Wrangling the Meatbeast - a behind-the-scenes look!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Dexella, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager

    In honor of Bristlebane Day, the Development team has brought back the beefy, beloved pet of Bristlebane - the bovoch, known across Norrath as the MEATBEAST! These rare creatures have been tamed as a mount and house pets and come in a number of shapes, sizes, and colors and can be found in the marketplace. One of the elusive pets can be earned through in-game content as well. Check out this video of Tom Tobey, Senior Animator, and Christopher Atkins, Character Artist, explaining what it's like to be a Meatbeast wrangler.

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  2. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    Ahahahahahahahahahahaa. I love it. Like totally love it and I can't wait to get all the shapes and sizes and types of Meatbeasts!!!
    LOve the video and it all sounds wonderful! My main will finally have her Meatbeast! And my BL will ahve a Meatbeast warder while reading a Meatbeast mount and being followed by a Meatbeast diety pet cause you can't have too much Meatbeast!!!!!
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  3. Sidharrah Member


    OMG I love you guys!!
  4. Gnobrin Developer

  5. Tariya Active Member

    I love you, guys!
    Thanks for doing this for us. :)
  6. Lizabethan Active Member

    This.. is.. fantastic. A halfling will be riding a cow with a bow tonight. Thank you sirs!

    Edit: Screw it. I was too excited to wait. This made my day :)
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  7. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    Except for when I have to fly. I will never leave this mount!
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  8. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    Oh and I bought the Court of Master home which will now become the Palace of the Meatbeast!
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  9. Mystfit Well-Known Member

    Too much ;)
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  10. Pengefinchess New Member

    There's a quest for the mount?
  11. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager

    No, but the Bovach Matriarch house pet is available, as is a tamable Beastlord warder. More can be found in the Look and Feel forum.
  12. Pengefinchess New Member

    Ah thought so!
  13. Wookin New Member

    Best. SoE. Video. Ever.
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  14. Whilhelmina Active Member

    You rock :) That was a GREAT video!
  15. Karta New Member

    The best thing about this video is that Tom can't keep a straight face! Every time he cracked one of those smiles that said, "I'm about to break into a fit of boyish giggles!", I had to laugh. Okay, the milk dousing was pretty good, too. My main is an avid follower of Bristlebane, and while I already have a baby pink Meatbeast calf in my home, I gotta' stick to riding the Prankster's Skystrider. Still, great video! Yay for Bristlebane enthusiasts everywhere!
  16. Ridolain Kirkwall New Member

    Okay all, I've been away in EQ doing some events there so I missed much of this.

    Where can I find out about this mount? (if it's an April Fool's joke let me know now) I get the pet is on SC. Thanks.
  17. Ridolain Active Member

    How wierd ... I ended up having to make ANOTHER name in order to post the above. Wonky forums ...
  18. Xsara New Member

    I think that Toby and Christopher did an amazing job on the Meatbeast mounts and plushies. So super kudos to you guys. Too bad the pricing debacle of the pink April fools one will be all that anyone remembers.
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  19. ShyMidnight Active Member

    Yes they're lots of fun. I think the Bovach Matriarchs we get from doing the catcher quests in Sinking Sands and the Enchanted Lands are really great because they can be made so huge, which is super for outdoor areas. I think the baby Bovaches are cute as well, and my little Beastlord loves her pink Bovach pet. Thanks!

  20. Taemisa Active Member

    My halfling warden/armorsmith will be getting her pink bovoch house pet very soon. They are so cute and have the most adorable dance!

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