Wurmbone's End - 1st boss bugged

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nynaeve, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. Nynaeve Active Member

    1st boss is called "The Seer" or something.
    I died in there 15 times, and decided to wait for the patch - or try it again with a friend,
    because the MERC always dies, even if I manage to place him exactly behind a *working* pillar to hide from the AOE and tell him not to move. He was literally on top of me, I got the message "you hide from...bla bla...", I lived - he got terminated...

    PS. The only pillars that seem to block the AOE are the ones at the back, the front pillars dont seem to work. May be intended as they dont really block the sight from the energy source on top of the circle.

    Anyway, please fix the bug, either apply the buff to the mercs too, or make them invulnerable to the damage. It's pretty damn hard to place them correctly anyway already, and even if you tell them not to move and only heal, they still move away from the spot when you're out of their sight inside the circle, so you have to fight outside - which in turn creates more adds... pretty screwed in there with dumb mercs.

    One praise though - these new instances are VERY BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED. I really like them.
  2. Luhai Active Member

    The front pillar wouldn't work for me either, although I had placed myself behind it and got the red message about being protected. Nonetheless I got hit with more than 100k every time. Only once I survived.
    I gave up after 4 pulls.
  3. Emeraldforest New Member

    Hello all and Dev,

    I'm in trouble with Seer Gh'Char, too.

    1. Even when I'm behind the totem, Spirit Rift kills me. See the attached pic.
    I could avoid first Spirit Rift behind the totem which was in the back to Seer's left.
    But on next Spirit Rift, I was behind the totem which was in the front to Seer's left and the message "you take cover..." was shown, but Spirit Rift killed me.

    As you know from the pic, I was certainly behind the totem - if this position was not correct as safe spot, I think safe spot should be widen.
    And if the front totems don't work, the message should not be shown.

    2. Mercenary dies even when behind the totem. See the attached pics.
    I put merc behind totem with follow/assist off and protect me.
    I tried two times - first I put merc behind totem which was in the back to Seer's left, next behind totem which was in the front to Seer's left.
    As a result, in both cases Spirit Rift kills merc.

    Same as above, I think safe spot should be widen.

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  4. Nynaeve Active Member

    your uploaded pics dont show... probably a forum bug... anyway, we know what is the problem without pics.
  5. Tylia Well-Known Member

    You can't move at all once you are behind the pillar until after spirit rift goes off.
  6. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I broke myself before finally getting him. The red text saying you are hidden means nothing. Half the time he blows you up anyway.

    Also, the necromancer's adds in the solo version could stand to be just a tad weaker.

    Doing the challenge mode of the final boss yielded no better rewards than normal mode bosses.
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  7. Ortahr New Member

    Ok, tnx, ill just ignore the mob till they have hime fixed then. Dousnt seem to require you to kill him to finish the zone.
  8. Kane Hart Member

    Use http://imgur.com/ for uploading images. Fast, safe and you can even drag and drop the images right from your desktop to your browser.
  9. GrouchyMouse Active Member

    Oh gods, that's the exact same problem my Mystic guildee and I had. I'd get behind the front pillar, blam, dead. I went to the right side, blam, one of would die. Even with the red text saying we had hidden, one of us would always die regardless.

    This is one of the jousting names that just eat mercs no matter what you set them to do. They never get protected.
  10. Jrral Active Member

    Ditto. I was running with GrouchyMouse that time. This is supposedly an instance that can be solo'd or duo'd. I can see getting wiped if we miss the joust, but when I'm on a raid-geared (a mix of UDx4 and STx4 gear) mystic with full wards and everything up and going and I hit the right spot and get the message saying I'm protected I should not be getting one-shotted. Because if a successful joust is one-shotting me, how in the name of everything holy do you expect people in quested gear (the kind of gear you'd have as a solo player) to take him? This instance says "advanced solo", not "two-person raid, bring your raid MT and MT healer".
  11. Luhai Active Member

    I've been talking about this mob with a few people that had problems with this mob.
    So far the only reliable strategy seems to be to pull this named away from the plattform and burn the guy down.
    This way you'll have to deal with the occasional adds but he won't use Spirit Rift you.
  12. GrouchyMouse Active Member

    If you do, he shouts for help and brings a LOT of mobs in. I found out they're in a small tunnel that leads from the Shissar shrine and is above that area. When we pulled him to the edge, the red text of his calling for help went off, and down we went.

    Now if you can handle that huge group, well and fine, but they were all over us and he was doing Spirit Rift, yah, a real mess.
  13. Luhai Active Member

    Strange. I pulled him into the hallway outside of his room. He called 2 adds in the beginning of the fight and then occasionally ported back to his platform, sent his AE off, spawned a new pet and always came back to me.
    I didn't get any large add groups nor hit by the spirit rift.
  14. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    Tried him several times, thought about what he can drop and let him alone ^^ as not needed named, but then did the last one hm (with guildmate ^^) which droped nice ring and armor tho :cool:
  15. Wurm Well-Known Member

    Since he doesn't drop loot I decided to ignore him and the Necromancer guy at the top of the area where you pick up the stone for the quest.

    Takes too long to kill, for no loot, to bother with them.
  16. Finora Well-Known Member

    Experienced these difficulties too. My solution was the above. I just pulled him back & beat him down. Luckily I was able to keep my self & my poochy alive through all the adds. Definately not going to be a solution for every class though.
  17. Nkito Member

    After clearing the wandering named and just parking the merc directly behind the front pillar he survived by pulling Seer to him and remaining there the entire fight, when Seer ports back to center just stay behind the pillar and burn adds. No jousting or moving of the merc needed.
  18. Scythe New Member

    I found that hiding right behind the statues didn't work. However, hiding about 10-15 feet behind the statue seemed to be the "sweet spot".

    My strat was to fight the named at the edge of his circle so he didn't spawn adds, but so that i was close enough to run about 10-15 feet behind a statue. Seems to work for me.
  19. Ynnek Well-Known Member

    Anyone else noticing inconsistencies in the number of times he casts Spirit Rift?

    He'll cast, it'll go of, maybe it'll clip someone, maybe not, we head in, ack - he's chain casting it, back out, back behind the rock, it goes off, back in... wait.. casting again, back out, whoops, lost someone, back in, ok, back to the normal fight...

    He spawns an essence. We kill it, we fight.

    He cast's spirit rift, we hide behind a rock, maybe we all live, maybe he clips someone. Expect him to chain cast it again, we wait, is he casting? Wait, no, he only cast it once this time and is now moving, ack, now he's out of the circle, here come 6 adds... Doh!

    Having a very hard time getting the feel of this fight down. Not saying it's bugged, or too hard, but we're not really getting in tune with the mechanics...

    (And we tried fighting him in the first hallway, and the second hallway. Waves of adds, 6 at a time, at 15 second intervals. Way too much for us to manage. We were up to 18 at one time...)

    We've had moderate luck with the front pillar. The back pillars, we always get the message, then we all get one-shotted anyway.
  20. Occam Active Member

    This encounter really needs to be looked at. Not only have I had him chain cast spirit rift, he also doesn't always give the red text warning that it's coming.

    I died from this until my gear was broken, and three of those death's I never saw the warning that it was coming. And yes, I double checked to make sure that I didn't just miss it. There was NO warning text, so no chance to get behind a pillar.

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