Wrapping Up Race to Trakanon Server in January 2017

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Nov 21, 2016.

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  1. Roshen Well-Known Member

    Hey all,

    Don't miss your last chance to finish up special rewards from The Race to Trakanon Event Server. This server is scheduled to close in January 2017.

    Transfer tokens will go out to players on The Race to Trakanon server on Thursday, December 1 at (or around) noon PST. Players on this server can use this token to transfer to a server of their choice. If you do NOT use your transfer token before the server closes, your character will be moved to Stormhold.

    Trakanon Slayers

    Let's take a moment to congratulation the first guild to defeat Trakanon on The Race to Trakanon server, Dread Army. This raid group consisted of the following players:



    The Race to Trakanon Event Server is scheduled to close in January 2017, and we'll share the specific date regarding when this server will close as we get closer to that date.

    If this is the first time you've heard about The Race to Trakanon server, you can get more information about this event server here.
  2. Tourmaline New Member

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  3. Fangrim Active Member

    I will cancel my sub if this happens.I don't want people who had 2 months to get to level 80 before me coming here and they had a faster xp rate.Also they have access to achievements I can never get.It will only get worse too because the next 'event' server will be level 90 and they will have xp pots from launch while we're stuck at 80 for 3 months + in TSO.
    This better not happen or many will quit.
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  4. Socks New Member

    Part of the fun with Stormhold is the fact that we were completley separate from the live servers, and everybody was starting out in an equal fashion.

    Merging RTT chars with SH will remove some of that feeling, and the fact that those characters will have achievements not obtainable on SH (or any other server) feels unfair.

    I'll reiterate Kanders post on the topic: "We will not be sending Race to Trakanon people to Stormhold. They will most likely go to the lowest pop normal live server. "

    Please reconsider this!
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  5. Ayeutia Member

    Kander is a player advocate not Day Break and if you read the original posts it said that you would receive a notice and be given free transfers to server of your choice and he does state that clearly.

    Transfer tokens will go out to players on The Race to Trakanon server on Thursday, December 1 at (or around) noon PST. Players on this server can use this token to transfer to a server of their choice. If you do NOT use your transfer token before the server closes, your character will be moved to Stormhold.

    IF YOU DO NOT USE IT you go to Stormhold. Would you prefer they delete these characters? or better yet just delete them all and no transfers?

    Cause those on Stormhold well thats TLE and why are you getting things that were never in the game to begin with that the live servers are not? and a progression server will get shut down as well at some point. Should your characters not be allowed to transfer to live servers cause we dont want you to ruin ours either?
  6. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    for heathens sake I played on that server.
    We had 3 months to get to level 80 from 0, Stormhold had over a year to do the same.
    I just got to level 80, 2 days ago and my gear is not that great .
    like on other servers there are a lot of players just like me ,and others that raid and get gear.
    I went raiding yesterday and all I got was a big repair bill.you have to go raiding a lot to gear up 24 players .
    On Stormhold you had a long time to gear up your players.
    I heard that Trakanon was killed on Stormhold about 2 weeks or so earlier than on the Trak server.
    We can't use the tokens we earned on RtT either , those are for regular servers.
    this last weeks the server has become more and more empty. Festivals, Beta ,and now the new expansion have drawn
    away players.
    Most people will move their toons somewhere else anyway.
    Didn't we have this debate before when Deathtoll was merged into Stormhold .
    People were afraid they would get bullied by players from Deathtoll with their better gear and such
    On the Trak server lots of people leveled up very fast , but that was mostly with collections , you too can do that too.
    the achivements we got on RtT will have no meaning on Stormhold.
    I really thought you guys got over it by now.
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  7. Feldon Well-Known Member

    I remember when all sorts of unfounded fears were being posted that the Race-to-Trakanon server somehow had an unfair advantage over Stormhold and predictions that RTT would beat Stormhold to the punch.

    Reality check: Stormhold killed Trakanon more than 3 weeks prior to it happening on RTT.

    Not sure what to say about the dev statements in the linked thread.
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  8. Oleg New Member

    Milyex Vioren was unkillable at least 4 weeks on RTT....We recive fix only 04/10
  9. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    No offense, but apparently you're under the assumption that Stormhold started out going from 0-80 right out of the gates. That's simply incorrect. We didn't get the option to get to 80 until fairly recently in the history of Stormhold. So to say we've had over a year is both false and misleading. Frankly, I don't care where you guys wind up. If it's Stormhold, great, because the population could use a boost.
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  10. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    Didn't RTT actually have a slower exp rate due to lack of vitality? Also, most of the folks that leveled the fastest on RTT in the beginning were from Stormhold guilds, one guild in particular.
  11. Taiyla Active Member

    Don't worry Stormhold...... I wouldn't play on your server if you paid me. I'm anxiously awaiting my transfer token so I can go anywhere but Stormhold.
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  12. Adevil Well-Known Member

    Same XP rate and crafters did not get the advantage that Stormhold has of being able to do writs. Played havoc with getting status and levels, and let's not talk about spending more time harvesting than crafting.

    If characters who do not use the transfer token do NOT get moved to Stormhold, then I want a refund on my harvest and collection depots.
  13. Adevil Well-Known Member

    Roshen, is that "moved" going to use the same process as a character transfer, or will it use the same process as a server merge does? Makes a difference in what needs to be done in preparation.
  14. Raff Well-Known Member

    Oh for pete's sake. They can use the bloody transfer token and go wherever they want. Peeps have an entire month to use it. The Stormhold destination is only for those who don't bother to use it or don't sign on in time. Or far more likely have left anyway.
  15. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Bhayar I have to inform you , that I played on Deathtoll from the beginning , as soon as the gates opened for us , than I was moved over onto Stormhold and played there since.
    So you can't tell me anything about this .
    On Deathtoll and Stormhold we had plenty of time to level up , first to level 50 than to 60 and so on wile on the Trak server we
    had to do it all in a short time I was not one of those people I still took it sort of slow.
    I have seen people get to 80 in far les than a month , but RtT is the same built server as Stormhold , so you can do it too
    if you really whant to play a nice game like that.
    I figured your on Stormhold because you wanted to get away from running up to the endgame in as little time as you can
    Unfortunately I seen that kind of behavior all to often even on a server like Stormhold.
    ok I understand RtT had an extra month to get to 80 but its a lot easier to simply level up 10 levels with good to exelent gear
    than having to do it all from scratch.
    leveling up a crafter was a grinding nightmare.
  16. Sinhika Well-Known Member

    Can I have your stuff? Not that I believe you actually play on Stormhold or played on RTT, because if you did you'd know that most of the RTT players were from Stormhold. The live server people gave up early, whining about how hard it was to level. Then all the Stormhold players moved back to Stormhold when RoK launched on Stormhold, and SH got way ahead of RTT.

    RTT used the same experience rules as SH, so if you'd actually played there, you'd know what, and wouldn't be saying stupid stuff like "they had a faster xp rate". There were no vitality or xp pots on RTT, and no crafting writs, so it was the devil leveling crafters there--everything went slower than Stormholders are capable of.

    So, you're either completely ignorant, and spreading uninformed hysteria anyway, or a liar. Why should I care if you cancel your sub?
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  17. Sinhika Well-Known Member

    So, merging RTT chars who were played by SH players, who leveled in the same expansions at the same rates, will "remove some of that feeling"? Yeah, I call BS on this one, too.

    The "they have achievements we can't get on SH isn't fair" argument is stupid, too. Those achievements are essentially "I played on RTT". Why should you care that characters who didn't play on RTT don't get the "I played on RTT" achievements?

    Don't reconsider this, the only people complaining are people who obviously don't play on Stormhold these days; I play on Stormhold, and I want to bring my RTT characters over because I like them and they aren't suited to live at all. A lot of other people feel that way. Also, the lurkers support me in e-mail.
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  18. Sinhika Well-Known Member

    It's not actual Stormholders that are whining, because most of US ran over to RTT when it opened to play some Kunark, came back, and now want to move our characters from RTT to SH. All the whiners are whining about some imaginary Stormhold they maybe played on back when it first opened, but not SH as it is now. Please don't lump active Stormholders in with the whiners.

    p.s. How do you get quotes to quote people by name? I have to cut & paste into the quote tags, and I could swear there was a way to do it automatically.
  19. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Sinhika please don't use that kind of mean language , one would not like to sink to that kind of level
    I think the managers had the right idea to send anybody to Stormhold that could not make up their minds because the whole
    makeup of RtT is the same as Stormholds .
    On a regular server we would wear reactant gear and level up in a level agnostic dungeon.
    At best toons leveled up on RtT are undergeard for a regular server.
  20. Adevil Well-Known Member

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