Yay, Another Duo Question

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  1. ZombieClownZ New Member

    My brother and I are returning players and have another duo question for you all. He will be playing an SK. I’m wondering if it is better to go with a healer, perhaps a Channeler, and two dps mercs, or would it be better to roll a Coercer or Warlock and roll with a healer and dps merc? I’m not even sure if you can choose, but is it better to have caster or melee dps mercs?

    Also, completely open to any and all other suggestions.
  2. Balcerak Well-Known Member

    If you both have healer mercs and you roll a dps char, that may be best. Mercs lose dps ability pretty early on. They might fight ok for you for the beginning levels, but as you go up they do very little. So you'd end up with an SK and a healer and then healer mercs for cures/extra heals. My guess is either go with just the SK and a healer, or go with SK and a damage amplifier class like troub and drag some healing mercs along.

    A Warlock could be good, or a crowd control char. But dps mercs are a joke after low levels.

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