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    125 Wizard: I'm running into an issue with getting killed in Solo zones. Before the server restart on Wednesday, I was chain pulling all mobs up to each named in any of the solo zones, no issue. Health hardly moved from 99-100%. I login after the server restart to find all my AA and prestige being reset. I set them back up. Got the fabled mount from the Plateau's status merchant, and now I can't grab more than one group of trash in the solos or I die.
    1) Familiar is out
    2) Infusion buffs are up (Mount, Familiar, Merc)
    3) My resolve is 8906 (actually higher than before the server restart because of the new mount)
    4) I know that I lost a bunch of barding slots by switching my mount, but those were all potency. I did switch back to my level 5 legendary Kalista mount, that I have been running with, didn't seem to make a difference.
    5) I've checked out ACT parses and it doesn't appear that I'm getting hit any harder. The amount of damage I am taking is about the same as before the restart. The only difference I can see in the parse is the HPS under my name is about 120mil/s less than before the restart.
    Any help is greatly appreciated
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    You might tell us your server and toon name so folks can look you up on EQ2U and give specific feedback.
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    Your health is rather low. I would suggest putting 2 additional points in to Enhanced Vigor (Wiz Prestige). You can lose the points you have in arcane surge and arcane Tyrannt. They aren't helping you much anyway. You're missing your death save (Undeath) in the Dragon tree. That will help you a lot for any non-script deaths.
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    On your mount, be sure you are running the Overseer quests daily, including going to Administrator Agent Stanley Parnem and getting 10 charges each of ten different old Overseer Missions (all for zero copper). These can be run in addition to the ten regular Overseer Missions you can do daily. These can all drop training potions for mounts, familiars, mercenaries, and spells!

    Also, go to the Black Market area of Qeynos or Freeport and speak to Arabella F'arquharson. She sells (for zero copper) a daily Heritage Crate Overseer quest. Get that! It will drop barding slot unlockers, among other things.

    The combination of the two things above will help you unlock your mount's best potential. You can get patterns for Mastercrated Hizite bardings and other mount tack from some of the Solo collections and they drop sometimes as loot in Solos and Heroics. If you don't have the advanced crafter's books yet, get a crafter to make that pattern up for you.

    Make sure you have the newest Infusion Buffs by checking Tishan's Lockbox in Hopewell Harbor. Upgrade if necessary.

    One thing that helps a lot with your overall DPS is to fine tune your casting order. If you kill the thing quickly, it has less time to kill you. A while back, somebody posted Excel worksheets to determine Warlock or Wizard casting order. You can use this with Google Sheets if you don't have Excel. I have the Wizard calculator in my Dropbox.

    Looking at your gear on EQ2U, I see you have the Mastercrafted Hizite gear in many slots. None of yours except the wand was made with refined rares, and none of it has been Experimented on. You don't have to have the refined rare versions (they just increase your base stats by about 10%) but with Experimentation, you can add a good bit of Crit Bonus and Potency to each piece. There's a guide to how to do Experimentation on the wiki. Once a piece is attuned, you're the only one who can Experiment on it. If you have the rares, you might try refining them (or get someone to refine enough for you) and have the gear crafted from those, and see if you can find a crafter to do the Experimentation for you. If you are flush with plat, look for "Visionary Hizite" cloth gear on the broker (it's expensive).

    On your adorns, go to Tishan's Lockbox in Hopewell Harbor, "buy" one of every equippable item (for zero copper) and pop the adorns off. Compare them to your existing adorns, and make sure your adorns all say explicitly that they will work in Renewal of Ro. For your belt runes, there are three new Tier I belt runes in the Lockbox, use those instead of what you have, the Panda ones haven't been working right in the new expansion. Also note that Tier I is SOLO. You have to get Tier II runes dropped in Solo instances if you want belt runes that work in Heroic I instances.