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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Kander, Aug 22, 2017.

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  1. 7rlsy Member

    A couple of us are... becoming more angry as I comprehend the shut-down of Stormhold. I doubt we're the only ones who have hunkered down and made different EQ2 homes there, in addition to AB.

    It really does suggest further constriction of this product line and it's very discouraging. While it was clear the migration to more cost-effective servers was a serious economic move, merging this one means even that expense for the ROI is too much. In other words, players should not expect to settle down on any Norrathian ground as it may just be pulled out from under us.

    That hardly inspires confidence in the continuation of this company, now does it? It's just damn awful.

    I was enjoying reading about the update until I got to the news about the merger. Now I don't know that I care at all.
  2. Nelie Well-Known Member

    Limestone can be trio'd. I did it a few days ago on my scout with a conj and defiler....0 pieces of raid gear involved.
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  3. Kalmaraa Active Member

    All in all, while the familiars are nice, as I am not a big raider, nothing against them love them when I get the chance to enjoy them. I still would like to see more love for the causal gamer that doesn't raid. All these expert raids just makes me feel like the devs are more forgetting that a good amount of there players are more causal in nature these days. Course I would just setting for a guild hall designed after Kaesora, Cablis, or even Torsis. Course finishing other projects like the racial armor series would be nice to see as well.
  4. Spunkie New Member

    I agree with 7risy, I made my new home on Stormhold. I quit playing on live, when I saw this new server I came back. I have made new friends on here, also old friends playing on SH. Now you tell us you are going to merge us with a live server? A lot of us went over to play on FG to do the HQ's to get goodies for our toons on SH. I am Not a happy camper! Please Do Not merge us with a live server!
  5. Simparri Active Member

    It's quite simple. I started on SH in the first couple hours of it opening. If they go to close SH & transfer its toons to live server I'll simply delete them, regretfully, & use those freed slots to start new toons on FG.
  6. Rhodris EQ2Wire Ninja

    Same here - I don't have Epic 1.0 on any of my L100 characters, and have no intention of getting Epic 2.0 (I'm not a raider, so don't see the need for all that painful work). Hopefully the Epic 2.0 requirement is only for raiders....
  7. Sharann Well-Known Member

    As long as Epic 2.0 is required for raid content in the future xpac I'm good. It should not prevent any of the more casual folks out there from enjoying the new content that fits their playstyle.
    Or make it easier to get once we hit the new xpac. Currently not everyone can work through the requirements for Epic 2.0.

    Also, please make this next xpac less grindy. Having to repeat a process over and over is driving insane.

    And yes, most of us suffer from severe altism, so we need love too! :)

    p.s. could we please have glass tiles....?

    p.s. 2: and thanks a lot for Days of Summer event :cool: It is really cool!
  8. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    The post mentions that it's important, not that it's required (maybe I missed that part?)
    Overall, as it has been with prior expacs, I expect our choice in how we play will not be impacted (much?). Enjoy your time in the game :)

    I am excited about prelude and hopefully a beta! Thanks for the Candor post, always nice to see bits and pieces of what's happening.
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  9. Aerabella New Member

    I am sorry I am a paying member who only came back to the game when RTT and SH were introduced, and you are forcing Stormhold onto a Live server? Honestly do you know how many people are going to leave after this is done. I don't like live at all the way you have changed the game made it impossible for someone coming to play after a year and half. Our guild went to FG yes but only to do the HQ's and most of us have been trickling back to SH as we are just about done with the HQ's. This is a money move you want those who don't buy the latest expansions to have to buy them to play on Live. You could have easily merged Halls of Fate with AB and left SH alone. I am angry as is almost everyone on SH. Thank you Daybreak for screwing up again and forcing those who left Live to have to go back, but we wont AB will still be a dead server.
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  10. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Absolutely! That would also be a way to shore up the population of Fallen Gate. AB isn't "dead" by any means, and certainly doesn't need any help from us coming in from Stormhold.

    On those Character Transfers: do we have to be level 10 adventurers to be able to leave, or can we just be level 10 crafters? Or will there be a level limit? :-/

    who has a couple of babies still on Stormhold, where it's not blindingly fast to level like on regular servers... :(
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  11. Benjamin Member

    Eh? I finished the main quest lines, did the crafting epic, farmed a few PQ's for solo gear, and I've done several steps-- and I'm not in a guild at all. I just make myself known (and hopefully liked) in General Chat, try my best on each step to do everything myself, and when there are KA heroic bosses that need a group-- I LFG. So far, I've had a few days where nobody would help me, but I'm on the Level 9 step (i.e. to get the non-raid weapon), and everything is pretty much going fine. For sure, there has not been any stage for me that requires ANYONE to have ANY raid gear at all.

    I think you haven't put enough time into developing your character, and you want to be given a great item just for running around in easy mode. Might want to google the meaning of "Epic."
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  12. Benjamin Member

    To add one more thing: can we remove or minimize the Ascension leveling speedbump? I'm behind, but I think if I'm willing to do extra quests, I should be able to catch up to other players without having to wait for like 4 months for Guided Ascension books to trickle in. I mean, the weekly bonus and quest helps a little, but I'd like a little more:

    How about 10% Ascension XP when out of Guided Ascension? Or extra Ascension XP if Epic is in possession? Or a PG or faction item which allows me to trade currency for books?

    Come on, I'm a hard worker, I don't like being forced to stay behind the group just because I joined this X-pac late.
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  13. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Positive update!
    • So glad to see the Wizards & Warlocks get some love, as well as Assassins. Assassins should rock the parse....I remember when Meghanss was amazing on his Sin, back in the day (a great guy, may he RIP).
    • <3 the Summer Promo. This is very helpful for those which are new, recently returning and/ or altaholics.
    • Also love the Guild Level bump for IoR. LF had just hit 160 before this update, so I'm interested to see how quick we can get to 200. Wheeeeee! Umm, did I mention "Wheeeee"?!?
    • Transfers off of IoR are good as well. Those that love the Isle truly embrace it. Those that don't kind of feel trapped.
      • The Isle is not totally dead, as those that want off of it imply--so if you are thinking of checking it out, transfers to the Isle are only 450 DBC (with the Member Discount).
      • I have zero issue with the price of Transfer off. When they first opened transfers, many of us paid that much to bring toons to the Isle. /shrug
    • PG changes sound great, especially the Duo.
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  14. Melt Actually plays the game

    Like 5 or 6, the remaining population of that server. Again I say, it is not Daybreak's fault that Stormhold is dead. It is the players.
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  15. santargria Well-Known Member

    LMAO - ok what ever you say
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  16. Melt Actually plays the game

    Have you really been stuck on this quest step for the past 8 months? Because if not, then you recently started your epic and have not done much for your character. The epic is basic as far as character development goes.
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  17. Uncle Active Member

    I dont think i couldhave said this any better plus id like to add if he hinting about it now roughly 4 more months out you might want to put some serious time into wrapping it up or worse case you finish when the new expac when all those too hard for you mobs go under con and you just face roll it but sets you back getting into the newer stuff
  18. Kristabella Well-Known Member

    A couple of questions about the Isle of Refuge announcement:

    Isle of Refuge

    Character transfer tokens are being made available to players on Isle of Refuge who have been on the server for more then 30 days. For those guilds that want to take advantage of the unique properties of the Free Trade server, status applied towards leveling your guild has been permanently set to five times the normal value!

    So, Character tokens are $5 to come to IoR and $24.50 to leave, why such a huge disparity in the price?

    Also, what happens to all the gear you either have on your person or in your personal bank? Do they get changed to no trade or heirloom?
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  19. santargria Well-Known Member

    Not stuck - just not able to move forward - which I guess equates to the same thing.

    I have not made getting the epic 2 a priority as I have lots of other things in game that occupy my time - plus I have a life and don't live on the game 40+ hours a week!

    The Limestone guy is insane - I know quite a few other scouts unable to get past this step for the same reason and I have grouped with several of them.

    I was with one yesterday who just got past it after trying (dying) dozens of times (according to him).

    Evidently the issue is Resolve - the mob has a resolve check that none of us are able to pass (300+, mine is currently at 250) so we wipe.

    To say I've not done anything with my character is just as rude as the one who says I'm trying to get something for nothing - constructive criticism is fine, rudeness deserves no response!!!!
  20. Carynn Well-Known Member

    As long as the epic 2.0 is not a pre-requisite to do solo/advanced solo content in the next expac all is good, because finding pick up groups to do your epic 2.0 after the expac releases will likely be next-to-impossible and I highly doubt ten levels is going to allow people to solo heroic KA zones for updates. I'm still working on obtaining my tome of ascension on my main and haven't even looked at any alts in five months. The thought of trying to slam through five ascension levels, all the pre-reqs, and then all the reqs for the epic 2 in three months makes my brain bleed.

    Hope Kandar clarifies!
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