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Discussion in 'Monk' started by ARCHIVED-Oneira, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Oneira Guest

    You know what I'm talking about. How many times have you seen this message when you're right on top of a mob and trying to use Wintry Talon/Icy Talon or Darting Sparrow/Rapid Swings or the like?

    One particularly good example is attacking dregs in the Feerrott. I get this message and proceed to stand right on top of the mob and I STILL get the message. Let's not even talk about mobs stuck in the walls.

    It is totally aggravating and I see no real purpose for it. If a mob is swinging at me with a dirk, then am I not at an appropriate distance to use these skills?

    Please change this SOE, as it serves no good purpose except to cause frustration, and to cause me to waste time trying to figure out just how to position myself so that these skills can actually go off.
  2. ARCHIVED-Faynne Guest

    Totally agree with this. It is extremely annoying. I hunt a lot in EF and LS and get this message constantly. I spend more time moving around trying to get in range than the fight actually should take!
  3. ARCHIVED-Dasanhgul Guest

    As of latelly certain CA's require me to be "in your face" to get the damned thing off, or i'll get the too far away message. Namelly Swooping Dragon and Winter's Talon... and they didnt use to work that way.

    Unsure if Test Update #13a will help some with this:

    Spell range is now less sensitive to targets being above or below you, which should result in less "out of range" messages in situations where you are obviously in range of the target. Please note that NPCs also benefit from this fix.
  4. ARCHIVED-Rukarrn Guest

    Yes, according to the notes in the Tester's forum on 13a, this will be fixed. It truly is a pain in the butt. If the mob is on even a small hill, chances are you'll have to drag it down or be right on top of it. Though from my experiences I haven't had any problems with Swooping Dragon and proximity to mobs.