we can claim them. Thank you!
  19. Sisca Well-Known Member

    Caith said over on the Beta Tradeskills forum that the mounts are not available in live yet.

    You should get the mount on your beta character when you complete the final quest. My understanding, from his post, is that once you've done that your account will be flagged as eligible for 1 claim and once it becomes available you can claim it there. My reading of his responses is that if you complete the quest multiple times on beta then your account will be flagged for multiple claims once the mount goes live.

    So in essence if you have the mount on beta you'll be able to get it on live at some point just not yet.
  20. theconn67 New Member

    how do you obtain this bauble?

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