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  1. Rocketjones Active Member

    I've been back in game for 2.5 months. I got two toons their epic 2.0 completed. Cool right? Yeah it's super cool having 436 resolve and I still get crushed on the pars because the ascension upgrades are ******** slow to attain, or, OR i can spend thousands of dollars upgrading them. Will I spend money upgrading ascension? Not ever, not once. So, it's looking like I will be researching the majority of my ascension, which will get me up to par in what a year or two? I know it was mentioned that in the new xpac upgrades for ascension will be a more common drop. Till then I'm playing very casual, as in only grinding PQ's and random group filler, since i'm pretty much dead weight even though I have the resolve to survive i'm relying on others to do the work since my buttons don't even remotely compare.
  2. Melt Actually plays the game

    You get crushed because you're raiding with 24k potency. I outparse an illy that has the same gear as me and several GM ascensions. People make ascension out to be the make or break of dps but it really isnt.
  3. Sowy Active Member

    It really is. Almost all my regular class abilities are way lower. I'm etherealist though, your mileage may vary with other ones.

    Also (not directed at snikkety) why does every thread here have to turn into an example of what makes our community so lousy?
  4. Melt Actually plays the game

    Are you saying I'm toxic? Because I agree. My mileage varies because fusion hits as hard as a master tier ascension. With relative stats 100billion fabled crits have been achieved, and, running right side prestige, I have a chance for resets grom an instant cast ability. For several T1 dps, ascensions can HURT your dps just by losing time casting other spells. I use ascensions on tide and with fiery blast charging. Any other time and I don't really prioritize them. They dont even make top 5 on my parse.

    Edit: Can definitely agree. It's sad that this thread got turned into a ***** fest.
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  5. Sowy Active Member

    The one thing that sets these ascensions ahead are combos. If people are working together it's a guaranteed double hit, which stacks with double ability cast and doublecast. Things can get hairy quick.

    I'm fine seeing people disagree I just think we can all do a better job doing it without getting outright hostile.
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  6. Kioske Well-Known Member

    I have news for everyone here, concerning TLE servers; DBG is notorious for using TLE as a quick cash grab to get some people to re-sup for 2-3 months for nostalgia. Once it slows down and everyone either goes back to their regular servers or quits again they merge the TLE servers with live servers. They've done this in EQ1 already a few times. I'm not sure why you're surprised by it. It was always a temporary server, until it was about caught up with the other live servers.
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  7. Rocketjones Active Member

    Please learn to math. My highest hitting ability snipershot4 grandmaster hits for 30 million, 2 hits 15.5mil+14.5mil. Levinbolt grandmaster hits for 43.5 million. Same cooldown. Now factor in several other ascension abilities that hit for similar amounts. Ascension abilities outpars my CA's on an order of magnitude.
    I haven't even mathed how much time it will take to research one ascension class because it will be at minimum 6 months to research one ascension ability to grandmaster.
    Feel free to argue that lower teir ascension outparses higher teir. Back to reality...
  8. Melt Actually plays the game

    Casting effeciency and dps of an ability has very little to do with initial damage. Please learn to math? My wildifre hots as hard as fusion. Difference mainly being that fusion has half the cooldown and can be reset. So which one does more dps?

    Edit: You are specced for sniper shot resets. It has a statistically more effecient cast stack than levinbolt, with a general 20% more dps over a fight lasting 5 or more minutes.
  9. Rocketjones Active Member

    I really am trying to understand how having more potency will make my CA's which are grandmastered hit harder than my ascension abilities which are apprenticed. Because right now my ascension hits harder than my CA's and once my ascension abilities are grandmastered, you are telling me my CA's will somehow hit more hard? Please explain
  10. Melt Actually plays the game

    They won't hit harder. However they will contribute more dps. Hitting for 1000 in a big hit rather than 10 smaller 200 hits. The 200 is going to have more overall DPS. What i'm saying is that ascension abilities are comparable to your classes nukes and are not making/breaking your dps. Honestly your hawk should be most of your dps, followed by dagger storm, then sniper shot, then ascensions.
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  11. Sowy Active Member

    Also keep in mind Levinbolt doublecasts with the doublecast stat, and our CAs do not. You should strive for 100% DC even on a scout nowadays. I am aware this supports the point you were trying to make.

    As far as damage, raw damage isn't what makes an ability good. Damage vs Time is. IE:

    Ability 1: does 100 damage and takes 3 seconds to cast
    Ability 2: does 50 damage and takes 1 second to cast.

    Ability 2 is better than ability 1.
  12. Sowy Active Member

    I'm by far NOT the best ranger, but this is what one of my parses looks like and you'll see the ascensions matter quite a bit. (Vhakiz the Shade in V zone)

  13. Melt Actually plays the game

    That parse is 2.5 minutes. Parses posted by Vynie, who has grandmaster ascensions, that are 20 minutes, are a bit better show in my opinion. I can see your point for sure, but a 2 minute parse isn't definitive. On longer fights they fall off, and any fight that is that short is not definitive to class balance. I've had the conjy in my guild parse 5billion on the shade simply because it's so short. I'll go hunt down Vynie's parses, if he'll let me post em.

    Edit - they were dps tests without ascensions, those don't really help here. I guess for rangers they may be a bigger deal than i thought. I raid saturday, will save some wizzy and conjy parses to look through and compare to our illy with GM ascensions. Sorry about that!

    Edit #2: here's one I had lying around from a 6 man xalgoz run... dps isnt great, fights were a bit longer than usual.
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  14. Bealeb New Member

    Asension surges will be everything on a short parse. I laugh at people who brag about their 10 billion dps parse on a 20 second fight. Most of the people who brag about their big parses can't maintain that dps which is clear to see on longer fights. We have monk who is an exceptional player on short fights he can top the parse with the right combinations of ascension surges but on a longer fight his dps will fizzle to the middle of the pack somewhere probably higher than the average monk but the point is ascension helps a parse but it does not 100 percent make a parse.
  15. Bella222 Active Member

    Please do NOT require us to have Epic 2.0 to do the quests etc. for the new expansion. I have 2 all-access accounts and several 100s but don't have 2.0 on any. Would not pay for me to buy the expansion if I could not play it. Please think of us non-raiders, etc.
  16. Fenin Member

    Devs have already posted a couple times epic 2.0 won't be required for 99% of the content, just look through the dev tracker. There's one special thing you won't be able to do, but they haven't elaborated. The one thing is probably an upgrade quest for the epic itself
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  17. kluxor Well-Known Member

    Everytime I see these type of posts it boggles my mind. Why not take the time to do at least one epic so this way you have one decent character instead of an army of scrubs?
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  18. ConcealFate Well-Known Member

    Is there any incentive for non-endgame players to purchase this expansion? I started to read previous replies but didn't feel like going through the arguing and disection of stats.
  19. Vunder Well-Known Member

    There is ZERO raiding involved in the epic. In fact, the vast majority of it is solo.
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  20. Melt Actually plays the game

    This xpac was just as lackluster for raiders, don't make it about us.
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