Yet another tier3 Adept 3 request

Discussion in 'Monk' started by ARCHIVED-Winnoe, Dec 26, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-Winnoe Guest

    Hiya my fellow monks.

    I am a 32 monk, almost to 33 soon.

    I am asking the advice of any monks who have gone before me, and for their recommendations for Adept 3 (rough jasper tier 3).

    As a basis for reference, I have

    Swooping Dragon (Adept 3)
    Play Dead (Adept 3)

    As for Tier 3 adepts, I am only going to consider -

    25 - Plodding Tortoise
    26 - Face of the mountain
    26 - Karmic Focus
    27 - Rushing Bear
    28 - Dragon Stance
    29 - Pounding Tiger

    Which of these is worth upgrading to Adept 3, taking into account that i will be 33 soon.

    Plodding Tortoise - Only have app3, but i have my strong doubts about it's ability.
    FOTM - Don't use it that much, TBH.
    Karmic Focus - I use this alot in tangem with my Sweeping Crane
    Rushing Bear - Question: Gage, does this increase the duration of the stun component?
    Dragon Stance - I use this alot since I'm always off tanking,
    Pounding Tiger - I am tempted to upgrade this, simply because it's the highest level skill i can make a tier 3 rare with, and also because of the fast recovery time, i feel like i am getting "bang for buck" with this skill. Question: Does the AGI debuff component also scale up with adept 3?

    Thanks all ye fellow monks for you input!
  2. ARCHIVED-Gaige Guest

    I did Dragon Stance and I think it may be bugged, as it didn't increase my stats at all over my app3 of the skill. I also talked to another monk yesterday that was having the same problem with his.
    I went with Rushing Bear as one of my adept 3 choices for that tier, and it doesn't stun longer but it does consistently stun higher lvl con mobs.
    I'd go with Rushing Bear or Pouncing Tiger if I were you.
    Looking back I would NOT have went with Dragon Stance.
    Karmic focus is a good one also, but I think I'd take the stun over that myself.
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  3. ARCHIVED-Winnoe Guest

    Thanks for your quick reply... I was actually deciding mostly between Dragon Stance or Pouncing Tiger... at least now I know to avoid Dragon Stance adept3.

    Right now it's probably going to be Pouncing Tiger (most likely) or maybe Karmic Focus. I'm just worried that Karmic Focus adept 3 will be a pitiful increase over App3, just like Brawler's stance was.
  4. ARCHIVED-WackyDakky Guest

    If you tank a lot, I'd consider getting face of the mountain adept 3. The app3 version adds about 150ac, I imagine the adept3 would add even more. All the ac you can get to help mitigate the damage you take would help I'd say....

    Personally I'd rather spend the cash to upgrade a skill that's greatly useful or doesn't upgrade. I'll be doing Wind Walk and Play Dead :)
  5. ARCHIVED-Winnoe Guest

    That's the problem... we ASSUME that just because it's adept 3 it will be a significant bonus over App3... however seeing how Adept 3 Dragon Stance offers no improvement over the App3 version, i'm kinda steering clear of it for the time being, and other self-buff type skills.
    People have reported that Wind Walk adept 3 doesn't increase your ability to sneak past higher level mobs but DOES increase the power drain.... making it pointless to upgrade from App1 (which mine is). I cannot however, use Wind Walk to sneak past lvl42 mobs, so maybe with Adept 3 you can, but it's doubtful.
    I've already gone ahead and asked my alchy to make me the Pouncing Tiger adept3,... I find damage combat arts offer the most visible and measurable ROI.
    Case in point: My Swooping Dragon when I upgraded to adept 3, was hitting on an average hit, higher than my max hit at adept 1. I think right now at 32 my Swooping Dragon adept 3 is hitting for 190-230dmg and dotting for 32dmg/tick.
  6. ARCHIVED-Gaige Guest

    Wind Walk is gray at 40 and Play Dead gets upgraded to Stop Heart though ;)
  7. ARCHIVED-Coraz2 Guest

    Does Winter's Talon stun? It does some kind of short debuff, it kept not stacking with another monk for a few seconds.
  8. ARCHIVED-Gaige Guest

    It freezes or something.
  9. ARCHIVED-Winnoe Guest

    Winter's Talon has a Freeze component on the mob, which is just a couple of seconds of slower attacks and slower movement, to the best of my discernment.

    I kinda wanna get my Winter's Talon to Adept 3 since there is no Adept 1 book of it, but at App3 lvl32, I'm doing 215-230dmg consistently, with max of 284dmg. If dmg increase based on upgrading a similar skill (Swooping Dragon) is any gauge, the adept 3 Winter's Talon should slow slightly more for same duration but hit for 270-300 dmg with a max of 340. But then again for the cost of a Rough Opal or Ruthenium Cluster (sp?) which retails at 1pp on my server, i doubt I would take any skill below 36, as there would still be upgrades to those skills.
  10. ARCHIVED-Gaige Guest

    There is an adept 1 of Winter's Talon, I had it. I have the adept 1 of Icy Talon now.
    My adept 1 of it at 44 did about 340-350.
  11. ARCHIVED-Winnoe Guest

    There IS??? *Eyes lights up*
    Back to broker camping! :smileyvery-happy:
  12. ARCHIVED-Winnoe Guest

    Gage, did you get this as an assigned loot drop or did you buy it off the broker? And if so, Freeport or Qeynos?

    I only ask which broker because somethings tend to drop in zones frequently populated by Evil or Good chars, so some things common on Freeport broker would be rare/non-existant on Qeynosian broker.
  13. ARCHIVED-Gaige Guest

    Bought if off the Freeport broker, and I've seen a few of them on there on Guk.