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  1. Liliun Member

    Can there be some other option offered other than forcing my TLE characters on SH to a live server? Even something such as placing them in a "Locked" status up until FG gets to the proper expansion is better than moving them to a server I won't play on. And for all those folks sitting on their porcelain thrones questioning those of us who care as to why we care because the server is dead, there are still many folks who log in several times weekly to do things with our characters such as dailies, tradeskilling, etc. I have a lot to lose with this move, I'm not the only one, and don't find it necessary to justify WHY I care to folks obviously aren't even interested in my personal playing preferences.

    What I would like is for DB to come up with alternatives to keep their paying customers if not happy, at least content with the knowledge that DB isn't going to dump what for many is a huge investment, and even for others financial, in the trash bin. If this happens, as much as I love the game itself, it will be obvious that there is a distinct lack of caring on their part for these investments. This isn't a merger of two like servers, but two completely different types. If this happens what faith I had in this company will be gone, and sadly I don't think I'm going to be able to get past this. I've gone ahead and cancelled my subscription after a decade of uninterrupted service, and I know a couple of others who are in line to do the same.
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  2. Aerabella New Member

    Thank You Liliun!!! There are many of us who don't want to go to live, and I find it completely unfair to be told we have to move to a live server where we are so many Xpacs behind. I don't want to hear well you van get a babble and hit level 100 and buy gear from days of summer to get to 100. No we made these characters on SH to play the old way. Yes is the server dead, but it was coming back, we are all on FG getting the HQ done to have the rewards on SH. I don't want to go to live, I have been trying to play Live for 2 days and I am so far behind I don't like it. Many of my guild doesn't post in the forums and believe the same thing, we don't want to go to live and for us to basically now be forced to Live are going to delete are characters and stay on FG. Its unfair, as we have to pay to play to force a move to live. DB please rethink this, as many of us on SH do not want to leave what we have created.
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  3. Sharann Well-Known Member

    I'm not playing on a TLE server atm, but I totally support those playing on Stormhold wanting to go to FG instead. If you choose a TLE server it's for a specific playstyle. Some subbed only to go back to that playstyle.

    So you can't just come up with your only idea being to move everyone to a live server. It's like forcing everyone from a pvp to a pve server or vice-versa. It just doesn't make sense.
  4. Mizgamer62 Feldon Fan Club Member

    Unfortunately, that seems to be the modus operandi of this game, doing things that don't make sense, over and over.
  5. msheaf1 New Member

    So will the transfer token allow us to go to any server and not just AB?
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  6. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    That would be the smartest thing for them to do. ;->

  7. Bella222 Active Member

    Please don't force us to have that Epic 2.0 to play the new expansion. None of my level 100 characters have it and it would be hard to get for all of them. It wouldn't be worth it for me to buy the expansion on my 2 all access accounts if that were required. Please don't make things so hard. Make them fun so we will want to keep playing and want to buy the expansion.
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  8. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    Per the post the epic 2.0 is important, not required. For a little more clarity :) See post #49.

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  9. Reyder Member

    For everybody who wants the "lock me away until Fallen Gate's caught up; I'll just pay for character storage", I wonder how many of you realize your character will be locked away for *two and a half years*? Stormhold has Level 100 items in game.

    Going to Fallen Gate is *not* a viable choice.
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  10. Reyder Member

    Huh, can't edit my prior post.

    Additional point - Everybody who's done HQs on Stormhold will instantly get the rewards on all of their characters everywhere else. Either that or the HQs will be taken away so they can redo them. Fun.
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  11. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    On the Norrathian Homeshow forum, you can edit stuff pretty much indefinitely; I've poked around with posts from literally years ago. :)

    Everywhere else, it's like 30-35 minutes, max. With private messages, it's like 5 minutes. :-/

  12. Melt Actually plays the game

    Stop being logical, they need to vent, poor things.
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  13. Liliun Member

    Stop being logical....ah yes, so very logical to move my characters from a TLE right back to servers where I deleted several maximum level characters to start on TLEs. Gee, thanks for clarifying that, I guess I just didn't understand....or maybe it is you personally don't care so you just figure the rest of us should sit back and accept whatever is decided. Hmmm, yeah, that is probably what it is.

    And stating that locking until FG catches up, I actually did the math, it isn't hard, and yet I'm still fine with that. Why do you care? Is my character being locked for that long going to have an affect on your playing or your subscription? Perhaps you just want to sit back and again, rationalize this or that for those of us who again, not two months ago were making market purchases for those toons. One really solid bit you all seem to have a real hard time understanding...I don't know why, it isn't illogical...I and many others have NO INTEREST in playing on live. If I did, I'd play one of the 15 that I haven't deleted already and are sitting at level 100. Not to mention all but one of the characters they want me to transfer I already have on live, and again, are significantly ahead in every aspect.

    So at this point, I can go ahead and transfer those characters where they would get zero use, or delete them. OR, some mastermind can come up with a more logical solution. EQ has several servers sitting with ridiculously low populations, one that has only one active guild (that guild being made up of a handful of boxers). FG has a large population of players that came from SH, all of which are not happy about what they are doing. Most of the folks I've talked with have decided to treat FG as more of a temporary server and have stopped making marketplace purchases outside of their monthly 500.

    Simply put, if you can't understand it, that is fine, but don't assume your inability to wrap your mind around the situation from someone else's point of view means that theirs is illogical and/or irrelevant.
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  14. Dude Well-Known Member

    DBG has already said it's not going to happen. Wrap your mind around that.
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  15. Melt Actually plays the game

    If you treat it as a temporary server, that is all the more reason to not want your toons there, no?
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  16. Xito New Member

    I came back for FG and while I dont play in SH, this worries me. Would they do the same to FG down the road? If so, what's the point on wasting time in FG?
  17. Mizgamer62 Feldon Fan Club Member

    I think you just answered your own questions.
  18. Dude Well-Known Member

    They could, but that's two years down the line. Is that a waste of time? Really up to each individual to figure that out.
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  19. shayed New Member

    Seems to be a habit, giving us stuff like the Eth runes and hammer then taking it away....but a whole server omg.. I dont play there, no desire to but i understand why you guys are gutted :(
  20. Chocoholic Active Member

    I've already deleted 6 of my 9 toons on SH - the remaining 3 I just can't bring myself to delete.

    All of my "live" toons are on HoF (RIP Everfrost) -- I figured I would just move these 3 there, although not sure I will really want to play them on Live, have many others there already. I'm weighing whether or not to go to AB or to IOR (assuming IOR is an option). I might be more likely to play them on IOR, just because it's a sub-only server with a different rule-set. If Fallen Gate fails, I imagine I will just be out of the game anyway. :(
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