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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-LadyAnnaAnna, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-LadyAnnaAnna Guest

    I have finally gotten a crafter up past level 20 in tradeskilling (yay carpenters!) and am starting to explore Work and Rush orders for the first time. The main differences I'm noticing is that the Rush orders seem to be half the number of items as Work orders, with what I see as a very short time limit. I'm afraid to take a Rush order because I'm worried I won't have the correct ingredients ready. Is there a pattern to what it assigns you, so that I can prepare ahead of time?
  2. ARCHIVED-Mendou Guest

    The best way to prepare is to make sure you have plenty of the current tier's fuel, and enough raw materials for say about a dozen combines IMO. If you're looking at a carpenter you'd need wood, roots, hard metal, a few pelts, and maybe some stone for the workbench recipes. Also remember that as a carpenter you might need filaments for rugs and coal for workbench items in addition to sandpaper.
    Of course these precautions are really only critical if you're doing rush orders. The work orders are not timed so you can stop and start whenever you need to. You may want to start with the work orders for that reason until you get used to them. To be honest the rush orders aren't terribly hard to complete on time these days unless you run out of something and have to stop to scour the broker.
  3. ARCHIVED-Skivley101 Guest

    Rush orders FTW ....
    Not making a rush order in the time limit is no big deal , After you do a few you will see all the randoms that they give you , So you will know what you need to have.
    Im not sure how the carpenters work . But the last item for the prov talented is always make 1 out of 2 diffrent items twice.
    Since its faction that im most interested in, I just grind the easiest rit rush order bout 10 times, take a little break ... then do it again. Am always finishing with about 2 minutes. Have run out of fuels a couple of times when i wasnt paying attention. And still had enough time to grab some to finish.
    Also when i grab my rit , I like to try and jump down to the lvl from the top , making a little game of it. I dont always hit the appropriate lvl, but still have plenty of time to get back up to the prov/carpenter machines.
    Practice makes Perfect
  4. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    LadyAnnaAnna wrote:
    If you're efficient at your crafting you'd have time to dash to the broker, lol. 8:30 really is a long time when crafting. An efficient level 80 crafter (with the best Arts they can get) can finish those combines in 4-5 minutes.

    The thing about work orders is that you can fail them. If you discover you're running low, don't do the order :) Many of them also have seperate steps, and the reimbursement payout occurs at each step.

    My advice is to make sure your supplies are well stocked and give it a shot!
  5. ARCHIVED-Ohiv Guest

    Since this was kind of glossed over i'll reiterate just to make sure.. :)
    a) make sure you have more then enough raw's and merchant bought stuff to do a writ. Kind of a nobrainer but hey just making sure.
    b) Very imporant, make sure to use your 4, 5, 6 keys to speed up progress and use your 1,2,3 keys when you need more durability. Lately i've swapped how i do things (yea old dog new tricks) i now use 4 and 5 most of the time to speed things up and 1, 2, 3 wheni need more durability. Just make sure to counter the actions when they happen and you should be golden.
  6. ARCHIVED-Kayteekai Guest

    Another tip I use for a new set of rush orders is to accept the quest and start it, see what it wants, and drag those recipe icons to a hotbar. Delete the quest and accept another, do this a few times till you see how many recipes are used in them. I have never had more than 10 different recipes on the hotbar for these. Then you know what items you will need to be stocked up on, raws and fuel types. Then when you actually start working on a rush order, get to the appropriate crafting table and hit the hotbar icon for the recipe needed and start crafting, that way you don't have to search in your book. You will only have to setup new recipe hotbars when you reach the new writ lvls, x0, x4, x9.
    edit: Your level 20 workorder will probably only be the same 1 or 2 recipes each time (don't remember how many that lvl had) until you hit level 24.
  7. ARCHIVED-Skivley101 Guest

    Ohiv wrote:
    yes i think alot of us take for granted that the newer crafters will not play proactivley ...
    I recently went and dug up all my gear with +incombat pwr regen ... T7 stuff .... with everything and drinking , I have around 450 pwr regen ... plus i have Aspect of the bat (druid pwr regen spell)
    Now i can hit all 3 buttons every round and dont run out of pwr using my mana stone inbetween sometimes.
    2 buttons every round is completely sufficient though .... for example
    Hit 4,5 every round untill you lose about half durability .... then hit 1,2,3 .... then go to something like 2,4 untill durability is back up ... Then rinse reapeat till done.
    2 buttons makes it easier to counter the event when it comes up .... But if you are doing blue recipies ... missing the counter isnt something that cant be overcome by hitting 1,2,3 together.
    Although sometimes the rng can start going bad , but for the most part ... If you get in a groove , youll be flying to the end.
    PS: try using the keyboard with 2 hands .... 1,2,3 with left ... 4,5,6 with right
  8. ARCHIVED-pointytail Guest

    LadyAnnaAnna wrote:
    If you've just made level 20, then you'll only be able to take the level 20 WO or RO. The WO/RO system uses a predefined set of recipe books for each level of the writs. Those of the x0 level (Regular) will use some items from just your x0 recipe book of that tier. The next step up is x4 (Talented) and that uses recipes from the x1 to x4 books. The final step of the tier is the x9 (Difficult) and that'll take recipes from x5 to x9 books.

    If you know what books you're going to use you can set up a filter to only use those books or do what Kaytee suggests. Whatever works for you! :)

    Once you get the hang of Rush Orders, it's a breeze to do. ^_^
  9. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    Skivley101 wrote:
    You know the Crafting interface arts buttons default map to the number pad, right? You only need one hand :)
  10. ARCHIVED-ke'la Guest

    Calthine wrote:
    only if you remembe to have numlock on. ;)
  11. ARCHIVED-Thunderthyze Guest

    Don't know why anyone would do anything other than rush orders tbh. Once upon a time there may have been issues with power conservation but not these days. The other thing to bear in mind that you don't necessarily have to take the work order from the table next to the writ givers, there are other tables dotted around the instances......maybe closer to your work station.
  12. ARCHIVED-Terron Guest

    Ohiv wrote:
    Basically what I do, but countering is not important.
    It helps a bit, but it is easy to complete rush orders with 2-3 minutes left without bothering about countering events.
  13. ARCHIVED-Doodar Guest

    If you counter an event it increases your Power as well so it is a good idea if your power is running low to counter these. (At least from my experience) also Rush orders give you 50 more points of faction then do the regular Work Orders, and when you are trying to get faction up to 40k for making reflective mirrors and buying junk off the tradeskill faction merchant it is nice to have.
  14. ARCHIVED-Zarulm Guest

    Rush orders are a good way to make SP, and the higher tiers start giving gold as the coin reward. If you need to make stuff to grind through a level, I would highly recommend you do rush orders, for the aformentioned rewards. Just make sure you have plenty of recourses and fuel before you start one. They arent too hard to complete, if you are good at spamming two or three keys :) Ive never failed one yet.
  15. ARCHIVED-Ehryn Guest

    I'm guessing that most of the responses are from people with higher level crafters. When Domino redid the counters, she made them so that they really do get MUCH better the higher level you are. A crafter that is only level 20 or 30 has to really work with those buttons to try and keep durability up and to fight with that timer. My level 50-80 crafters can breeze through rush orders and never worry with running out of time. My level 20-40 crafters have a lot more trouble and I sometimes only have 20 seconds or so left even when I'm doing everything right. (This is Carpenter and Weaponsmith, so maybe those two are just more difficult?)
    I'd say to try a few of the non-timed work orders to get a feel for how the system works. Pay attention to how they pay you for each sub-set of items made when it asks for 2 of this item, 1 of this, 1 of this, 3 of this etc. When you try a rush order, you'll want to make sure you can finish a sub-set and get the pop-up with the money to cover your fuel cost. If you run low on time, you can just not complete the last sub-set of items and it won't cost you anything. You won't get the bonus exp, the faction or the reward, but you don't lose anything (other than supplies) and can just try again.
    Someone commented that you get power back from successfully countering reactions? I know for a fact that you gain power back when you do this on a Sage or a Jeweler, but I don't think any of the other crafts give you that bonus.
  16. ARCHIVED-Karlen Guest

    >>>>commented that you get power back from successfully countering reactions? I know for a fact that you gain power back when you do this on a Sage or a Jeweler, but I don't think any of the other crafts give you that bonus.<<<

    Not sure if I get power back on counters as a woodworker, but I certainly don't lose power which happens if I fail to counter. I seem to have no power issues, using 3 arts per tick, as long as I counter events as they appear.
  17. ARCHIVED-Skivley101 Guest

    Calthine wrote:
    Well i kinda figured , but ive never been good with the 10 key pad ... and having the icons arranged like the numbers (left to right) helps my spacial thinking brain
    I guess my real point was , use the # keys vs clicking with the mouse.
  18. ARCHIVED-Doodar Guest

    >>> Yes it does i currently am a 80 WoodWorker and you do get power back for countering.
  19. ARCHIVED-pachuco2k Guest

    Hopefully I can piggyback my question on this thread. Do the rush orders have any benefit over the regular orders besides the obvious (being done faster)? Does one offer more status or tradeskilling experience? I noticed that there is a marginal difference in Status but what about coin or XP? Thanks!
  20. ARCHIVED-Allisia Guest

    Rush orders reward you with 50% more faction than normal work orders (150 for rush vs. 100 for normal).

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