Wizzy Portals - What all are they?

Discussion in 'Wizard' started by ARCHIVED-Prancibald, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Prancibald Guest

    I just got back into EQ2.. JUST got into EoF. Where can I get portals to?
  2. ARCHIVED-daray Guest

    Antonica, Commonlands, Greater Faydark - harvest the scrolls lying at each to start the quests.
  3. ARCHIVED-simpwrx02 Guest

    After you harvest teh scrolls take them to the teleporter trainer in the mage building of your home city. You then get the ability to port as long as you are over lvl 25.
  4. ARCHIVED-Kaelon Guest

    So, there is no ability for Wizards to teleport to the other combine spires/platforms you see in other zones? (I'm thinking in particular of the combine platform in Darklight Woods, or the combine spires in Nektulos Forest.)
  5. ARCHIVED-leonid Guest

    [p]Not yet that I have seen, but I just returned last week as well.[/p][p] Also while your at the teleporter trainer, make sure you pick up a stack of the Seeds, they are a needed component in order to use any portal.[/p]
  6. ARCHIVED-miliskel Guest

    ant gfay cl only.
  7. ARCHIVED-Glimmsterviryan Guest

    Can't harvest the scrolls with my Coercer alt.
    Would that mean Coercers can't do the Spire teleportation? Lots of contradictory info on the forums and wikia. Some people speak of *sorcerers* able to Spire teleport (meaning: ALL mages)...some others speak of wizards only.
  8. ARCHIVED-tomdykins Guest

    Glimmsterviryan wrote:
    "sorcerers" refers to wizards and warlocks only. The related word to describe a coercer would be enchanter.
    Enchanter Sorcerer Summoner
    Illusionist Coercer Wizard Warlock Conjuror Necromancer
  9. ARCHIVED-tomdykins Guest

    By the way, the information in this thread is out of date now. I've also heard that the travel system is being changed very soon.
  10. ARCHIVED-Griffinhart Guest

    After todays GU we should be able to port to:
    • Antonica
    • Commonlands
    • Thundering Steppes
    • Nek Forest
    • Zek
    • Enchanted Lands
    • Feerott
    • Lavastorm
    • Everfrost
    • Kylong Plains
    • Loping Plains
    • Greater Faydark
    • Tenebrous Tangle
    • Barren Sky
    • Bonemire
    • Sundered Frontier
    • Stonebrunt Highlands
    Sorcerers will no longer need the reagent to cast the portals.
    Druid rings are changing too. No more shrub needed to gain access. the shrub will allow you to teleport to other druid rings instead.
    They are about to start a live event rebuilding druid rings. It's possible by the end that they will be able to teleport to more locations in the long run, but I'm not sure. I know they added a physical druid ring next to deepwater pavilion and the first druid ring event is in nek forest.