Would it kill EQII staff to acknowledge that we can't get into game?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Thornscar, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Thornscar Member

    I think we all understand that the game is going to have hiccups from time to time. What I don't understand is why we are left wondering what the heck is going on? Apparently a lot of us can't get past the patch download from Thursday. This is day 2, and hey, EQ2/DBG staffers: just let us friggin' know that you're aware and are working on it!!! and then let us know when you think it's fixed!!!

    For crying out loud, don't treat us like we don't matter.

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  2. Nero Active Member

    I feel like they have, along with recommending work-arounds to the problem on several occasion.

    Just look at the topics on the first page of "what's new" or look through the dev post tracker, or check discord... whatever floats your boat.
  3. Thornscar Member

    Nero, I'll tell you what I've checked: the game forums, where lots of folks are frustrated at not being able to get into the game, with no apparent announcements form the game's staffers. Like many, I don't think I should have to hunt for information about why we can't use this game when they could easily post an announcement, or @eqii or @thewindstalker could let us know on twitter.
  4. garcia Member

    anyone know what this is

    Failed create zone
    suggestion : Please do a full scan from the patcher
    ooc63181 ood309c5
    this is what it says when I tried to log in after I got into the game and was zoning lol
  5. Nero Active Member

    While i understand your frustration, you have to look at this from other's point of view. They have answered player's concerns about now being able to download the latest patch, and not being able to log in numerous time, over numerous channels. Many of us dont have, or even use twitter, so I guess i dont understand why they should post about this kinda stuff there.

    In addition, this is not really a game problem per say. If you have looked around, you would know that this doesnt appear to be a DBG problem, but rather a problem with a specific ISP that is for some reason blocking downloads from the DBG servers.

    I think we both agree that information is hard to come by sometimes, but at least there is currently there is some level of constant communication between the devs and the player base, even if it's not extremely well organized, but its still better than nothing.
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  6. nayic New Member

    thornscar as you dont seem to use discord "Caith - Yesterday at 10:17 PM
    Unfortunately until the content delivery network between our network and your ISP fixes their ****, there isn't much we can do."
  7. Thornscar Member

    Nayic, thanks very much, I'm old and feeble at tech and never figured out discord. So if i'm reading this right, our inability to log in is a third party issue and DBG says they have zero responsibility for making certain we can play?
  8. Trixwynter Well-Known Member

    Actually it is not limited to just one ISP. I don't have the ISP that the majority have mentioned. I have seen at least one other person mention the have the same ISP as me.
  9. Taezya Member

    While I agree that games have hiccups and patience is needed. I don't agree that it's not DBG. It wasn't being blocked before the last update. Is the update not coming from the same place? Even if it's not the same material. It's still coming from the same place and my computer didn't have a problem before. Years of updating EQ2 stuff and from time to time there's a problem. So I know. It's perfectly fine for DB to just say we're working on it because we don't know what the problem is yet or we know what the problem is and we're trying to fix it. Regardless of whether DBG is trying to put something on my computer that my computer is not accepting or it's on DBG's side. It IS a DBG problem. And it's a problem for me because I pay to play and I can't play...
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  10. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    The new CS forum rep, at least I am assuming they are the new forum rep, posted an update for all of you 3 minutes ago.

  11. Trixwynter Well-Known Member

    Some of us had this issue before yesterday's patch so it isn't exclusive to the patch.
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  12. nayic New Member

    its not the isp as much as just an issue itself being from neither its kinda like the patch is being blocked to some people as most people i seen having this issue use comcast and i have verizon it just seems its most the community from the east coast and no they are saying they are looking into it its just going to take some time and hopefully not a lot
  13. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Hey, I think that's me! I started a thread here that I'll be updating as new information comes out.
    In summary, we've found one of the problems that was causing these issues to pop up, and are working on resolving it right now.
  14. Trixwynter Well-Known Member

    Thank you for letting us know. Even though my problem is resolved I'm glad to see it being worked on for the others who still can't get in
  15. nayic New Member

  16. pplnotsointelligent Member

    that's what mine says because I was zoning into a guildhall, who knows another mistake by DBG
  17. Gedymin New Member

    The fix on EQ 2 Wire solves the problems with the patch being unable to download.
  18. Katz Well-Known Member

    Part of the problem is that "net neutrality" has been reduced due to big business having more influence with the government than individual citizens. I expect that we will lose more and more ability to play games using the current ISP providers because they don't have to play nice as much anymore. I'm waiting for someone to wise up and start a nationwide ISP that is gamer friendly and watch them corner the market.
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  19. pplnotsointelligent Member

    they did say there working on the main issue they detected as of now so be patient like we all are, I say they should add dbl xp for all now over this suffering were facing
  20. garcia Member

    I agree I'm being patient I'm just saying they can uninstall there patch fix it then install again disagree with everyone being patient and I got in the game and all npc and mods cant be seen lol

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