Workaround for funny chatacters on item / equipment screen

Discussion in ' Website Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Demonwebb, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Demonwebb Guest

    [p]This is cause by the system being incompatible with English-United Kingdom (or other Standards and Formats)[/p][p]If you go to control panel, regional and language options, standards and formats, and change to English(United States) this will correct the issue. (A better solution might be for the coders to use proper ascii codes within their scripts, or to use some kind of location detection string within the code)[/p][p] Another somewhat useful enhancement would be to repopulate the search fields with the previous submission, so for example, if I want to look at 60+ gear for my brigand, I dont have keep selecting "brigand" and 60+ from the dropdown list. [/p]
  2. ARCHIVED-Thunderthyze Guest

    [p]Another work around that doesn't involve changing your settings is to link back to the forums from EQ2 Players, then link from there back to EQ2 Players and the problem will have rectified itself.[/p][p]Strange but true :|[/p]
  3. ARCHIVED-Demonwebb Guest

    [p]They probably set the local in the session cookie in the forums, now if they did that in - it might solve the problem![/p][p]I think something like Session.LCID=2057 would solve it if they were using asp to set it to US settings.[/p][p]Get on with it SOE, EQ2players is not exactly a new concept, and don't you have testers outside of the US?[/p]
  4. ARCHIVED-Thainos Guest

    [p]I changed my settings to english(united states) but it has not fixed it for me.[/p][p]Is there anything else i can do because this is really frusterating.[/p]
  5. ARCHIVED-Thunderthyze Guest

    Try my "link back" work around (post #2 on this thread) every time for me!

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