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  1. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Oh well. ;->

    who also has none of the Epics so far, and really doesn't see any pressing screaming need to get them
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  2. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Good questions, those, though I can answer the Transfer Token to leave one: because that's what they've always cost, unless there's a massive sale on them (which saved me long ago) or they're offering them for free (which I doubt, though if they're going to kill a server outright, like they did with The Great Consolidation, they should). In that time and in that season, I saved up thousands of my free Station Cash in order to get 9 Transfer Tokens for all my toons then on Splitpaw (it was before I made any on Storms), back during The Great Pro7 Scare when we had little to no information coming in from official sources, not even as to what fate characters on foreign servers could expect, regardless of whether we were based in the US or not. :-/

    I didn't spend my Station Cash on anything else; I didn't run out of it on other shopping and need to buy more, thus helping to line SOE's (at the time) pockets...though come to think, given the urgency of the situation, I probably did have to buy more 'Cash on occasion (I think I matched what I was getting "free" every month with purchased 'Cash), but I hoarded it and didn't use it for anything else; if we'd had Players' Studio up back then, they wouldn't've gotten a penny from me. :( I was breathlessly hoping we'd get a week or at least 5 days notice (and not just on Twitter alone) before the big change, so I'd have time to shift over everyone to somewhere, anywhere else ("Only 2 characters per 24 hours, thank you very much." "I've got nine!" "Not our problem."). Then in September of that year, there was a huge sale on services (yep!) and official products on the Marketplace, so I was able to snap up all those necessary Tokens for 30% off or more. Boom! Bought! Gobbled them right up, as soon as humanly possible, and even had some 'Cash left over. ;-> I still have them; fortunately, I've never had to use them. :)

    With The Great Consolidation, we got free Transfer Tokens, but I still had to buy empty character slots for receiving them, if memory serves. Something like that. Again, about that time, we had a lovely, lovely sale, and Character Slots were going for HALF OFF. This being me, I snapped up many a 'slot. ;->

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  3. Tawnia Member

    Really guys? If you cannot find people to help you with your epic updates you should remove yourselves from the gene pool and make things easier on us who know how to ask for help! Ridiculous excuses!!! I have been manning a guild ALONE I took over years ago and I have zero trouble finding help, sometimes the timing isn't right but there are MORE THAN ENOUGH PLAYERS TO HELP. Start adding people to your list of friends to call on- that's why the list exists!
    It DOES NOT TAKE RAID GEAR to complete these tasks either, total BS guys, find some players that know how to play their characters and a couple that at least have their epics to complete the task, you are obviously not going to ask for help from those who are equivelent to your gear if you are still under the rug. I am a helper too, so I pass on the love, if you are on Halls of Fate hit up Glassveil, I will help-granted you can ask.
  4. Tawnia Member

    Expert content now requires epic unless you are paying someone to drag your sorry tail around. Get off your rumps and decide what you want! I work and have time for one character only, so that is my goal. Everything is much more simple once you acquire it, very tough otherwise, makes a huge difference!
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  5. Oradim Active Member

    Replying to (and quoting myself) for context (again for myself - curse my memory)...

    As I said in the above, I was not sure how to interpret the bit of text about Epic 2.0 updates. Now I do from Kander's reply in another thread:


    My (self-inflicted) "problem" is that I am a new(ish) player and that I created 10 characters. I have been faffing about on all of them without being able to settle on a main. I've not started epics (or Proof of the Pudding) on any of them yet. That does not mean that I won't and that if I do that it will be difficult or not. I will see when/if I get there.

  6. Sinhika Well-Known Member

    I've always wondered why people join "nostalgia" servers, and then rush to the top-level as fast as possible. I thought the point of going to nostalgia server was to take it easy, without all the level-rushing of the modern game.

    That being said, I find the experience rate on Stormhold to be so slow as to make leveling intensely frustrating. It isn't that fun to group and quest for hours only to make no appreciable progress. Live is too fast, but I can turn off xp gain or put everything in AAs to slow things down. I do appreciate the time on Stormhold helping me learn how the core of the game works, without all the extra frippery that has been added. I learned what features of Live I really missed, and which ones I could care less about. (Seasonal/monthly festivals--WANT; Mercenaries--MEH. Refining/reforging/kiwisauce--MEH. High-level Carpenter furniture--WANT. Prestige houses--WANT. Guild houses--MEH. Jumping/Gliding/flying mounts--WANT. Diety stuff--MEH. Tradeskill quest lines for TS books--WANT. Tradeskill apprentices--MEH. Farming for TS books--DO NOT WANT... and so on.)

    I may be a minority of 1 here, but I have no interest in transferring from SH to another TLE server. I'll be happy to transfer to Live, where I will continue to mosey along at my own pace, seeing the world and decorating houses.
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  7. Mizgamer62 Feldon Fan Club Member

    Kander posted this in another thread for those that are still confused about the requirement for the epic 2.0 in the upcoming expansion:

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  8. Oradim Active Member

    Thanks for including the text... that's what I linked to up above but didn't include the text... much easier to read it all in one place.

  9. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    There you go! The main reason I'd want to transfer my Stormhold kids to Fallen Gate would be, if nothing else, to keep them company there. ;-> I've got three out of the four (two on each) up to level 10, so I don't have to worry too much about them (both the Stormhold ones), and if I can get my fourth, Fallen Gate one up to 10, I can bug out with a couple of days' notice, if need be. I'd just prefer to be able to get a free transfer to a Live server, should that be necessary for both. :-/

    And yeah, Sinh, you're hitting a lot of my buttons, too. I didn't have a lot of nostalgia all that much, never have, but when they had the Leaper mount at 10th (10th level ADVENTURER, apparently; grrr...far easier to level crafting, with the tutorial) on Fallen Gate, I couldn't resist. I hadn't really done anything with my Stormhold kids at all, and they were still in single digits until literally today, when I finally got both of them to 10th after several hours (no one else on to Mentor up to, no /claim XP potions). You and I would probably agree on every WANT/MEH thing on your list, though Deity pets are fun/useful (I still don't know how or why the Tithe stuff works /shrug). I'm just glad we don't have to put up with those inane subcombines and having only one selling character; on the other hand, I miss the suburbs, and wish we'd had them back. :(

  10. bratty4life New Member

    I wish they would bring back the old class cities as well I used to make a new char and do all of the little quests I could find. willow wood is where most of my good chars had houses and longshadow alley for all my evil chars
  11. bratty4life New Member

    I meant the old race city housing and zones
  12. Liliun Member

    So eight weeks ago I was working on and making in-game purchases for my characters on SH. Now I'm finding out that those characters are going to be moved to live, where I chose to delete max level characters to reroll on TLE servers. Seriously, seriously not happy. I realize there are those who sit back and pay for their accounts with kronos, and have never actually bought anything in the market to make simply deleting characters and starting over again not a big deal, but I had no intention of just never playing my characters there again. I DO care about what funds and time I've put into those characters as I had no intention of just letting them rot, and again, I DON'T want to play on live. I left live for a reason.

    If this is your idea of a reasonable resolution for your customers, I have no interest in sticking around and seeing what surprises you all have for your player base on FG.
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  13. Average New Member

    Can you transfer from Stormhold to Fallen Gate?
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  14. Dude Well-Known Member

    According to the FG FAQ:
    Can I transfer my character to Fallen Gate?
    No transfers will be available at the launch of Fallen Gate. Should this change we will let players know.
  15. Bratzpampelmuse New Member

    Please consider to offer an option to move characters from SH to Thurgadin instead of AB. For European players like me this might be a more acceptable solution to the mess.

    All of my other characters are on Thurgadin. That goes for most of my guildies btw.

    Also, the ping to the US is horrible, and there's simply no additional value to AB which would me make accept the latency any longer.
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  16. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Tell me about it! The ping from the US to the EU isn't all that great, either, but I still have a passel of toons there, even though I'm US-based. :)

    And as much as The Great Consolidation helped, I think the population on Thurgadin could still use a little more shoring up, ever since the Pro7 disaster. ;->

    Really, if the Powers don't want us to be able to transfer to Fallen Gate (why, say I?), they should at least give us the option to transfer wherever else we wish, for free, for a limited time, like they did with the Consolidation(s). :-/

  17. Tabbyclouds Member

    I think they are allowing us to transfer elsewhere aren't they? It says character transfer tokens will be provided and at a later date the remaining characters on SH will be transferred automatically to AB.

    I am in two minds about this still however, as I don't know if this will include IoR or Thurgadin and also if I wait until the merge I believe the GH goes with it, but with separate character transfers it won't?

    I also have characters on Thurgadin already - from back when it was Runnyeye and then Splitpaw. If we transfer there though, we would need many extra character slots? As the amount you have is replicated on US/EU servers.
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  18. Dude Well-Known Member

    That's the way I read it.
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  19. mutinay New Member

    I was wondering if the new market place familiars were bugged? I purchased three and I got a cute panda and Bambi and another panda, so I decided with excitement let me try again and in the cages were another panda another dear and yes another panda, now with the vast new number of familiars the chances of that seem very unlikely, so I purchased one more and put it on the broker, because my heart couldn't take another panda, I m all for saving the endangered species but at the low price of about a cup of coffee a day as advertised in the commercial ( btw cage is on the broker for anyone wanting to adopt what I suspect is your very own panda) which honestly really wouldn't be a issue for me if the critters were heirloom and I could give some to my alts, which would be a really useful option to have as a RP player as some of them would go greatly with certain alts but that would be quite an expensive hunt considering the odds are so black and white...panda if you will, on that note aside from the coercer possessed essence class behavior needing to be fixed and prayer to some Norrathian mana generating deity for a raid mana flow spell I am honestly satisfied and appreciate all that you all do, the improvements speak for themselves.

    Keep up the great work


    P.S how about a double faction weekend and please extend the amount of gear slots you can purchase in the wardrobe section, with the current maxed out limits how ever am I going to wear everything at least once??
  20. Leonitas of Potato Situational Awareness

    just going out on a limb here, but i suspect $5 is a promotional special to encourage people to try out IoR at an uber cheap price. The standard price to leave is at their own discretion, why would they promote getting off a lower pop server for dirt cheap? $25 range is the standard transfer fee to or from most servers.

    also going out on a limb in assuming the same way if u move gear to the Isle of Refuge and it suddenly becomes tradeable, if you leave the Isle it would then revert back to the same no trade or heirloom status it had/has on most servers. Common sense :)
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