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  1. Silzin Active Member

    This thread is for feedback on the Yelinak (Fighter Dragon) Tree. As of 8/5/2013 50 points can be spent into this tree with no amount of points spent anywhere else prior. I think since the abilities in here are so nice it should have the same 200+ requirement as the Heroic tree.

    There are 4 lines of 5 abilities. Each of the first 4 abilities you can spend 10 points in, you need to spend 4 points in each to move on to the next in the line, and you need to spend 30 points in the line to unlock the end line. These are all fine to me. This means that with 50 points in the tree you can get 1 end line and 19 points in another tree or spread as you want.

    I will be posting all AA in here with 1 point and with 10 spent, going from the left most line to the right most line.

    Left Most Line Ability 1 – Quick Regeneration (Solo/AoE line)
    1 point Heals the caster 1% every 3 sec out of combat. At 10 points it’s 10% every 3 sec out of combat. Looks like a nice Solo tool.

    Left Most Line Ability 2 – Armorbreak
    1 point spent on attack casts an all damage debuff on target (456 at 95) 2.0% chance, lasts 6 sec. At 10 points it’s on any attack will cast. This looks like a decent debuff and taking 4 points it would probably be up all of the time (8.0 proc rate). Not bad for an 8 point dip.

    Left Most Line Ability 3 – Resurgent Counter
    1 point spent on attack will dispel 105 lvls on any hostile effect, 0.2 times/min. At 10 points the proc rate is 2.0 times/min. This is also not a bad solo ability, but too good for a dip into the tree. I would move this down one and increase the proc rate at 10 to 4.0.

    Left Most Line Ability 4 – Outnumbered
    1 point spent when damaged will and being attacked by more than 5 mobs will increase all attributes by 2.0%. at 10 points the attribute boost is 20%. This looks to be a nice AoE tank tool, but it’s in a Solo AA tree. If it was moved up 1 to position 3 then it would be dip able with the 19 extra points.

    Left Most Line Ability 5 – Yelinak’s Focus
    5 min recast at 75% reuse – Clears the reuse of most modifiable abilities in the fighter spell book. O, ya, it cannot be cast IN Combat… This could be a nice ability if needed, but I don’t see it being taken with an AoE/Solo tree. Without being able to be cast at the crucial point in a fight this ability will not be taken, except maybe by a leveling fighter.

    Left Middle Line Ability 1 – Dragon Scales (Defensive Line)
    1 point spent, Fighter Defensive Stance gives 1% Max Health. At 10 ranks this gives 10% Max Health. This is a nice beginning to a Defensive Line and also a VERY nice Dip option. Nice AA.

    Left Middle Line Ability 2 – Fierce Roar
    1 point Spent, When using their primary taunt you gain .15 Max Health, Up to 10x. at 10 points its 1.5% health and 10 increments. For a tank that is… tanking, this ability looks nice, 15% more Max Health is nice when needed.

    Left Middle Line Ability 3 – Last Stand
    1 point spent, when you drop below 2% health (lasts for 6 sec) gives 5% DR all damage. Cannot be triggered for another 90 sec. at 10 ranks, its 50% DR for 6 sec’s every 90… but you still need to drop below 2% AND Survive, this means a death save probably went off and you need the DR. this is an interesting ability and I am not sure with the 90 sec restriction it will be taken that much, but could be useful.

    Left Middle Line Ability 4 – Layered Scales
    1 point spent, Defensive stance gets 1% Worn Armor Mit. At 10 points its 10%. The AA is not clear how it works, but I think I would take it as a monk when I need more Mit….

    Left Middle Line Ability 5 – Draconic Shout
    Recast 1 min 35sec at 75% and 140% reuse… ok… Heals caster 25% of health and gives 25% Max Health for 24 sec. This is not a bad end line if its reuse is modifiable, and at 1.5 min reuse at max it could be an effective save against a lot of things.

    Right Middle Line Ability 1 – Ancient Focus (Agro line)
    Increases the duration of all beneficial abilities by 1%, at 10 points spent its 10%. This is a nice ability to Dip into and could be useful to all tanks.

    Right Middle Line Ability 2 – Terrify
    When you fall below 50% , lasts for 11 sec, all mob in AoE have -1% Pot and Weapon Damage Bonus. Can only trigger every 30 sec. at 10 points its 10%. The debuff is nice, but I would like to see this something that can just be up and have the trigger restriction removed.

    Right Middle Line Ability 3 – Strength of Mind
    Gives 1%/rank resist to Stifle/Stun/Daze Effects. 10% at max ranks. This is not a bad ability and if I was going for the end line and needed to take the ability I may max it, but other than that I am not impressed… its ok I guess.

    Right Middle Line Ability 4 – Intimidation
    Improves the Hit Rate of Sneering Assult by 5%. At 10 points spent its 50% and cannot be blocked, Parried or Riposted. Ok at 10 points this could be a nice ability, but it’s a fix for an ability that should have been fixed for FREE. … it’s a nice ability when you need it and then you would pull out a spec with it.

    Right Middle Line Ability 5 – Provocation
    35m 2 Position Snap with 51sec recast at 75% reuse. It looks like it has a max reuse of 45 secs which makes this a nice and fast snap for any tank that needs one. I don’t think anyone is going to keep it in a normal spec, but everyone should have it as a spec Just In Case.

    Right Most Line Ability 1 – Forward Stance (DPS Line)
    Reckless stance get 1.35CB and O Stance gets 2.25 Strikethrough. At 10 ranks its 2.47 CB and 4.12 ST. this could be nice, but O Stance does not need Strikethrough and the CB should be % Based off our Base CB. Maybe Accuracy for O Stance, not sure what % would be good for Reckless.

    Right Most Line Ability 2 – Ancient Advance
    Adds Damage to the fighters Primary ST and Encounter Taunts. At 10 points my ST is doing 10-12k, encounter is 9.5-11.5k damage. This is not a bad effect for damage line. But I would not see taking it more than 4 points.

    Right Most Line Ability 3 – Strength Within
    1 rank 33 STR, at 10 points its 330 STR. This is not a bad dps option.

    Right Most Line Ability 4 - United Strength
    Adds Weapon Damage Bonus to the fighter when you use your Avoidance Sharing. This is nice for the OT/DPSing fighter that would take this line. At 1 point its 1, at 10 points its 10. I am not sure if this is different from damage per sec or not or it 10 points is OP or nothing.

    Right Most Line Ability 5 – Aggressor’s Power
    Maxes out the Casters Ability Mod for attacks for 10 sec. This has a 1min reuse at max making it a nice dps buff for some and not for others, I am sure. But over all its duration is good enough and the reuse means it’s going to be up when you need to burn. Not a bad dps option.

    Over all the only line in general that I think needs look is the Solo/AoE line since its not going AoE very good and I don’t think Solo needs that much help.
  2. Eshaac Active Member

    Wait, wait.... let me get this strait.... Because "you" think these are "so nice" that everyone should be penalized and forced into getting 200aa's before they can begin to spend points in this tree?? Come on now.. Really??

    It's about change and not staying the same ole, same ole....

  3. Ucala01 Member

    they aren't that nice anyway. best thing imo is the far right which is pure dps for all the classes.
  4. Silzin Active Member

    That opinion is just from me and looking at the trend from all of the other AA trees from all other classes. really if it follows the normal trend it should have a 275+ requirement before spending on it, since the endline of the Heroic tree requires that or more.

    Also this is just MY Opinion, you and the dev's are free you disregard any or all of it. I may be wrong.
  5. Duele Active Member

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  6. Feldon Well-Known Member

    Keep in mind that the Beta was supposed to be just for testing the Channeler class. All the expansion stuff like Dragon AAs starts being properly beta tested on September 15th. ;) But I'm sure Xelgad will check out this feedback just the same.
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  7. Estred Well-Known Member

    I'll be sure to make one and start messing around to find inconsistencies if there are any.
  8. Ucala01 Member

    it wasn't much of testing :p they didn't even put in starting zone armor, or any armor for the channeler xD only way was to either craft or copy toons and unattune armor :p I still participated in it. but it was more like a "here new class" rather than "testing"
  9. Feldon Well-Known Member

    Yeah at SOE Live, there were level 30, 50, and maybe higher Channelers preset ready to go. Beta testers at home had to make armor. Oops.
  10. AustinB Member

    The middle line looks amazing for tanking, it will probably my goto Dragon AA spec.

    I am not impressed with the abilities that require you to stay below a certain health threshold to stay active. As a tank you spend the majority time at full health or dead. Most of the time spending more than a second with less than full health is cause to hit a temp buff or some kind of emergency. These buffs should be changed so that they activate after passing the health threshold and they should remain active for a set duration. The abilities can of course be tweaked so they are balanced around this, but this is how they should function.
  11. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    It all needs a lot of work. I want to see the direction it's being taken after the changes, since it's not even close to being finished.

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