Work orders vs Rush Orders

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-LadyAnnaAnna, Feb 18, 2008.

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    Kaytee@Najena wrote:
    Hey, that's an excellent idea! I bet I could shave off almost half a minute or more doing that instead of searching for the recipes!
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    Skivley101 wrote:
    I only use my left hand for button mashing here, which is an old habit from playing a bard in EQ1 pre auto twist thing (melodies? Stopped playing before that was ingame). I start out twisting 4, 5, 6, as i drop down I move slightly to the left and twist 3, 4, 5 and so on as my durability drops. When it gets about to 1/4 green on the 4th bar, I'm twisting full durability hoping I don't slip and not counter something.

    Not sure if that'll help anyone out there, but through my trial and tribulations, it's helped me. My right hand is free to click either the book or the repeat icons this way, or to reclick on the tradeskill screen if I get the urge to type something in chat.
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    Arrex@Kithicor wrote:
    Thanks, Arrex.
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    Thanks for the great advice all. One bit of clarification...

    Someone mentioned that as a carpenter, I would be needing Wood, Ore, Roots, some stone and pelts. If I made sure I had 100 stacks of the first three, and 50 stacks of the last two, I would probably be good for a few writs, correct?

    Thank you!
  5. ARCHIVED-pointytail Guest

    Should last you fine for quite a few for T3 writs as lower tiers use less materials. Just remember to check your bags between writs and stop when you think your supplies are getting too low. You'll get the hang of it all fairly quick. ^_^

    It also wouldn't hurt to double check the broker on the prices of the raws you'll be using before you grind away, just in case you do happen to run out. Give yourself a heads-up on how much it could cost you if you suddenly find yourself a few short.
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    Most of my crafting is done in the Luminary Cache in Starcrest. Before picking my order off the table, I make sure to stand the side of the table nearest the stairs and facing the right way with my finger on the "walk forward" key - and I never close the window that appears on picking the order up! Immediately I rush off ready for action! Of course, I don't need to carve off those two or three seconds but it adds excitment and I just rush the whole writ as much as possible to try and beat my own "personal best"! I must lead a sad life!
    Talking of personal bests - how about a personal worst? Yesterday I was trying to level my second sage (don't ask!). Anyway, she is level 26 and was doing a level 23 recipe. My worst number of critical failures with any alt before was three. This time I hit the lowest of the low with four and not one critical success! So now I shall be wondering whether I shall ever beat that "personal worst"! Anyone else had more ciritcal failures than that?

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