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Discussion in 'Mages' started by PickleFaerie, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. PickleFaerie New Member

    HI! I am very new to this game and my Wizard is my first toon. I am in a raid guild, but with no other seasoned wizards. I was wondering if someone could explain a DPS rotation to me for raiding.

    I have freehand sorcery and iceshield on a macro and I hit that first.. Then I hit catylist, then fusion. Then I hit Frigid Gift, then E'ci's Frozen Wrath.
    After that I hit freehand/iceshield whenever it is usable again, same with catylist and frigid gift, and then I go through my other spells as they are available. I'm not even sure the rotation I do have is right lol. I appreciate any help. Thank you :)
  2. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    By viewing the casting time, the cooldown, and relative damage of each spell, you can get a good idea about which ones should be part of your "core" rotation, and which ones should be on an "as available" basis. Another factor to consider is which spells, if any, enhance your core spells. Also, there may be situations where you will need to skip one or more spells based upon scripts for certain fights*.

    A lot of raiding, especially the closer you get to the end game, has certain things you have to do at certain times or risk having the situation go south pretty quickly. Luckily, many raid leaders are not at all hesitant about telling you if you aren't doing what you are supposed to at the right time**.

    * Or at least change the order if you know that you will have to stop casting for x number of seconds when a certain /emote from the mob appears upon the screen.
    ** Granted, a lot of them aren't really nice about it, but since somebody either doing what they shouldn't, or not doing what they should, is effectively wasting the rest of the raid's time, it isn't very reasonable to expect a raid leader to be all sunshine and rainbows about it.
  3. Wuzzy New Member

    Hi. First id like to say im no top-end wiz whos still learning myself and any correction based on gamingexperience or math-crunching is very welcome.
    2nd.. bare with me, engrish isnt my 1st language but ill do my best to avoid typos and nonsense sentences.
    What works for me fairly well can be put down really simple. Debuff-DoTs-Nukes. Good to have a couple of dots tickin while spending precious second launching a nuke, and some of the lowdmg dots can be used on pull without the risk of ripping agro from the tank. Be aware that all fight are different and theres no such thing as a fixed casting order, but to make it easier ill use this example as if it was a singletarget encounter lasting a couple of minutes.

    I still havent attuned to lower number of increments needed for for frozen rain/detonation

    But.. On countdown to pull i use Frigid gift on grp and iceshield on tank. Then when i see the mob have been hit by tank but still no positioned i take the freedom to use icespears(debuff+dot) and add a useually pretty useless spell like Inceneration. I hit Sanguine Sacrifice for the potencybuff
    With the mob now spinned its time for the bigger stuff. I launch Storming tempest, The endline AAdot(forgot name) Immolation and Manaburn- I hit Freehand+Catalyst before FieryBlast then Fusion>Eci>(Fusion again if it resets,- in wich case u dont have time for Rays)Rays of Disintegration,>Blast of devastation>Thunderclap and Concussive Blast, topped with an Ambidextious Casting just cus i can.

    Needles to say this combo will produce higher dmg if u have 150 increments stored as it u can squeeze in way more casts. In that case make sure u exploit instacast on Eci and Blast of Deva and add Frozen Detonation.(or rain?? not on my wiz. Momentarily forgot wich are the aoe and wich are the singletarget)
    Look at ur temporay buff n see if its time to refresh Icespears b4 u go into "sleepmode".. Nukes are on kooldown at this point so all u can do is build increments.
    Actually dont know if the dumbfirepet is usefull at this time, but use spells like that, refresh ur DoTs and continue with Thunderclap, Flames of Velious, Ball of Fire. etc.
    I have Thunderclap macroed with ArcaneBewildement and hit the button w/e its refreshed during this rotation. only exception to this is in fight with a lot of joustin in wich case i save it as it can be cast on the run

    Havnt found the best balance between building increments to launch Frozen rain/deto as all fight are different and the timing on a fully charged spell changes from fight to fight. On a single target encounter i useually hit it as soon as its ready. Mainly cus in most cases the mob will be dead soon and u wont be able to get another FieryBlast off.
    On epic mobs however, i will save the 2nd set of increments for my 2nd Fiery-rotation.

    Just make sure u adapt to the fight. ie If theres a ton of adds ull be better of using Firestorm instead of Rays of disintegration.
    And prolly better to reverse the order so u build increments first and launch Fieryblast inculding ur Frozen Rain before Manaburning Last Mob Standing

    Plz leave a comment on this if u have found the "perfect" way to do it- Fiery is after all wizys biggest hit. Dont be shy.
    Most agree that wizys have the most complex casting order, yet very few share info. Imo its stoobid as having to reinvent the hot water again..
  4. Wuzzy New Member

    I no longer use both Cataclysm and Freehand sorcery on FieryBlast. The gain of less resistabily wasnt worth the loss of CB.
    My hardest hitting FB(without icy increments) now have Cataclysm cast after i hit FB. I use it on Fusion or Eci depending on positioning and numbers of mobs in the fight.
    I dont use Thunderclap w/e its up anymore, i only use it during joust (in or out) or if other spells are on kooldown. Its still macroed with Arcane bewilderment

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