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  1. Afista_DG Well-Known Member

    Beta testing for the Altar of Malice expansion is in full swing and now open for everyone to try out! Joining the Beta server for testing is a great chance to take a look at all of the incredible things coming with Altar of Malice, and also an excellent opportunity to give us your feedback about the expansion before it launches on November 25, 2014. In addition to seeing these gorgeous lands before launch, you can also take some loot home to your live characters just for participating in the Beta action! Take a look at the rewards players can obtain for their live accounts by Beta testing overland, heroic, and tradeskill content.

    This Char-Ferrin, Hound of Despair ground mount is rewarded to players who Beta-test solo overland content in Altar of Malice. Intimidate your enemies by riding into battle on this ferocious hellhound! If the flaming eyes and spiked mane aren’t enough to scare you, maybe the razor-sharp teeth will awaken your senses.



    The Xan’Tak the Abrupt flying mount is obtained by Beta-testing heroic content in Altar of Malice. Don’t be fooled by the appearance of this mount; it’s not a creature that can easily be swatted down in battle! No amount of bug spray will be able to repel this prehistoric insect from advancing, so get ready to take to the skies to target your next foe.



    The Carpet of Assured Quality flying mount will be given to players who complete tradeskill content while Beta-testing Altar of Malice. It’s a whole new world out there in The Shattered Seas; why not explore it on this stylish flying carpet? These stats should help any tradeskiller with their adventures as well as their crafting tasks.



    Are you interested in Beta testing now? If so, here’s some consolidated information to help you get started in Beta.

    How to provide testing feedback:
    • Use the /bug or /feedback command in game to open a window and submit information
    • Post issues and suggestions in the Altar of Malice Beta Forums
    How to copy your character over to the Beta server:
    • Log in your character and then type the /beta command.
    To patch and get into the Beta servers:
    • Open your station Launchpad
    • In the top-left corner, click the 'Version' link which will open the 'Select Game Version' panel
    • Choose 'Beta' in the drop-down menu, and then hit 'Apply' to begin patching
    • Hit 'Play' once the patching completes
    Other Important Information:
    • Beta installs into a subfolder that takes about the same space as your live game version.
    • Remember to set the 'Version' back to your regular setting to access your normal server.
    • The Beta server may not be accessible at all times, as patching occurs when it is necessary.
    • The Beta server is wiped periodically, meaning Beta characters may be deleted with or without notice.
    Remember, Altar of Malice officially launches on November 25 and All-Access Members will be able to play the expansion two weeks early, beginning on Tuesday, November 11, 2014! There’s not a moment to lose, so make sure you visit the Shattered Seas and start earning these rewards! We look forward to hearing your feedback about Altar of Malice and seeing you on the Beta server.
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  2. Darksanity Member

    Ummm why does Flying mount get Resists and Ground mound gets AB mod? 800? that's a joke, how about at least 2k AB mod..Esp for how long it takes to test this content and dealing with bugs to earn the mounts, make the mounts a little nicer..
    One mount for even TSing, How about a ground mount designed for PVP?
  3. Sylvain Member

    If one has no lvl 95 characters can we still participate? Will we be able to insta-lvl like in previous beta tests? That is all thathas kept me out in the 1st place as my main on my all access paid account is still only in the 80s
    Ty in advance of a reply? .... You had me at Isle of Refuge *grins
  4. Willulearn New Member

    Sylvain your can use the /beta copy command on any of your characters to get them over there.
  5. Knight Member

    " Xan’Tak the Abrupt flying mount is obtained by Beta-testing heroic content in Altar of Malice"

    ok so whats this mean exactly, completing ALL heroic zones, just a few, one, two?
  6. Triplehelix New Member

    Probably because of the work and depth required to complete the achievement required for the mount. Quest/Lower-difficulty content is easy to test and plenty will test it. Heroic/Raid level content testing is more difficult, frustrating, and less populated. The reward is equitable to the work required IMO.
  7. Skipers New Member


    Ya i was wondering the same thing Knight asked. Some of the zones we are not geared for yet til later in expansion and ran others over and over. It would be fair if was completed one or two instead of all the zones.
  8. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I would know exactly what we got to do and how do you know if you earned one or the other mount ?
    and yes there is a beta buffer for adventure and now also for trade skills now up to level 100.
    belief me that helps a lot.
  9. richardhead New Member

    are these mounts one per character or one per account?
  10. Triplehelix New Member

    Complete the Achievement-> Triumph: Decimation of Malice
    Defeat The Embodiment of Gore
    Defeat Valdimus V'Derun
    Defeat Gudre Blackhand
    Defeat Thresinet
    Defeat Captain Berlon Bilgewater
    Defeat the Captain Krasnok the Immortal
    Defeat Kavis Set'Ra
    Defeat Mo'iana the Ravenous

    Completed all required kills (basically completing the Heroic instance versions of the new group zones) you will get the reward which upon inspection awards you the /claim mount on your live account (1 live mount per Beta toon completing the achievement). Very similar to ToV beta if you completed that, however I don't see a title which makes me a sad panda. There is an award for completing the AoM raids, however the reward doesn't give a description as to what it is. Simply a icon idenital to the Loyalty Point Token and the understanding that if you get a sweet mount for the Heroics, you know completing the raids will be worth it if you can pull it off...

    /BETA on your live toon and lets all get cracking! The more bugs we catch now, the less at launch of live, the less server updates, the better the game, and the more fun on your awesome reward!!

    -For more info, /beta your toon, open the quest journal and go to the achievement tab. The rewards are listed when you click the achievement (like on live)-
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  11. Triplehelix New Member

    Just like ToV beta, each time you complete the achievement on a beta toon, you are awarded a mount on your live account to claim on 1 character. However with ToV beta after you completed+claimed, you could do it again as many times as you wanted/could. I'm fairly certain it's the same here. Just make sure you claim your first award before completing the achievement on a second toon. I can't remember if the /claim's stacked or you lost out on the second award. Be warned!
  12. Triplehelix New Member

    Any hints as to what the Raid achievement reward is?
  13. Lenanu Member

    Would be nice to be able to beta test the content in order to even get these rewards! I've been trying to zone into Tranquil Sea since all members were allowed beta and each try I crash! FIX IT PLEASE!
  14. Grundge Active Member

    No the claims did NOT stack. To get the reward to show up a second time in your claim window, you had to claim the reward on live. If you did not, then you would lose that second reward, so yes be warned: claim the reward on live before completing the quests to get the reward on beta a second time.

    The reward was a token which you had to examine to receive the items. I imagine that is how it will work again.
  15. Orshan New Member

    There is a beta bauble to buff your character to 95 on the beta setver
  16. Sylvain Member

    Just logged out Great job on the isles looks great having so much fun testing. Just like the first time on the isle of refuge I must do everything! Looking forward even more for launch! FTW SOE!
  17. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    there was a beta buffer to get you all the way to 100 yesterday plus one for tradeskills to get to 100 too he gives you bags recipes and other stuff
  18. Merriel Well-Known Member

    I wasn't going to download the beta because of how long it takes things to download, but this changed my mind. I let the download happen while I slept, and am now loading into the beta. Looking forward to obtaining some, if not all of these mounts. Thank you, SOE! :)
  19. Khaibit New Member

    I will have to check out beta this weekend... I was holding off until release to be surprised but it's looking pretty cool!
  20. Afista_DG Well-Known Member

    Of course you can! You can copy a character over to the Beta server (or create one there) and use the Beta buffer to level your character and participate. The rewards are flagged to your account, so it will be there to claim on any live character you choose.

    Raid specific rewards have not been announced, but will be earned through focused raid testing sessions. The current Raid Discussion forum is located HERE to keep up with the current raid zones in testing.

    We are currently working on a solution for players who are reporting these issues and hope to have you in Beta ASAP.

    I'm so glad to hear that you are loving it so far :) I also loved being on the Isle of Refuge again, maybe even moreso now since the story has evolved so much. Have fun!

    Yay! I'm glad you decided to download Beta and start testing some content. I can't wait to earn my own mounts as well!

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