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    Whenever I get into groups on my wiz its because the group leader wants dps However my wiz doesn't have dps stats that I can see unlike my monk...Here CM is decent for the gear I've gotten her but if she is supposed to have dps what can I do to upgrade her

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    This post just made me feel all warm and happy inside :)
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    Boli@Splitpaw wrote:
    Well i"m sure its a dumb question but I suppose its because a friend gave me this wizard and i want to make sure I play it to its potential. i usually play a Priest or Fighter class so the Mage class baffles me a bit lol
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    In short potency and crit bonus... for a better answer it is best to look in the class forums
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    oh sweet! I didn't know where was a class forum here

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    DPS = Damage Per Second
    When the group leader says they want DPS that means they want you to cast your damage spells as fast and furious as you possible can and blow stuff up as fast as possible.
    People define group members as:
    Tank: Figher that can stand in front and take the beating to protect the group while things get killed.
    Healer: Healer to keep the group alive.
    Enchanter: Power regen and buffs.
    Utility: Sometimes used as a term for Enchanters but it's usually buffing classes like enchnaters and bards.
    DPS: Classes that blow stuff up hard and fast. Wizards, Warlocks, Assassins, Rangers are the pure DPS classes but just about any class can do decent DPS. Swashbucklers, Brigands, Summoners and even enchantwers and bards can do nice DPS.
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    Vaala@The Bazaar wrote:
    the other poster answerd your question in a round about way but i'll post a more direct answer so you're not confused at all.

    when the person you group with "ask for dps" he means he wants a damage class ie. is looking for a class that will deal out most of the damage for the group. this is calculated with a parse (act -advanced combat parser/ google it if you want to download it) and has nothing to do with any one stat.

    DPS the stat in game makes your auto attack hit harder and is not a good mage stat. there is not "spell auto attack" but it's not that good yet so no use seeking it out until it becomes a while damage source for mage.


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    Critical, Critical Bonus, Ability Modifier, Potency, casting speed, recovery.