Year of Darkpaw starts NOW!

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  1. FalconClash Well-Known Member

    Im still waiting on missing tokens from the current collection.
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  2. Jamzez Active Member

    Which team is going to be at Pax East Boston and meet up at Harpoon Brewery EQ OR EQ2?
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  3. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

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  4. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    where did the February collections go ? can't find anymore collectables in Sinking sands.

    Ok nvm found one.
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  5. Kattt Well-Known Member

    Sharing how I have used my altars in my guild hall. I was not a fan of the altars as is, being either old visuals, or especially the first two, so I decided to make my own altars. They are in a room of their own all about the event. Since there are so many camps (to come) and altars, they needed their own room.
    I will add images as we get new ones.


    Hope this inspires others to make their own creations. Since we are doing this all year, I find this much more pleasant to look at.

    Also, it should be noted I buried the altars so that you can click the front to get to the location/they still work.


    (I guess I should share this in Homeshow as well, where more people might be more interested.)
  6. Zizinana Active Member

    I will repeat my question in this thread, since the developer can answer here)So - there is an achievement - to collect 1000 divine relics.In two months I collected 54 relics.
    I haven't gotten one in the last three days.The question is: how to collect 950 relics in the remaining 299 days if the chance of them falling out is so small?

    I'm running solo instances of the new expansion. Sometimes one instance per day, sometimes 3-5.

    I think I'm not the only one who can't afford to play the game 24x7

    After all, this event is one-time and limited in time? Right?

    Or will this event be repeated, and those who were unable to collect this insane amount of items will be able to finish it next time?